July 13, 2012
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[VIDEO] Battle of the Paddle California 2010 (Carnage!)

Here’s a good one from the archives…

The 2010 Battle of the Paddle Elite Race at Dana Point became an instant classic; Danny Ching cemented his place as a star of the sport by stealing the crown from defending champ Jamie Mitchell, Candice Appleby continued her winning streak on the women’s side, there were enough waves to ensure plenty of chaos, and the whole thing was caught on tape.

Check out the action below (skip to the 3:30 mark to enjoy the carnage) and keep following SUPracer as we get closer to the 2012 Battle of the Paddle California (78 days and counting!).


2010 Battle Of the Paddle California – Elite Race Results

1st: Candice APPLEBY 1:10:31
2nd: Brandi BAKSIC 1:11:03
3rd: Rachel BRUNTSCH 1:12:59
4th: Jennifer KALMBACH 1:13:20
5th: Gillian GIBREE 1:14:35
6th: Andrea MOLLER 1:15:58
7th: Heather BAUS 1:16:41
8th: Karen WRENN 1:17:19
9th: Annabel ANDERSON 1:18:01
10th: Emmy MERRILL 1:18:31

1st: Danny CHING 0:57:45
2nd: Jamie MITCHELL 0:59:36
3rd: Slater TROUT 1:00:39
4th: Travis GRANT 1:00:39
5th: Andrew LOGRECO 1:00:43
6th: Connor BAXTER 1:01:52
7th: Georges CRONSTEADT 1:01:55
8th: Noa GINELLA 1:02:54
9th: Matthew BECKER 1:03:08
10th: Sepa NAPOLEON 1:03:08