June 4, 2018
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Eri Tenorio and Seychelle win the Bay Bridge Paddle as 400+ paddlers hit the water in Maryland

Maryland’s massive Bay Bridge Paddle has put Annapolis on the paddling map (photo: @capitalsup)

In brief: Dark horse Eri Tenorio claimed his first career title with victory at Maryland’s massive Bay Bridge Paddle on the weekend. The Brazilian-turned-Florida-local outclassed Paddle Monster coaching guru and ageless robot Larry Cain to claim the 3-star Paddle League Regional, while Annapolis local Fielding Pagel, known as something of a local dark horse himself, took third spot on the podium.

16-year-old Jack Ballard was fourth to continue his promising from following victory at the 1-star Pirate Paddle last month.

In the women’s nine-miler, East Coast #1 Seychelle was too strong for the assembled field, paddling clear of Kim Barnes and Stephanie Shideler to win by three and a half minutes and put in some solid preparation for her assault on Europe.

However the real story of the day was just how many paddlers hit the water, with over 400 paddlers across all divisions and distances. That number puts the Bay Bridge in rarefied territory and continues the movement of the mass-participation, grassroots events that provide the genuine fuel for our sport’s fire.

Full recap and video incoming; in the meantime, here are the full results.



1Eri Tenorio1:30:3518-4930.00
2Larry Cain1:33:3850+22.50
3Fielding Pagel1:34:2318-4918.00
4Jack Ballard1:35:10U1715.00
5Brandon van Elslander1:36:1618-4912.75
6Christopher Norman1:37:2618-4910.50
7Joe Ward1:38:0718-499.00
8Ken Bowman1:42:0918-497.50
9Eric Carter1:43:4618-496.75
10Daniel Rapp1:44:1418-496.00
11Ben Gareiss1:45:0018-495.40
12Kevin Julka1:45:2818-494.80
13Kevin Haigis1:51:2618-494.50
14Jim Calvert1:54:2718-494.20
15Scott Barbour1:56:4350+3.90
16Joseph Mcmaster1:57:2550+3.60
17Juan-Marcos Braga1:57:3618-493.30
18John Deriggi1:58:0118-493.00
19F M Lendor1:59:3018-492.70
20Josh Hill1:59:3218-492.40
21Nick Jimenez1:59:4018-492.25
22Ed Pierce2:01:2350+2.10
23Chris Sperry2:03:1218-491.95
24Frank Torres2:04:0250+1.80
25Jason Howell2:04:4618-491.65
26Robert Bowman2:06:0218-491.56
27Mike Clarke2:07:0018-491.47
28Dennis Poremski2:07:2718-491.38
29Scott Jorss2:10:2150+1.29
30Alex Young2:11:3350+1.20
31John Richardson2:13:4450+1.14
32Matt Nacy2:14:1850+1.08
33Thomas Werni2:15:1218-491.02
34Kevin Rawls2:15:3450+0.96
35Cody Iorns2:16:2018-490.90
36John Wheeler2:16:3750+0.84
37Mark Sanfacon2:17:2118-490.78
38Adam Mendizabal2:19:0718-490.72
39Randy Rair2:20:1318-490.66
40Chris Heisterkamp2:21:2918-490.60
41Andrew Mclean2:22:0118-490.57
42Peadar U'cuinn2:25:0650+0.54
43Brian Sailer2:26:0718-490.51
44Chris Morgan2:28:0150+0.48
45Charlie Martel2:33:0850+0.45
2Kimberly Barnes1:39:2518-4922.50
3Stephanie Shideler1:41:4818-4918.00
4Mary Howser1:49:2818-4915.00
5Claire Merry1:49:3818-4912.75
6Sarah Nelson1:52:3118-4910.50
7Brenda Norman2:03:0550+9.00
8Ellen Meyer2:05:0918-497.50
9Nicole Stimpson2:06:0618-496.75
10Erin Kundolf2:08:0118-496.00
11Christy Gray2:08:5618-495.40
12Lindsay Cook2:09:4418-494.80
13Teresa Plitt2:15:3350+4.50
14Julie Munaco2:19:3150+4.20
15Cindy Eisele2:25:2050+3.90
16Sara Rair2:26:1218-493.60
17Sarah Minard2:35:2118-493.30
18Mary Zarcone2:38:3550+3.00