August 31, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

WATCH: Noa Ginella Gets Barreled On His Race Board

THIS is how you surf a race board: Watch Noa Ginella ride a 12’6 better than most of us can surf an 8’6.

These things are hard enough to turn, let alone get barreled on, but Noa made it look easy during the recent hurricane swell.

So thank you, Noa, for making the rest of us feel like kooks.

If the Battle of the Paddle turns into the Battle of Salt Creek, complete with the macking surf that everybody’s been talking about for months, then it’s safe to say Noa Ginella won’t have any troubles in the Elite Race…

Watch the full clip above and enjoy. You can also see more of Noa’s exploits over on his blog:

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