March 20, 2020
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

NOW STREAMING: Watch Casper Steinfath attempt to paddle from Denmark to Norway in the epic film “Skagerrak”

And now for some good news… (no, really!)

With all the event cancellations and quarantines in place around the world, we probably all need something to pass the time and inspire us through these crazy days.

Fortunately for us, Casper “Viking” Steinfath has just had his epic movie Skagerrak added to Red Bull TV, which means you can now stream it free.

So if you want some inspiration and motivation then hit the poster above or click here to begin watching the film.

Curious to know more?

When I reviewed it last year, I called Skagerrak “a fascinating film about life that happens to include some paddling.” It’s much more than a SUP movie. In fact, the paddling takes up relatively little of the film — most of the hour-long reel is consumed by Casper’s intense preparations and deep introspection about crossing the infamous ‘Skagerrak’ ocean strait that separates Denmark and Norway.

Casper was unsuccessful in his first attempt during the winter of 2017, with this film picking up 12 months later as he seeks to vanquish those demons while also figuring out “Why?” he’s doing this crazy project to begin with.

It’s a really interesting look at the psychology behind these monumental challenges that push one to the limits both physically and mentally.

Early in the film, Casper sits down to evaluate the first, failed mission. He lists all the good and bad things he learned from his bold yet unsuccessful attempt a year earlier, with the bad column featuring 16 entries such as “crazy conditions” and being better prepared if he loses consciousness in the middle of a cold, dark ocean.

The “good” column has just one entry, and it’s trivial at best.

At this point, most people would ask why, which basically sets the tone for the rest of the film