July 8, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Eastern Canadian SUP Championships (updated)

Check out the results from the Eastern Canadian SUP Championships held in Toronto yesterday.

The race featured a couple of big names of the Stand Up Paddle racing world; Jim Terrell and Larry Cain. It’s always a close race between the former Sprint Canoe champions (who have an amazing seven Olympic Games between them) and this weekend was no different, with the pair duking it out for the entire race.

In a sprint to the finish it was the 1984 Gold Medallist Cain who narrowly took home the victory over the Mad Scientist, with Norman John Hahn rounding out the podium.

In a good sign for Canadian stand up paddle racing, an impressive 76 paddlers turned out to compete in either the Elite Race or Recreational Race. Get the full race results are below plus check out some great pics courtesy of Erin Finn Macdonell and Quickblade Paddles.


The official board caddy // photo © Erin Finn Macdonnell

You know Larry Cain’s serious when he busts out the armband… // photo © Erin Finn Macdonnell

Larry Cain eyeing off the rest of the field // photo © Erin Finn Macdonnell

The Spartans Olympians: Jim Terrell and Larry Cain // photo © Erin Finn Macdonnell

Eastern Canadian SUP Championships // photo © Erin Finn Macdonnell

Eastern Canadian SUP Championships // photo © Erin Finn Macdonnell

The Mad Scientist tries to break the draft train // photo © Erin Finn Macdonnell

Jim Terrell & Larry Cain sprinting to the line // photo © Erin Finn Macdonnell

Larry Cain (right) gets a slight lead over Jim Terrell right near the line // photo © Erin Finn Macdonnell

Happy Winners @ the Eastern Canadian SUP Championships // photo © Erin Finn Macdonnell


2012 Eastern Canada SUP Championship

Elite Race Results

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassAge
1M1Larry CAIN1:40:4514'49
2M2Jim TERRELL1:40:4814'47
3M3Norman HANN1:43:2114'42
4M4Brent SCHMIDT1:44:3714'47
5M5Pete BUDAY1:46:4114'34
6M6Jack CHUBATY1:50:3714'47
7M7Anthony ABRAHAM1:50:5314'52
8M8John BECKER1:51:0714'53
9M9Chris STRINGER1:51:2614'47
10M10Richard PHELAN1:51:3214'37
11M11Andrew SKEOCH1:52:0714'40
12M12Matt REAUME1:53:1314'39
13M13Peter HAMILTON1:54:2514'49
14M14David FEKETE1:56:4514'28
15M15Max TRACY1:57:1414'44
16F1Lina AUGAITIS1:57:1612'6"31
17F2Jessica RANDO1:58:1612'6"28
18M16Rob KAVCIC1:59:1314'31
19M17Attila BUDAY1:59:5114'38
20M18Mark SCRIVER2:00:3514'52
21M19Pat WATERS2:00:5114'40
22M20Dan HAMZIC2:01:0014'40
23M21Del DASILVA2:02:5014'37
24M22Aaron PILON2:03:2314'40
25M23Gander TAWASTSTJERNA2:05:5114'52
26M24Mike FEKETE2:07:2014'65
27M25Raj PATHAK2:07:3114'45
28M26Rob SARGANT2:08:3114'36
29M27Lee STORM2:08:5714'41
30M28Scott MADILL2:09:2114'42
31M29Joe BARK2:09:2814'52
32M30Ivan DIMIC2:10:0614'51
33M31Scott MUNDY2:10:2014'24
34M32Darren MOSSMAN2:12:0014'23
35M33Mike SANDUSKY2:13:1214'33
36M34Sean GRAYSON2:13:1414'37
37F3Chanda REID2:13:3812'6"39
38M35Tim MANASTERSKY2:16:0114'59
39M36Brent ACKLAND2:16:5214'40
40F4Nadia BAER2:19:1212'6"36
41M37Winsor MACDONELL2:19:1314'46
42M38Warren KING2:21:1714'38
43M39Paul GARNIER2:23:2314'44
44M40Hugh WILSON2:28:4914'50
45F5Julie SKEOCH2:31:5212'6"40
46M41Jonathan LABA2:33:5514'37
47M42Steve MARTIN2:35:5414'38
48F6Ariel AMARAL2:36:1812'6"29
49F7Annie PILON2:36:5212'6"49
50M43James STATHAM2:37:5314'53
51M44Dave ABBOTT2:41:3314'60
52M45Eric GRIMES2:42:0014'38
53F8Mary-margaret QUENNELL2:44:5312'6"45
54M46Paul TREBILCOCK2:46:3414'46
55F9Nancy HAMILTON2:46:5312'6"55
56F10Misha GILBERT2:50:3312'6"28
57M47Henry HAIDUK2:52:2414'70


Recreational Race Results

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClassAge
1M1Jonah LOGAN0:30:5014'39
2F1Colleen COXSON0:33:5512'6"36
3M2Cameron MACAULAY0:34:3014'19
4M5Lorenzo GIOVANNONE0:34:4314'18
5M3John KUYPER0:35:0814'46
6M4Gord WILKINS0:35:5814'40
7F2Paula LAING0:36:0812'6"47
8F3Tracey FINLAY0:36:3112'6"47
9M6Gregg WILKINSON0:37:5214'22
10F4Kathy CLARKE0:38:2012'6"57
11F5Laura HAYWARD0:38:5312'6"24
12M7Nikko DE MINTICH0:39:2114'22
13F6Janet STRINGER0:39:2112'6"43
14F7Andree GAUTHIER0:40:4812'6"50
15F8Sabrina ELLIOTT0:41:1712'6"33
16F9Dianne GIBSON0:41:2812'6"41
17M8Scott KADWELL0:44:1514'55
18F10Barbara COON0:44:2712'6"52
19F11Lynne ALEXANDER0:50:0012'6"30