February 10, 2020
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Paddlecast #010: Noic “Chicken” Garioud talks travel, training and why he stubbornly refused to try SUP in the early days

New Caledonia’s 17-year-old superstar Noïc Garioud dropped by the Paddlecast studio for a chat last week. We talked travel, training and why he stubbornly REFUSED to try stand up paddling in the early days. Plus: What it’s like to compete against guys like Boothy and Titou.

Noïc has quickly established himself as one of the best downwind paddlers on the planet, and last year he had some breakout performances on flat water to cement his position in the top tier of the sport — he ended 2019 as the world number one ranked junior. The young Sunova team rider has shown incredible talent on a race board and has a mature head on his shoulders. Follow @noicgarioud on Insta to keep up with his adventures.

I’m looking forward to watching Noic and the downwind crew in action at the 12 Towers Ocean Festival from 6-8 March here on the Gold Coast of Australia — we’ll be livestreaming the whole weekend on The Paddle League.

I had a great time chatting with Noïc and I hope you enjoy this episode. If you’re liking the show, you can subscribe to Paddlecast on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Podcasts to never miss an episode.







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