July 23, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Great Lakes SUP Classic: Jamie Mitchell, Larry Cain Dominate

Stand Up Paddle racing in the Midwest seems to be really taking off, with events almost every weekend. The charge is being led by the 10-race “Midwest SUP Championship Series”, which this weekend headed to Holland, Michigan for the 3rd Annual Great Lakes SUP Classic.

It was the Jamie & Larry Show, with two big stars of the SUP racing world, 10x World Champ Jamie Mitchell and 3x Olympian Larry Cain, travelling to Lake Michigan for the race. They didn’t disappoint either, proving too strong for a bunch of hungry locals in the Elite 6 Mile Race to take the top two spots.

Rob Patton snatched third from Ron St. John and Danny Mongno, while Jen Scully dominated the women’s.

Scroll down for the full race results plus check out some pics of the action thanks to Erin Finn Macdonell (view the entire photo gallery on Facebook).

If you want to see what other SUP races are coming up in the Midwest (or anywhere else in the world) take a look at our ever growing list of Stand Up Paddle Races.


Great Lakes SUP Classic // photo © Erin Finn Macdonell

Jamie Mitchell // photo © Erin Finn Macdonell

Jamie Mitchell // photo © Erin Finn Macdonell

Jamie Mitchell // photo © Erin Finn Macdonell

Jamie Mitchell takes victory // photo © Erin Finn Macdonell

Larry Cain // photo © Erin Finn Macdonell

Larry Cain takes 2nd // photo © Erin Finn Macdonell

Larry Cain and Jamie Mitchell // photo © Erin Finn Macdonell

Jamie Mitchell keeping the crowd entertained // photo © Erin Finn Macdonell

Men’s 12’6″ Top 3: Jamie Mitchell, Larry Cain and Ross Herr with Race Director Jim Misiewicz // photo © Erin Finn Macdonell


2012 Great Lakes SUP Classic RESULTS

6 Mile Elite Race

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Overall #NameTimeClassClass #
1Jamie MITCHELL1:08:34Men's 12'6"1
2Larry CAIN1:09:56Men's 12'6"2
3Rob PATTON1:13:08Men's 14'1
4Ron ST. JOHN1:13:31Men's 14'2
5Danny MONGNO1:13:39Men's 14'3
6Matt JOHNSON1:15:37Men's 14'4
7Ken LAMBREHT1:16:19Men's 14'5
8Matt HASSENRIK1:18:05Men's 14'6
9Andrew VAN ESSENDELFT1:18:49Men's 14'7
10Robert PLANKENHORN1:19:06Men's 14'8
11Joel BAKER1:19:29Men's 14'9
12Ross HERR1:19:41Men's 12'6"3
13Matt FRANKE1:21:28Men's 14'10
14Tony PAUL1:23:42Men's 12'6"4
15Rich MOSHER1:23:53Men's 14'11
16Gary STONE1:25:02Men's 14'12
17Matt BALMER1:25:43Men's 14'13
18Chris PAUSTIAN1:26:37Men's 14'14
19Matt CAMPBELL1:27:31Men's 12'6"5
20Tom O'CONNOR1:28:03Men's 12'6"6
21Adam SCHUTT1:30:01Men's 14'15
22Matt REAUME1:32:07Men's 14'16
23Bill LINSMAYER1:32:55Men's 14'17
24Nick YEATES1:33:40Men's 12'6"7
25David PLANKENHORN1:34:28Men's 14'18
26Winsor MACDONELL1:35:20Men's 12'6"8
27Jen SCULLY1:35:41Women's 12'6"1
28Cy TOPE1:35:53Men's 14'19
29Mary RADTKE1:36:30Women's 12'6"2
30Kate BORG1:40:36Women's 12'6"3
31Evan STONE1:44:13Men's 12'6"9
32Dan WHITMOYER1:56:11Men's 12'6"10
33Sarah MASON2:04:34Women's 12'6"4
34Robyn RUTIEWICZ2:04:51Women's 12'6"5
35Karen VAN PUTTEN2:11:39Women's 12'6"6
36George MELUCH2:15:12Men's 14'20

3 Mile Recreational Race

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Overall #NameTimeDivisionDivision #
1Mike SCHOLMA0:40:02Men's1
2Anthon MAURICE0:41:34Men's2
3Doug VOGELZANG0:43:07Men's3
4Tom CHINONIS0:43:17Men's4
5Brian STAUFFER0:43:38Men's5
6Joey GHENT0:43:51Men's6
7Austin VONDRACEK0:44:03Men's7
8Aaron CAMPBELL0:44:19Men's8
9Jonathan SHARP0:44:33Men's9
10Paul VANDEWATER0:44:36Men's10
11Andrew MCFALL0:45:10Men's11
12Mark BROWER0:45:24Men's12
13David TUZINOWSKI0:45:37Men's13
14Ben WALKER0:46:03Men's14
15Scott MOORE0:46:20Men's15
16Jeff WEINERT0:46:27Men's16
17Tim MCKENNA0:46:55Men's17
18Kurt BLACKBURN0:47:14Men's18
19Neil STEGER0:47:18Men's19
20Butch MOCKLER0:47:55Men's20
21Bryan BOODS0:48:02Men's21
22Tyler BOSGRAAF0:48:21Men's22
23Dave MEADE0:48:52Men's23
24Brian BOSGRAAF0:48:58Men's24
25Tim FOLKERT0:49:18Men's25
26Elisabet ANDERSON0:49:25Women's1
27Patrick MCFALL0:49:34Men's26
28David BOES0:49:42Men's27
29Keith BORG0:50:13Men's28
30Darren PETTERSON0:50:34Men's29
31Anna BEIRD0:51:05Women's2
32Donald LAWLESS0:51:32Men's30
33Jim MCCLELLAN0:52:07Men's31
34Keith EASTLAND0:54:00Men's32
35Sara FOLKERT0:54:33Women's3
36Laura LEENHOUTS0:55:29Women's4
37William MOSS0:56:14Men's33
38Jen EICHORST0:57:27Women's5
39Diane TOPE0:57:27Women's6
40LaGenia BAILEY0:58:35Women's7
41Eliza BEIRD0:58:53Women's8
42Brian BOSIE0:59:01Men's34
43Charlie PIKE0:59:22Men's35
44Tori PETTERSON1:00:37Women's9
45Sean MCFALL1:00:47Men's36
46Jill MOCKLER1:00:53Women's10
47Leslie MACLIN1:01:36Women's11
48Aimee MORTENSEN1:01:38Women's12
49Lisa JAMES1:02:17Women's13
50Kris CAMPAU1:02:50Women's14
51Corinna PARISH1:02:56Women's15
52Jack WICKHAMN1:04:13Men's37
53Melissa PORTER1:05:00Women's16
54Mary EYKE1:08:38Women's17
55Nick LAUTERBACH2:10:43Men's38