January 16, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Dave Kalama No Longer Riding For Naish…

UPDATE: Kalama just posted the reasons why on his blog. Sounds like he’s going to be experimenting with his own shapes (and sounds like it was also a pretty friendly split).


Dave Kalama, one of the most well known faces in stand up paddling (and one of the SUP racers of the year) has left Naish International.

Naish without Kalama seems a bit strange; it’s hard to imagine one without the other and it’ll be interesting to see what direction each of them take from here.

For a bit more info, read the (extremely brief) media release announcing the split. No real reason has been given for the split (though there’s a thread on the Zone with a bit more info), but it seems they simply just grew apart (or had different goals for the future of SUP).

I think Mr. Sadwavey sums up the feeling of Naish fanboys worldwide…