July 25, 2013
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Annabel Anderson’s Tahitian Girl Power

Cool little clip out of Tahiti, where the current fastest woman in the world, Annabel Anderson, has been based for the past few weeks, getting in plenty of training but also encouraging the local girls to get right into SUP.

From all reports the Kiwi has had a positive effect, with more and more women feeling comfortable hopping on a board after seeing Annabel match it with a lot of the guys on the downwind runs.

The reigning BoP Champion had this to say about her current home:

“When the world wakes up and realizes that paddling is the national sport in Tahiti, there may be some upset pros! Yes, they are that good and there are plenty of them! This place is pretty much perfection.”

Annabel had been due to compete in Molokai this weekend, however a combo of boards and logistics (plus the small matter of being tempted to stay on an island paradise…) means she won’t be racing in Hawaii. Tahiti doesn’t sound like a bad Plan B though…