March 18, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Watch These Adventurous Paddlers in Russia Turn an Ice Floe into a Giant Paddleboard

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And now for something completely different: Paddling on ice floes in Russia.

While we’ve seen similar things in the past, the adventurous crew from Stand Up Paddle Vladivostok have definitely taken “iceberg surfing” to a whole new level this weekend, with dozens of paddlers joining in the fun of exploring the ice floes off the coast of this city in the Russian Far East.

Seems like this has become something of a sport in Vladivostok over the past few weeks, however today was next level: there were around three dozen paddlers on the ice floe at the same time, with everybody teaming up to propel the world’s largest stand up paddle board through the icy waters.

They even had time for a barbecue out on the ice.

I chatted to Vladimir from @sup_vl on Instagram to get the back story:

“It was a warm Saturday, so we called our friends and decided to fry up a shish kebab on the ice. So many paddlers arrived that we thought ‘Why not try and paddle the ice floe like it’s a giant board?’ We’ve been here helping grow the local SUP community since 2015. Welcome to Vladivostok!”

How epic is that? Forget those giant inflatable SUPs, this is where it’s at.

Here are some additional angles of the fun day out. Follow @sup_vl and @mihailtfv on Instagram for more.