November 30, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Lei Day

Lei DayThere was no news on yesterday. And, apart from this (rather ironic) article, there will be no news today either.

Sometimes there are 10 good stories about stand up paddling breaking in a single day, sometimes there are none. Or no good ones at least. We could easily find 50 things to post on this site, every single day, without a doubt, however the quality of 95% of those would be very questionable. And we don’t do questionable quality on We only do quality, period.

We like to bring you fresh new SUP racing insights every day (we’re up to 474 posts from 344 days so far this year), but not at the expense of quality.

So that brings us to Lei Day… It’s our symbolic message to remind you that we will never compromise your loyalty as a fan of this site by giving you anything less than the best. Lei Day… aka our commitment-to-not-copying-and-pasting-news-just-for-the-hell-of-it.

Despite the small nature of this industry, where everyone knows everyone and it’s difficult to say no to anyone or write anything negative about anything… we still remain committed to independent journalism. We know we’re not the New York Times, but we do have integrity and we do respect your loyalty as a reader. We won’t insult your intelligence with shameless press release promotions, secretly-paid content, brand-written glamour pieces or anything of the sort.

No fillers. No fluff pieces. Nothing to pump up page views. Nothing but quality.

That is all for now. The real news will return tomorrow.

Watch some stand up paddling videos in the meantime.

(p.s. yes, it’s lei day, not lay day)