July 29, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)


Connor Baxter has won the 2012 Molokai-2-Oahu SUP race in a record time of 4:13:26, defending his 2011 victory and shaving almost a quarter of an hour off his own race record.

The young gun was pushed all the way though, with veteran Dave Kalama creating the tightest finish in Molokai history by crossing the line only metres behind. The Maui veteran officially stopped the clock just 24 seconds after Baxter.

The lead changed several times in an epic, seesawing battle; Baxter and Kalama were within sight of each other for the entire 32 mile race.

The two superstars of Stand Up Paddling were essentially in a race of their own after one of the other hot favourites (and early race leaders), Scott Gamble, pulled out mid-way through the crossing with a shoulder injury.

Meanwhile in the women’s race it was the brilliant young Talia Gangini who caused an upset by defeating hot favourite Andrea Moller, and in doing so reversed the result from 2011. Gangini’s time of 4:55:02 was also a course record. Coming in third was the highly underrated Aussie Terrene Black.

Another stand out performance came from Kai Lenny, who crossed the line in 3rd place overall despite paddling a 14′ board (as opposed to the 17′ and 18′ unlimited boards of his rivals). Lenny finished just seven seconds ahead of Livio Menelau, with both paddlers breaking the previous race record.

Molokai to Oahu is considered one of the toughest races in Stand Up Paddling. Competitors start on the western side of Molokai and then paddle 32 mile across the Kaiwi Channel (aka the Channel of Bones) to Oahu, finishing near Hawaii Kai. Each paddler must have their own escort boat and there is no set course to follow; at one point the field in this year’s race was spread out over six miles from North to South.

This year the stars of Stand Up Paddle racing were joined by some other big names of the ocean, with surfers including Joel Parkinson (prone) and Rob Machado (SUP) completing the Molokai-Oahu crossing.

Check out some pics and video of the action below or scroll right down for the full Molokai SUP race results (click here to jump straight to the results).


