March 1, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

WATCH: Casper Steinfath’s Crazy, Epic, Cold Water ‘Viking Crossing’ from Denmark to Norway


Ragnar, Rollo, Bjorn. If you watch Vikings¹ (or just know your history) you’ll recognise these names. But there’s another name that thoroughly deserves the viking title: Casper.

While he’s been going by the nickname “Danish Viking” for a few years now, Casper Steinfath, the globe-trotting SUP ambassador who’s best known for being nearly impossible to beat in a sprint and coming from a country that has no right to produce a world class SUP athlete, recently took his viking game to a whole new level by undertaking a cold water channel crossing of epic proportions.

As the Red Bull short film above shows, the current world number seven has been rather busy in the off-season. In addition to his meticulous training regime, Casper found time for a crazy adventure that saw him attempt to cross the ocean from Denmark to Norway via the Skagerrak² Strait.

Distance? 130km. Temperature? Somewhere around freezing. Paddling time? 16 hours.

This crossing would be tough enough on a warm summer’s day when the sun sets at 10pm, but to attempt it in the middle of a cold, dark winter shows what a true viking Casper really is.

Just like the vikings of old³, the young Dane set off from his hometown in the early morning darkness and tackled a wild ocean in search of glory and conquest far away. However, Casper’s story ends with a twist… Words don’t really do it justice, so just watch the clip up top and enjoy.

Now can someone please get this guy a cameo on the season five⁴ premiere?










All photos credit: Mark Wengler, Red Bull Content Pool



¹ Confused? Here.

² Could you get much more viking than “Skagerrak”?

³ I’m not sure if the vikings of old had cans of Red Bull, carbon Quickblade paddles and a film crew on their original voyages, but apart from a few modern necessities, Casper was in full viking mode for this crossing.

⁴ You’re still lost? It’s a TV show