April 30, 2018
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

These photos show just how crazy this year’s OluKai was…

OluKai put on a show for us this year… (photo @808photo.me)

OluKai was one for the books this year. Not because it was an all-time downwinder – light winds actually made for record slow times – but because it was just so damn gnarly.

A solid swell hit Maui’s north shore just in time for the race, which unfortunately meant 80% of competitors pulled out. Though on the plus side, it fortunately meant we got some epic photos as some of the world’s best dodged small mountains of water.

Up top is third-place getter Travis Grant cutting it just a little fine on his way in through the outer reefs of Kanaha, while below we’ve got a few brave souls just trying to get out to the start line.

For more, check out 808’s big OluKai album on Facebook as well as SUP the Mag’s captures from the chaos.

OluKai (photo: @supthemag)