October 13, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[VIDEO] Channel Crossing Downwinder In Tahiti

If you’re dreaming of paddling in a faraway land then check out this downwinder video from the SIC Tahiti crew.

While stand up paddling videos from Tahiti usually feature perfectly crisp water and endless blue skies, this clip shows a stormy, open ocean channel crossing from the island of Mo’orea to the main island of Tahiti.

The four and a half minute reel features local SIC team rider Tamarua Cowan, one of many up-and-coming SUP racers that have crossed over from Tahiti’s fabled outrigger community. Tamaraua made a big impression on Maui last year and turned quite a few heads at Salt Creek a couple weeks back, so look out for his name in the future.

Hat tip: The ‘breeze