August 22, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Connor Baxter Plays A Quick Game Of Frogger @ The Gorge

Check out this shot of Connor Baxter playing a game of real-life “Frogger” at the Gorge Paddle Challenge Downwind Race on Sunday.

Connor Baxter @ the Naish Gorge Paddle Challenge Downwinder // pic © Ben Jones

Jokes aside, the word is Connor actually got clipped by one of the windsurfers and thrown off his board. Waiting to hear the full story on that one…

Connor Baxter wasn’t the only SUP racer dodging the windsurfer/kitesurfer crowd – check out these shots of Kai Lenny and Dave Kalama below. Oh and there was a massive log ship passing by at one point as well, just for good measure…

Seems there was plenty of obstacles for the paddlers to deal with at the Gorge Paddle Challenge Downwinder!

Kai Lenny on his way to an impressive victory in the Naish Gorge Paddle Challenge Downwinder. This pic is kinda symbolic, seeing Kai is just as well known for windsurfing and kite surfing as he is for SUP racing.  // pic © Ben Jones

That’s Dave Kalama in the background // pic © Ben Jones

A few obstacles certainly makes for a more interesting race! // pic © Ben Jones

Thanks to Ben Jones for the pics. Check out Ben’s Gorge photo gallery for more action.