April 8, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Travis Grant, Annabel Anderson Win King Of The Harbour

King Of The Harbour SUP RaceTravis Grant has continued his 2013 winning streak, taking out New Zealand’s 25km King Of The Harbour SUP race on the weekend ahead of Beau O’Brian. Meanwhile reigning BoP Champion Annabel Anderson was just 12 minutes behind after two and a half hours, despite paddling a 12’6 vs the 14 footers of the men.

Check out the results below then scroll down for some great pics of the action.

Full race recap coming shortly…

2013 King Of The Harbour SUP Race RESULTS

#NameTimeDivisionDiv #
1stTravis Grant2:17:12Men's 14'1
2ndBeau O'Brian2:18:44Men's 14'2
3rdJake Jensen2:21:11Men's 14'3
4thArmie Armstrong2:21:34Men's 14'4
5thJP Tobin2:24:25Men's 14'5
6thAnnabel Anderson2:29:51Women's 12'61
7thJosh Nixon2:31:18Men's 14'6
8thJeremy Stephenson2:32:18Men's 14'7
9thPaul Davis2:32:34Men's 14'8
10thGreg Barfoot2:32:36Men's 14'9
11thAnthony Willis2:33:12Men's 12'61
12thAndrew Brown2:35:32Men's 14'10
13thDale Chapman2:36:15Men's 14'11
14thJared Halligan2:36:39Men's 14'12
15thGeoff Evison2:37:18Men's 14'13
16thFelipe Dos Santos2:37:36Men's 14'14
17thMark Houghton2:38:26Men's 14'15
18thBruce Page2:38:38Men's 14'16
19thShane Murrell2:39:10Men's 14'17
20thJo Aleh2:42:00Women's 12'62
21stAndrew Wilson2:45:27Men's 14'18
22ndScott Elliott2:45:35Men's 12'62
23rdGlenn Simmonds2:49:23Men's 12'63
24thMatt Fogarty2:49:54Men's 12'64
25thCharlotte Spicer2:50:52Women's 12'63
26thPenelope Strickland2:57:43Women's 12'64
27thBryan Evans3:16:25Men's 14'19