October 6, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Battle Of The Paddle Rio With Gerry Lopez & Sparky Longley

We stumbled on this short clip of Jay Sparky Longley (Rainbow Sandals supremo and founder of the BoP) and Gerry Lopez talking about the Battle of the Paddle Rio. In case you missed the news last week, the Battle is heading to Brazil in April 2013.

Click through to watch the vid. Not much meat in there but it’s still cool just to hear the words from Sparky and Gerry themselves (and as we promised, we’re gonna bring you every last bit of news about the Brazilian Battle of the Paddle 😉

Not sure if the unedited format was intentional or not, though the first Battle of the Paddle Rio video got suddenly taken down the other day for some reason, so maybe the organisers are still fine tuning for a big official launch.