November 12, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Awesome Shot From The French Championships

The “Beach Race” @ the 2012 French National SUP Race Championship. Click to ZOOM // photo © Jean-pierre Letourneur

How’s this shot from the French National SUP Race Championships on the weekend?! This was the “Beach Race” (the French name for “Battle of the Paddle-style race”), which was won Didier Leneil in very tricky conditions.

There’s just something about this photo that I love. It’s not just the perfect rows of waves coming through and wreaking havoc with the paddlers either. I think it’s that peninsula in the background. It makes the photo look surreal.

There shouldn’t be land in the background when there’s waves in the foreground, it’s not logical. The land makes it look like the race is being held on a lake or a river, yet the waves make it clear it’s on the ocean. Very cool!

Check back tomorrow when we should have more great shots from the weekend’s SUP racing in France. In the meantime you can check out the full results from the French SUP Race Championships.


UPDATE: Check out more photos of the French SUP Championships.