July 1, 2018
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

SUP World Cup: Olivia Piana overpowers Sonni Honscheid in Germany; Lincoln Dews outlasts Michael Booth in epic duel

Lincoln Dews en route to victory in Germany today (photo: @georgiasphoto/@paddleleague)

In brief: The quest for the inaugural Paddle League World Title has been reignited following an intense day of racing at the Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup in sunny Scharbeuz, Germany, with Lincoln Dews and Olivia Piana unseating the established powerhouse duo of Michael Booth and Sonni Honscheid to claim memorable victories in front of a big local crowd.

In what was surely the most exciting race of the year in both the men’s and women’s fields, Lincoln outlasted Boothy in a tug-of-war for the ages, while Olivia overpowered the home-nation hero in the second half of the 10km race to put a hold on Sonni’s World Title victory parade.

Despite one of the toughest fields of the season, the two Australian guys led from start to finish after breaking the field at the 500 metre mark and never looking back. The two battled side-by-side, quite literally, for much of the course, before Lincoln pulled marginally clear in the bumps on lap five of six then paddled like a man possessed on the final 1.5km loop to secure victory.

Lincoln’s win caps off a remarkable string of results in Europe–the DEEP/QB team rider was runner-up in the other two majors (Bilbao/Hossegor) and seemed “dew” for a win this week.

Olivia Piana was too strong in Scharbeutz today (photo: @georgiasphoto/@paddleleague)

Olivia mirrored Lincoln’s efforts by upsetting the runaway ratings leader, Sonni, in what was also a classic duel between the two strongest women on the water this season. Sonni started the race strong and established an early lead, but Olivia powered home in the back half to win by almost a minute.

The German powerhouse still holds a commanding lead on the women’s World Rankings, but Olivia now has a mathematical path to the title following her 100-point coup this afternoon.

Others to impress in Scharbeutz included podium-getters Arthur Arutkin and Seychelle, who both stayed within sight of the leaders, while Connor Baxter/Marcus Hansen and Fiona Wylde/Angie Jackson rounded out the respective top fives. Angie’s performance was particularly impressive considering she started in dead last place following a hectic start that saw half a dozen women confused and stranded on the line.

In addition to being stop #7 on The Paddle League World Tour, the SUP World Cup was also week 9 out of 10 for The Euro Tour, with Boothy and Olivia securing the European crowns after enjoying dominant summers.

More to come on Monday–in the meantime here are the full results…

Sunday’s podium-getters at the SUP World Cup (photo: @paddleleague/@georgiasphoto)



#AthleteTimePaddle LeagueEuroTour
1Olivia Piana1:04:37.17100.0060.00France425
2Sonni Honscheid1:05:35.3675.0045.00GermanyStarboard
3Seychelle Webster1:06:27.1960.0036.00USASIC
4Fiona Wylde1:06:40.6450.0030.00USAStarboard
5Angie Jackson1:08:05.8642.5025.50AustraliaONE
6Yuka Sato1:08:44.1235.0021.00JapanStarboard
7Kate Baker1:08:51.7530.0018.00UKONE
8Annie Reickert1:11:15.5825.0015.00HawaiiNaish
9Lena Ribeiro1:13:05.7022.5013.50BrazilLena Ribeiro
10Noelani Sach1:13:11.8620.0012.00GermanyNSP
11Nicoline Rasmussen1:13:28.1518.0010.80DenmarkONE
12Stephanie Shideler1:14:26.1116.009.60USAInfinity
13Susanne Lier1:14:55.7715.009.00GermanyF-ONE
14Petronella van Malsen1:15:37.6314.008.40NetherlandsMistral
15Giannisa Vecco1:18:46.6013.007.80PeruInfinity
16Paulina Herpel1:18:50.6712.007.20Germany-
17Iva Dundova1:19:54.2011.006.60Czech-
18Neza Jarc1:24:28.1010.006.00Slovenia-
19Julija Mihailova1:27:00.549.005.40Latvia-
20Milanka Linde1:27:


