July 17, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Midwest Standup Paddle Festival

Results are in from the 2012 Midwest Standup Paddle Festival, held over the weekend in Madison, Wisconsin.

Despite being a long way from the ocean (and the traditional home of SUP racing), the event drew plenty of big names, including Jim Terrell and Dan Gavere, plus a whole bunch of local paddlers who were eager to race.

In a great sign for SUP racing in the Midwest, almost 100 competitors lined up for the Elite 6 mile, Open 6 mile and Recreational 2 mile races.

In the 6 miler it was Terrell who took the win on his 14′ board, two minutes ahead of Gavere, who was paddling in the 12’6″ class, with Ronnie Ayres in third. Meanwhile in the women’s race Mary Radtke took line honours ahead of Vanina Walsh.

We’ll have pics of the action in Wisconsin shortly, but in the meantime check out the full race results below…


2012 Midwest Standup Paddle Festival
6 Mile Race RESULTS

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#NameTimeClassClass #DivisionDiv #
1Jim TERRELL1:10:1114'1Elite 49&U1
2Dan GAVERE1:12:0312'6"1Elite 49&U1
3Ronnie AYRES1:12:0614'2Elite 49&U2
4Nick BOWERS1:12:2414'3Open 49&U1
5Matthew JOHNSON1:12:4914'4Open 49&U2
6Robert PLANKENHORN1:13:3314'5Open 50+1
7Ron ST JOHN1:14:1514'6Open 50+2
8Rob PATTON1:14:2114'7Open 49&U3
9Mike BENNETT1:14:5214'8Open 49&U4
10Darian HILDRETH1:15:4814'9Open 49&U5
11Ken LAMBRECHT1:15:5414'10Open 50+3
12John BECKER1:16:1512'6"2Elite 50+1
13Alex LINNELL1:16:3614'11Elite 49&U3
14Matt REAUME1:17:1114'12Open 49&U6
15Matt FRANKE1:17:3214'13Open 49&U7
16Cody HUF1:20:4612'6"3Elite 49&U2
17Danny MONGNO1:20:5312'6"4Elite 49&U3
18Matt LENNERT1:21:0514'14Elite 49&U4
19David SCHUSTER1:23:0614'15Elite 49&U5
20Maurice ANTHON1:23:0814'16Open 49&U8
21Scott PAULI1:24:2214'17Open 49&U9
22Christoph HARTTUNG1:26:4714'18Open 49&U10
23Zak WINKLER1:29:2714'19Open 49&U11
24Steve HIRN1:31:1114'20Open 49&U12
25Mark BUENZ1:31:3312'6"5Open 50+1
26Kip HOFFMAN1:31:4014'21Open 49&U13
27Ed PIERCE1:32:4714'22Elite 50+1
28Chris BANK1:33:1212'6"6Open 49&U1
29Dimitry BURUKHIN1:33:1414'23Open 49&U14
30Jimmy BLAKENEY1:34:3012'6"7Open 49&U2
31Michael BUGNI1:34:3614'24Open 50+4
32Philip RAMSTACK1:34:4214'25Open 49&U15
33Mary RADTKE1:35:13F12'6"1Open 49&U1
34Bruce REEK1:35:3614'26Open 50+5
35Kevin PHILLIPS1:36:5412'6"8Open 49&U3
36Michael CARPENTER1:38:1014'27Elite 49&U6
37Bill LINSMEYER1:38:1112'6"9Open 49&U4
38Vanina WALSH1:42:51F12'6"2Elite 49&U1
39Tyler HUF1:42:5512'6"10Open 49&U5
40Karl EUGSTER1:43:56Surf1Open any1
41Mark GREINERT1:51:1912'6"11Open 50+2
42Nicholas HEIM1:59:2912'6"12Elite 49&U4
43Suzen COOK2:01:3912'6"13Open 50+3
44Sohyun BOO2:02:0914'28Open 49&U16
45Samantha CARLSON2:05:21F12'6"3Open 49&U2
46John AREND2:06:2012'6"14Open 49&U6
47Robyn BUENZ2:06:35F12'6"4Open 49&U3
48Randy FAHRENKROG2:12:3812'6"15Open 50+4
49Mike GRAF2:26:4812'6"16Open 50+5
50Karen DUCHARME2:28:5812'6"17Open 50+6
51Leslie MACLIN2:31:0012'6"18Open 50+7


2 Mile Race RESULTS

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#NameTimeClassClass #
1Maurice ANTHON0:29:33Men's Surfboard (any)1
2Evan STONE0:30:39Men's 12'6" (49&U)1
4John SWIATOWIEC0:31:29Men's 12'6" (49&U)2
3Carrie KIRKPATRICK0:31:29Women's 12'6" (49&U)1
5Ryan BAILEY0:31:33Men's Surfboard (any)2
6Erich RICHEY0:31:54Men's Surfboard (any)3
7Justin MCCLELLAN0:32:08Men's 12'6" (49&U)3
8Bill BECKER0:32:30Men's Surfboard (any)4
9Chris HUGHES0:32:38Men's 12'6" (49&U)4
10Leslie TAYLOR0:33:35Women's 12'6" (50+)1
11Jim MCCLELLAN0:33:47Men's 14' (49&U)1
12Tim MCKENNA0:33:48Men's 12'6" (49&U)5
13Adam KING0:33:50Men's 14' (49&U)2
14Christian BECK0:34:00Men's 14' (49&U)3
15Jonas SCOTT0:34:35n/an/a
16Chad BOECKMAN0:35:42Men's 12'6" (49&U)6
17Bill GRUNOW0:36:46Men's Surfboard (any)5
18Andrew YEAGER0:37:15Men's 12'6" (49&U)7
19Bob DIEHL0:37:19n/an/a
20Michal VANDYKE0:38:43Men's 12'6" (49&U)8
21Stan LINNELL0:39:43Men's Surfboard (any)6
22Natasha LUTES0:40:00Women's 12'6" (49&U)2
23Tom GRIST0:40:24Men's Surfboard (any)7
24Jenny RAY0:40:36Women's 12'6" (49&U)3
25Josh BOLL0:41:11Men's 12'6" (49&U)9
26Tanya QUINT0:41:38Women's Surfboard (any)1
27Jennifer MCCLELLAN0:42:39Women's 12'6" (49&U)4
28Jeff KLASMEIER0:42:48Men's 12'6" (49&U)10
29Tyler MCKENNA0:43:34n/an/a
30Allen HUGHES0:43:47Men's Surfboard (any)8
31Susan LEE0:44:46Women's 12'6" (50+)2
32Becki KUCHENBERG0:44:50Women's 12'6" (49&U)5
33Stephanie RICHEY0:46:23Women's Surfboard (any)2
34Brittany WEINAND0:46:35Women's Surfboard (any)3
35Leslie BOLL0:49:08Women's 12'6" (49&U)6
36Katie MCKENNA0:50:42Women's Surfboard (any)4
37Tami ROBERTS0:51:00Women's 12'6" (50+)3
38John LOCKWOOD0:53:45Men's 12'6" (49&U)11
40Adam HAYES0:59:30Men's 12'6" (49&U)12
39Heather HAYES0:59:30Women's 12'6" (49&U)7
41James DAVIS2:10:22Men's 14' (49&U)4