December 1, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Candice Appleby, Danny Ching Victorious At The Paddle Royal (UPDATED With Final Results)

Danny Ching and Candice Appleby have just taken out the 2012 Paddle Royal. Saturday saw the 8 mile distance race, while Sunday was the sprint races. Results were combined to produce the overall event champions.

The Paddle Royal is a $20,000 SUP race happening this weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico, which has attracted many of the world’s best paddlers. Full results from the Distance Race are available below, with Sprints and Overall standings being updated as we speak. Other standout performances came from Eric Terrien, Ryan Helm, Nick LeasonPaul Jackson and Chase Kosterlitz in the men’s division, while Angie Jackson and Gail Vento podium’d on the women’s side.

SKIP TO RESULTS: Men’s Badass Overall
| Women’s Badass Overall | Men’s & Women’s Distance Race | Men’s NotSoBadass | Women’s NotSoBadAss | Men’s Weekend Warriors | Women’s Weekend Warriors | Junior Weekend Warriors | Keikis | (click the results images to zoom in and get a better view)

So check out the Paddle Royal race results below, then check back later for a full race recap plus more pics & video of the action. From all reports it was a pretty awesome event…

Start of the Paddle Royal SUP race in Puerto Rico // © Ben Thouard Photography

Danny Ching, Eric Terrien and Paul Jackson battle for the lead, with Chase Kosterlitz close behind // photo © Josue Delucca


2012 Paddle Royal SUP Race RESULTS

(click the results images to zoom in and get a better view)

Men’s Badass division

Women’s Badass division

Men’s NotSoBadass division

Women’s NotSoBadass division

Men’s Weekend Warrior division

Women’s Weekend Warrior division

Junior Weekend Warriors division

Keikis (Kids) division

2012 Paddle Royal RESULTS: Long Distance Race (Day One)

Click “M/F” to switch between Men’s and Women’s Results

#M/FM/F #NameTimeDivisionCountry
1M1Danny Ching1:26:11Badass MenUSA
2M2Eric Terrien1:26:54Badass MenFrance
3M3Ryan Helm1:28:55Badass MenMexico
4M4Chase Kosterlitz1:29:35Badass MenUSA
5M5Nick Leason1:29:40Badass MenPuerto Rico
6M6Paul Jackson1:29:56Badass MenAustralia
7M7Thomas Maximus1:33:03Badass MenUnited States
8M8Belar Diaz1:34:11Badass MenSpain
9M9Greg Jaudon1:35:10Badass MenPuerto Rico
10M10Elvin Maldonado1:36:18Badass MenPuerto Rico
11M11Adrian Garcia1:36:50Badass MenPuerto Rico
12M12Stephane Bodet1:37:04Badass MenGuadalupe
13M13Anthony Vela1:37:26Badass MenUSA
14M14Ron Gossard1:38:03Badass MenUSA
15M15James Donavan1:38:25Badass MenUSA
16M16Alex Maldonado1:39:34Badass MenPuerto Rico
17M17Charlie Howden1:39:54Badass MenUnited States
18M18Alberto Colon1:40:44Badass MenPuerto Rico
19F1Candice Appleby1:40:57Badass WomenUSA
20M19Nat Ford1:41:36Badass MenUSVI
21M20Miguel Beltran1:41:44Not So Badass MUnited States
22M21Willis Brown1:42:47Badass MenUSA
23F2Gail Vento1:43:41Badass WomenUSVI
24M22Nelson Class1:44:21Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
25M23John Sekas1:44:45Not So Badass MUnited States
26F3Angela Jackson1:44:54Badass WomenAustralia
27M24Olivier Vigoureux1:45:08Not So Badass MGuadeloupe
28M25Michael Leason1:46:04Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
29M26Meldric Velez1:46:07Badass MenPuerto Rico
30M27Juan E Loyola1:46:31Not So Badass MUnited States
31M28Armando Soto1:46:49Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
32M29Bill Kraft1:47:47Badass MenVirgin Islands
33F4Laura Quetglas1:48:54Badass WomenSpain
34M30John Ohara1:49:46Not So Badass MUSA
35M31Carlos Gonzalez-M1:52:31Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
36M32Sylvain Herault1:53:32Not So Badass MGuadeloupe
37M33Dean Dunham1:54:12Badass MenUSVI
38F5Kimberley Sutton1:54:51Badass WomenUSA
39F6Gisselle Delgado1:55:43Not So Badass WPuerto Rico
40F7Kristin Thomas1:55:50Badass WomenUSA
41M34Hector Westerband1:56:02Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
42M35Brian Willse1:56:20Not So Badass MUSA
43M36Tim Burke1:56:36Not So Badass MUSA
44M37Miguel Martinez1:57:42Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
45M38Jared Rodriguez1:58:31Badass MenPuerto Rico
46F8Kym Freeman1:59:16Badass WomenPuerto Rico
47F9Dawn Ehman2:00:48Badass WomenUSA
48M39Ed Pierce2:01:27Not So Badass MUSA
49M40Stanley Comas2:04:13Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
50M41Ade Gilles2:04:48Not So Badass MGuadeloupe
51M42Miguel Angel Alva2:04:58Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
52M43Carlos Sierra2:07:02Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
53M44Carlos Bnogueras2:08:35Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
54F10Kim Reilly2:09:00Not So Badass WUSA
55M45Mario Ruiz2:09:24Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
56F11Karen Wilson2:10:43Not So Badass WUSA
57M46Mathew Jarvis2:15:50Not So Badass MVirgin Islands
58M47Javier Cardona2:16:37Not So Badass MPuerto Rico
59M48Trey Knight2:22:43Not So Badass MUSA
60M49Carlos Garcia2:25:56Badass MenPuerto Rico
61F12Cindy Journez2:25:57Not So Badass WGuadeloupe
62F13Lara Martinez2:37:12Not So Badass WPuerto Rico
63F14Jennie Espada2:37:13Not So Badass WPuerto Rico
64F15Karen Jarvis2:40:20Not So Badass WVirgin Islands
65F16Ariane Graf2:48:20Not So Badass WGuadeloupe
66F17Stephanie Menerat2:48:20Not So Badass WGuadeloupe
67M50Jose Javier Ramir2:48:25Not So Badass MPuerto Rico