July 21, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

How To Break Your Paddle

Very cool video from the Quickblade crew showing one common reason for a paddle breaking, featuring the Mad Scientist himself and a couple of doomed paddle shafts.

Paddle manufacturers often get the line “The shaft just broke while I was paddling…” when a customer makes a return. Well unless you’ve got a cheap China knock off, it’s pretty rare that your carbon fiber shaft will “just break” on its own. However if the paddle has taken a beating before you get on the water, then there’s a chance it’ll snap when you take a hard stroke. It may seem like you “just broke it paddling” but the answer usually lies somewhere else.

Although Jim Terrell’s methods in the video are quite extreme in order to make a point, something similar could definitely happen: Smash it on the rocks, accidentally bang it on the tail of your car, leave it unprotected going through the dreaded airport baggage handling system, etc.

Paddles are freakishly-strong considering how light they are, but they’re not indestructible. So the moral of the story: Be nice to your paddle, both on and off the water.

Oh and also don’t jump up and down on it after you’ve just smashed it against a metal block…