October 6, 2018
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Eri Tenorio, Maddie Miller win the Chucktown Showdown to wrap up The Paddle League “Regionals” for Season 2018


In brief: Brazil’s Eri Tenorio has finished the season with yet another win on The Paddle League regional series, taking out the Chucktown Showdown in Charleston, South Carolina ahead of former Olympian Tommy Buday Jr. The win is Eri’s fourth of the season, matching his performances at the Bay Bridge Paddle, Battle of the Blueway and Stand Up for the Hooch.

His smart schedule of events sees Eri finish well inside the top 30 on The Paddle League World Rankings.

East Coast prodigy Maddie Miller was victorious in the women’s Showdown after completing the 9-mile course in an hour and 45 minutes — four minutes clear of runner-up Kim Hillhouse.

More to come… (follow the Chucktown Showdown on Facebook for additional coverage).





1Eri TENORIO1:32:0610.00
2Tommy BUDAY JR1:33:377.50
3Steve MILLER1:34:156.00
4John BATSON1:38:335.00
5Bill KRAFT1:39:574.25
6Jeremy WHITTED1:40:453.50
7Caleb CLARK1:41:283.00
8Steven BERNSTEIN1:42:392.50
9Dylan GEIGER1:42:412.25
10Ron GOSSARD1:44:382.00
11Terry SMITH1:44:501.80
12Shane SEKUL1:46:271.60
13Gary ROTHE1:46:381.50
14Troy GOSSARD1:47:561.40
15Steve PHILLIPS1:47:581.30
16Ken BOWMAN1:49:151.20
17Justin PAULSON1:49:541.10
18Nathan CHAMPION1:51:421.00
19Kevin MCFARLAND1:53:590.90
20Ian CLARK2:03:330.80
21Les THORNBURY2:07:470.75
22Joseph WELLING2:20:380.70
23Bobby NELSON2:21:400.65
24Jake WHEELER2:37:140.60
25Steve FISHER2:49:200.55
26Taylor GARRIGAN3:03:400.52




1Maddie Miller1:44:4510.00
2Kim Hillhouse1:48:287.50
3Isabelle Picard1:53:466.00
4Jenny Alderman1:56:375.00
5Amy Clark1:56:404.25
6Karen Wilson1:58:193.50
7Jennifer Covington2:17:583.00
8Sharna Tolfree2:31:352.50
9Alice Batson2:32:422.25
10Martha Criscuolo2:33:232.00
11Michele Hoban2:54:201.80