October 22, 2018
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

GoPro POV: Krumlovsky River Race in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic RIVER RACE! (GoPro POV)

Good times at the Krumlovsky vodacky maraton in the Czech Republic last week! More than 1,300 paddlers hit the water for a crazy fun river race — add it to your bucket list in 2019 (Oct. 12). Thanks to the local crew David, Lucie and Peter for showing me a good time and lending me a "Puma" from NSP – Surf and Stand Up Paddle Boards — hope I didn't put too many dings in it

Posted by SUP Racer on Monday, October 22, 2018

I was lucky enough to experience a very special race in the Czech Republic last week thanks to NSP and The Paddle League.

The Krumlovsky River Race is a unique event featuring over a thousand paddlers and one super fun stretch of river. The 25km, downriver course features half a dozen “weirs” that turn this into a whitewater rodeo and, at least on the bigger ramps, provide the amazing feeling of paddling downhill.

With a GoPro in my mouth, I thought I’d share this little highlights reel from my run on the NSP Puma (the 14′ by 23.5″ race board handled surprisingly well in the river). Hope you enjoy, and apologies for the awkward heavy breathing…

Add this event to your bucket list next year: October 12, 2019.