October 23, 2016
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

An Interesting Interview with PPGs Giant Killer Michael Booth

Check out this interesting little interview with the newly crowned world number two and PPGs giant killer Michael Booth, where he talks about some of the reasons behind his meteoric rise through the ranks over the past twelve months.

After a stellar run in Europe and a string of big results elsewhere on the circuit, Boothy announced himself as the distance paddler with a commanding victory in the Pacific Paddle Games six mile race, aka the most competitive event of all time.

There are some good questions in there, including “What makes you different from other paddlers?”, “What do you think about during a race?” and “What will it take for you to become world number one?”

Boothy has proved he’s the world’s best distance paddler right now, but that last question is a little ominous for the other top guys, with Boothy suggesting he still has plenty of room for improvement, particularly when it comes to downwinding and surf racing.

“Having a Brew with the Ocean” is the work of Sunshine Coast SUP personality Paul “Jonesy” Jones, who also runs the big Noosa race in March that looks set to be one of Australia’s premiere events in 2017. Check out some of the earlier clips, including one with Kelly Margetts.

(thumbnail image photo credit: Georgia Schofield)