September 21, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Mokoli’i Paddle Classic (Oahu, Hawaii)

The first ever Mokoli’i Paddle Classic was held last weekend. Over 50 Stand Up Paddlers (plus another 20 or 30 prone and OC1 paddlers) took part in the inaugural event, which was held at Kualoa on Oahu.

One of Naish’s stars (starting to lose track of how many young guns are on the Naish team…) Noa Ginella took out the win, finishing the 3 miles (into a slight headwind) in a time of 26 minutes 10 seconds. Paddling legend Aaron Napoleon won the stock 12’6″ class (and was third overall) while his son Riggs was right behind him. Meanwhile Kim Celebre was the fastest of the women, coming home in 34 minutes 46 seconds.

Check out the video below and then scroll down for the full Mokoli’i race results…

Mokoli’i Paddle Classic SUP race winner: Noa Ginella


2012 Mokoli’i Paddle Classic RESULTS

Elite SUP Class

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#NameTimeClassDivisionDiv #
1Noa Ginella26:1014'Men's Open1
2Kirk Ziegler27:2614'Men's Open2
3Aaron Napoleon27:5512'6"Men's 40+1
4Riggs Napoleon28:1712'6"Men's 20-391
5Kolaiah Jardine30:0212'6"Men's 20-392
6Beau Oliveira30:3012'6"Men's 40+2
7Troy Palencia30:5412'6"Men's 20-393
8Jimmy Fitt31:0412'6"Men's 20-394
9Sergio Florian31:3412'6"Men's 20-395
10Damon Flood31:45UnlimitedOpen1
11Kaleo Buck33:4512'6"Men's 20-396
12Andrew Ching34:2012'6"Men's 20-397
13Kimo Miranda34:3512'6"Men's 40+3
14Kim Celebre34:4614'Women's Open1
15Craig Longobardi35:2912'6"Men's 20-398
16Ben Caban36:0612'6"Men's 40+4
17Roger Seibel37:0012'6"Men's 40+5
18John Morgan37:2812'6"Men's 40+6
19Adam Bechok40:5312'6"Men's 20-399
20Robert Sylvain44:0612'6"Men's 20-3910
21Ian Barbato45:5612'6"Men's 20-3911
22Dan Rosenak47:4812'6"Men's 20-3912
23Lee Saltonstall55:0112'6"Women's 40+1
24Susan Kanour59:3812'6"Women's 40+2

Novice SUP Class

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#NameTimeClassDivisionDiv #
1Jordan Gomes16:5812'6" & underMen's 20-491
2Dustin Spain18:1312'6" & underMen's 20-492
3Javan Kamakaala18:2212'6" & underMen's 20-493
4Alan Nishimura18:3512'6" & underMen's 20-494
5Steve Reeves19:2412'6" & underMen's 20-495
6Edward Nugent19:3012'6" & underMen's 20-496
7Glenn Miram19:3412'6" & underMen's 20-497
8Jonathan Cardenas21:5812'6" & underMen's 20-498
9Henry Morgan22:3512'6" & underMen's 20-499
10Fifi Toa23:1112'6" & underWomen1
11Matthew Rivera23:5112'6" & underMen's 20-4910
12Sheryl Yee24:1612'6" & underWomen2
13Tim Shanley24:1912'6" & underMen's 50+1
14Dawn Souza24:5112'6" & underWomen's3
15Brett Edgley24:5712'6" & underMen's 50+2
16Emily Samson25:3712'6" & underWomen's4
17Celeste Scruggs25:4212'6" & underWomen's5
18Phil Casteneda26:3112'6" & underMen's 20-4911
19Robert Merin26:4712'6" & underMen's 20-4912
20Kyle Kaneshiro28:0912'6" & underMen's 50+3
21Matt Somerville28:1612'6" & underMen's 20-4913
22Dana Hester28:5412'6" & underWomen's6
23Maria Dellett29:3312'6" & underWomen's7
24Wendy Pulsifer29:3412'6" & underWomen's8
25Pauly Ahrens30:1812'6" & underWomen's9
26Seniah Kaiu30:5912'6" & underWomen's10
27Susan Weber31:5512'6" & underWomen's11
28Leanne Fusco32:0312'6" & underWomen's12

Click here for the raw results (including prone and OC1 times)