April 11, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Beau O’Brian Wins Inaugural “Harry’s Paddle” SUP Race

Harry's Paddle SUP Race (5)
Check out the (belated) results from the recent “Harry’s Paddle” SUP Race, which was won by Beau O’Brian and Neelie Brown. The inaugural Harry’s Paddle, a charity event, was held in Newcastle, Australia a couple of weeks back and drew a determined field of local and interstate paddlers. The 2014 edition has already been pencilled in on the SUP Race Calendar and is set to be a big event, so keep your eye out for Harry’s Paddle next year.

In the meantime you can see the full race results plus some pics of the action below.

Beau O’Brian is one of the most under rated paddlers going around. Based on his form so far this year, I predict you’ll see his name on the podium at some of the big international races in 2013. Beau started the year with a string of runner-up finishes to the on-fire Travis Grant, with the pair going 1-2 at The Doctor, the 12 Towers as well as the recent King of the Harbour in New Zealand.

Beau trains in Currumbin on Queensland’s Gold Coast, which has already produced champion names such as Jamie Mitchell, Travis Grant, Kelly Margetts, Paul & Angie Jackson, Jake Jensen and plenty more elite paddlers. There’s definitely something in the water in Australia…

2013 Harry’s Paddle SUP Race RESULTS

PlacingM/FM/F PlacingNameTime
1M1Beau O'Brian0:56:37
2M2Ben Brown0:57:19
3M3John Engel0:59:10
4M4Robert Westerink1:00:10
5M5Matt Worley1:00:18
6F1Neelie Brown1:01:15
7M6Matthew Clarke1:02:09
8M7James Tibbett1:02:32
9M8Keiran O'Riordan1:02:39
10M9Jason Sutton1:03:41
11M10Shane Ross1:04:24
12M11Mark Hall1:04:59
13M12Matthew Vandervoort1:08:38
14M13Trent Austin1:09:57
15M14Rod Hogger1:10:33
16M15Rod Hindson1:10:42
17M16Ollie O'Reilly1:12:08
18M17Peter Clauds1:12:54
19M18Bob Sheldon1:15:51
20F2Estelle Edwards1:18:29
21M19Craig Freeman1:19:14
22F3Karen Halpin1:22:29
23M20Adam Newhouse1:22:30
24M21Ward Gunn1:23:56
25F4Deanne Johnson1:25:33
26M22Simon Upton1:25:48
27M23Ron Cropper1:25:59
28F5Kylie Clarke1:26:09
29M24Peter Billingham1:47:32

All pics © Susannah Teng (view the full gallery on Facebook)