2012 Molokai-2-Oahu SUP Race RESULTS

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Solo1Connor BAXTER4:13:26Men's unlim 1-291
Solo2Dave KALAMA4:13:50Men's unlim 40-491
Solo3Kai LENNY4:22:14Men's stock 18-291
Solo4Livio MENELAU4:22:21Men's unlim 30-391
Solo5Kaeo ABBEY4:30:20Men's unlim 1-292
Team1Jeremy RIGGS, Travis BAPTISTE4:32:262x stock M01-791
Solo6Eric TERRIEN4:35:04Men's unlim 30-392
Team2Mark RAAPHORST, Scott TRUDON, Junya MCGERN4:35:383x unlim Male1
Team3Greg PAVAO, Raven AIPA, Joey NAPOLEON4:39:503x unlim Male2
Solo7Andrew LOGRECO4:42:09Men's stock 18-292
Team4Patrick COWAN, Tamarua COWAN4:45:162x stock M01-792
Solo8Matt BECKER4:45:45Men's unlim 1-293
Solo9Luiz Carlos GUIDA4:46:11Men's unlim 1-294
Team5Michi SCHWEIGER, Jerry BESS4:52:382x stock M80-991
Solo10Jeremy STEPHENSON4:52:49Men's unlim 40-492
Team6David BOEHNE, Slater TROUT4:53:502x stock M01-793
Team7Christian BRADLEY, Brendan BRADLEY4:54:002x stock M01-794
Solo11Talia GANGINI4:55:02Women's unlim1
Solo12Billy ROBELLO4:55:25Men's unlim 40-493
Team8Jeff CHANG, Doug LOCK, Robert STEHLIK4:56:523x unlim Male3
Solo13Will ANIDO4:57:54Men's unlim 40-494
Solo14Tomoyasu MURABAYASHI4:59:03Men's unlim 30-393
Team9Roberto LOPES, Mo FREITAS4:59:072x stock M01-795
Team10Daniel CHUN, Richard CHAN, Chevise CONTE5:01:243x unlim Male4
Team11Chuck PATTERSON, Yoshiaki NAGAMATSU5:05:192x stock M01-796
Solo15Andrea MOLLER5:09:12Women's unlim2
Solo16Alex MATERO5:11:06Men's unlim 30-394
Team12Kalani VIERRA, Kawika CARVALHO, Kimo MIRANDA5:11:363x unlim Male5
Solo17Michael MURPHY5:12:45Men's stock 30-391
Team13Jamie STERLING, Tucker INGALLS5:15:472x stock M01-797
Solo18Terrene BLACK5:18:48Women's unlim3
Team14John SMALLEY, Loch EGGERS, Sonni HONSCHEID5:19:183x unlim Male6
Team15Dave PARMENTER, Archie KALEPA5:19:222x stock M80-992
Solo19Dale CHAPMAN5:27:55Men's unlim 40-495
Solo20Jenny KALMBACH5:28:18Women's unlim4
Team16Rick KARR, Ryan VOCI, Aaron NAPOLEON5:28:373x unlim Male7
Solo21Kolaiah JARDINE5:31:05Men's stock 30-392
Team17Matt FRIEDMAN, Brian SZYMANSKI, Rob MACHADO5:31:123x unlim Male8
Solo22Morgan HOESTEREY5:33:23Women's unlim5
Solo23Ingo RADEMACHER5:33:38Men's unlim 40-496
Team18Claudio CHAIN, Masao FUKAYAMA5:34:292x stock M80-993
Solo24Mariko STRICKLAND5:34:33Women's unlim6
Team19Philip NICOLLE, Roger CASEY5:35:262x stock M80-994
Solo25J STEPHENS5:36:11Men's unlim 40-497
Solo26Devin BLISH5:37:13Women's unlim7
Solo27Xavier DE LONGEAUX5:41:07Men's unlim 40-498
Solo28Scott MCPHAIL5:41:38Men's unlim 50-591
Solo29Patrick KLEMAWESCH5:42:12Men's unlim 30-395
Solo30Rachel BRUNTSCH5:49:10Women's stock1
Team20Heather JEPPESEN, Cory LAR RIEU, Beau OLIVEIRA5:50:383x unlim Female1
Solo31Kevin HORGAN5:53:25Men's unlim 40-499
Team21Victor LOPEZ, Nick MARVIN5:54:482x stock M100+1
Solo32Peter MEYER5:56:53Men's stock 30-393
Solo33Izaak TYRRELL5:58:21Men's unlim 30-396
Team22Roberto ARAUJO, Gustavo OLIVEIRA5:58:252x stock M01-798
Solo34Darren ODONNELL6:00:14Men's unlim 50-592
Team23Nicole MADOSIK, Dane MORRISSEY6:00:202x stock Female1
Solo35Nick MOLONEY6:01:00Men's unlim 40-4910
Team24Neal DRINKWARD, Jonathan JONES6:01:332x stock M80-995
Solo36Noah GARFIELD6:04:06Men's unlim 1-295
Solo37Joel COMER6:06:00Men's unlim 40-4911
Team25Fabiano FARIA, Antonio CHAER FILHO6:08:582x stock M01-799
Team26Alika WILLIS, Tony MONIZ6:09:362x stock M100+2
Solo38Alain TEURQUETIL6:12:59Men's unlim 50-593
Solo39Mike BENNETT6:13:48Men's unlim 40-4912
Solo40Vince LONGO6:14:40Men's unlim 40-4913
Team27Robert BALOUSKUS, Curtis SMITH, Randall VIVEIROS6:16:303x unlim Male9
Team28Errol KANE 2, Freddy RAMOS, Masa KURITA6:16:323x unlim Male10
Solo41Belar DIAZ6:18:35Men's stock 30-394
Team29Lyman ASHIKAWA, Art TAKABAYASHI, Marj TAKABAYASHI6:19:133x unlim Male11
Team30Jimmy FITT, Sandy RODRIGUEZ6:22:022x stock M01-7910
Solo42Karen WRENN6:22:53Women's unlim8
Team31Don LUI-KWAN, Walter MACHADO6:23:302x stock M100+3
Solo43Brad FELDMAN6:25:31Men's unlim 50-594
Team32Tomoe YASU, Tammy AIPA NAPOLEON6:27:042x stock Female2
Team33Dana HART, Chad WHITE, Shane WHITE6:27:243x unlim Male12
Team34Herbert TITCOMB, Kent KAM, George KAM6:28:043x unlim Male13
Solo44Alison RIDDLE6:28:17Women's stock2
Team35Leighton LAM, Brett THOMAS6:28:572x stock M100+4
Solo45Adam CRAWFORD6:31:13Men's unlim 50-595
Solo46Laura BIRSE6:35:11Women's unlim9
Team36Lani GOMES, Meghan DUNN, Megan ABUBO6:38:183x unlim Female2
Solo47Ron GALLEMORE6:41:10Men's unlim 40-4914
Team37Nevvar HICKMET, Johnny KESSEL, Mike RICHARDS6:44:353x unlim Male14
Team38Egi DODD, Tasha LOKELANI AIPA, Ilima VICENTE6:48:453x unlim Female3
Solo48Jennifer LEE6:59:51Women's unlim10
Solo49Terry STEVENS7:12:28Men's unlim 40-4915
Solo50Frank FUMICH7:50:14Men's unlim 40-4916
Solo51Bob ARNOT8:17:00Men's stock 50-591

Click here to view the raw results, including the prone paddleboarding divisions.