#AthleteTimePaddle LeagueEuroTourNationBrand
1Lincoln Dews52:24.29  100.0060.00AustraliaDEEP
2Michael Booth52:55.43  75.0045.00AustraliaStarboard
3Arthur Arutkin53:37.86  60.0036.00FranceFanatic
4Connor Baxter54:17.60  50.0030.00HawaiiStarboard
5Marcus Hansen54:40.94  42.5025.50New ZealandNSP
6Bruno Hasulyo54:54.16  35.0021.00HungaryStarboard
7Martin Vitry55:03.77  30.0018.00FranceSIC
8Georges Cronsteadt55:15.33  25.0015.00Tahiti425
9Noic Garioud55:16.79  22.5013.50New CaledoniaSunova
10Josh Riccio55:19.53  20.0012.00USAF-ONE
11Paolo Marconi55:39.68  18.0010.80ItalyRRD
12Leo Nika56:10.81  16.009.60ItalyStarboard
13Federico Esposito56:15.05  15.009.00ItalyInfinity
14Mo Freitas56:19.90  14.008.40HawaiiRogue
15Casper Steinfath56:23.47  13.007.80DenmarkNaish
16Enzo Bennett56:25.50  12.007.20Tahiti425
17Daniel Hasulyo56:29.45  11.006.60HungaryStarboard
18Itzel Delgado56:44.43  10.006.00PeruInfinity
19Martino Rogai56:52.52  9.005.40ItalyStarboard
20Christian Andersen57:08.46  8.004.80DenmarkFanatic
21Trevor Tunnington57:32.49  7.504.50New ZealandStarboard
22Kenny Kaneko58:05.19  7.004.20JapanJP
23Ryan Funk58:25.71  6.503.90HawaiiStarboard
24Filipe Meira58:36.07  6.003.60PortugalRRD
25Claudio Nika58:49.19  5.503.30ItalyRapid
26Filippo Mercuriali59:37.53  5.203.12ItalyStarboard
27Ricardo Haverschmidt59:45.64  4.902.94NetherlandsMistral
28Paul Ganse59:53.66  4.602.76GermanyJP
29Kjell de Bruyn1:00:03.794.302.58BelgiumFanatic
30Francesco Mazzei1:00:
31Norm Weber1:00:04.233.802.28Germany-
32Davide Ionico1:00:14.053.602.16ItalyFanatic
33Paul Jackson1:00:18.933.402.04AustraliaONE
34Branislaz Sramek1:00:
35Steven Bredow1:00:
36Alain Luck1:00:56.502.801.68Switzerland-
37Peter Weither1:01:56.272.601.56Germany-
38Arvins Iljins1:02:50.342.401.44LatviaPrestol
39Sebastian Brendel1:03:04.452.201.32Germany-
40Thomas Nilsen1:03:
41Valentin Illichmann1:04:20.061.901.14Germany-
42Martin Teichmann1:05:04.291.801.08GermanySunova
43Tomas Lelovits1:06:09.711.701.02Finland-
44Maui Sach1:07:49.721.600.96Germany-
45Carsten Kurmis1:08:22.141.500.90Germany-
46Willi Ganse1:08:23.761.400.84Germany-
47El Worry1:08:46.171.300.78Germany-
48Dave White1:09:00.801.200.72AustraliaONE
49Johan Skarskog1:09:31.381.100.66Sweden-
50Oleksii Sidenko1:10:02.661.000.60UkraineRapid
51Thomas Reppich1:12:29.840.500.30Germany-
52Belar Diaz1:12:59.900.500.30SpainF-ONE
53Frithjof Sach1:14:06.440.500.30Germany-
54Jan Vandrey1:15:35.610.500.30Germany-
55Petr Cemper1:21:19.950.500.30Czech-


Results will be posted shortly…