June 20, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Warriors on the March: Tahitians Dominate the Lost Mills as Steeve Teihotaata and Sonni Honscheid Claim Victory

Lost Mills

Steeve hits the beach to claim victory in the 2017 Lost Mills race (photo via Facebook)

In brief: As if we needed any more of a reminder that Tahiti’s powerful paddling warriors are on the verge of dominating long distance SUP racing in the same way they’ve done for years in the outrigger world, just take a look at the Lost Mills results from the weekend where Tahiti claimed all four top spots courtesy of Steeve Teihotaata, Georges Cronsteadt, Enzo Bennett and Bruno Tauhiro.

Going a couple of spots better than they did in Carolina, where Georges was 3rd and Steeve finished 4th, Tahiti’s star duo were clearly too strong for everyone else in the field except for fellow Tahitian Enzo Bennett, better known as a sprinter but clearly someone who has some endurance potential after he hung onto the lead pack right to the line.


Georges and Steeve are national heroes back home in Tahiti, where first the former and then the latter domianted the world of “va’a” (Tahitian outrigger) canoe racing. They were joined in Tahiti by another legendary figure in Bruno Tauhiro, who led home the chase pack to make it a clean sweep of the top four for the Polynesians.

And keep in mind Tahiti was missing one of their other top paddlers in Rete Ebb, while there’s probably another two or three dozen paddlers back home that could have fought for the top 5 and top 10 spots.

While the Lost Mills lost a lot of its luster this year – the 6th annual ‘Battle of Bavaria’ was downgraded to a regional event with a 2-star rating after many of the internationals elected to do the EuroTour race in San Sebastian instead (the Lost Mills has always been the biggest race outside of the USA but clearly suffered from the odd decision to opt out of this year’s European summer tour) – it was still a mighty impressive effort from Team Tahiti, who controlled the men’s race from start to finish to dominate the field of German dark horses and regional stars.

In the women’s, Sonni defended her title and was joined on the podium by Mistral duo Lena Ribeiro from Brazil and Petronella van Malsen from the Netherlands.

Sonni’s big victory in the women’s distance race – she was almost 10 minutes clear of the field in the windy conditions – continues the German’s strong summer campaign where she’s been virtually untouchable. This run of good form puts Sonni in a great position in her quest for a fourth straight Molokai-2-Oahu title next month.

Finally, a new young name to watch is Christian Andersen (aka ‘Polar Bear’) from Denmark, who’s perhaps looking to follow in the footsteps of his famous compatriot Casper Steinfath after claiming a top 10 finish on the weekend–Christian will represent the host country at the ISA Worlds in September.

Full results from the weekend are below. More coverage on the official Lost Mills Facebook.


2017 Lost Mills – Men

Course: 19.3km
Race Index: 20%

1Steeve Teihotaata1:51:5320.00
2Enzo Bennett1:51:5415.00
3Georges Cronsteadt1:51:5512.00
4Bruno Tauhiro1:53:0110.00
5Steve Bredow1:53:498.50
6Arvis Iljins1:55:117.00
7Jost Zakrajsek1:55:146.00
8Christian Andersen1:56:125.00
9James van Drunen1:56:234.50
10Ricardo Haverschmidt1:56:284.00
11Peter Weidert1:56:313.60
12Thomas Rappich1:56:333.20
13Alain Luck1:56:373.00
14Branislav Sramek1:56:402.80
15Peter Bartl1:58:182.60
16Andi Saurer1:58:532.40
17Marko Milenkovic1:59:092.20
18Zoltan Erdelyi2:01:012.00
19Dirk Bickert2:01:141.80
20Valentin Iichmann2:02:531.60
21Arndt Dunziger2:03:311.50
22Michael Frosch2:06:531.40
23Patrik Hrdina2:07:181.30
24Michael Capizzi2:07:531.20
25Armin Zeitler2:09:231.10
26Jan Monch2:09:311.04
27Carsten Kurmis2:09:360.98
28Dick Worrmann2:11:050.92
29Andreas Bahn2:11:540.86
30Andreas Kammerer2:12:190.80
31Matej Smida2:12:300.76
32Torsten Ahrens2:12:520.72
33Alexander Gabler2:13:190.68
34Carsten Schuur2:13:370.64
35Thomas Kreisel2:14:010.60
36Kimo Kersting2:14:340.56
37Hemery Eperania2:15:130.52
38Morris Ebermayer2:15:150.48
39Gerd Weisner2:15:210.44
40Denis Kasper2:18:110.40
41Thomas Straubel2:18:490.38
42Bernd Appel2:19:270.36
43Thomas Maier2:19:360.34
44Sandro Ackermann2:21:010.32
45Stefan Prause2:22:580.30
46Jozsef Toth2:23:190.28
47Sebastian Graeber2:26:000.26
48Edgar Fischer2:26:440.24
49Giso Merkl2:28:100.22
50Frank Jakob2:28:590.20
51Michael Ederer2:32:290
52Mathias Vagt2:42:100
53Andrejs Dauksis2:48:320


2017 Lost Mills – Women

Course: 19.3km
Race Index: 20%

1Sonni Honscheid2:00:5420.00
2Lena Ribeiro2:09:0915.00
3Petronella van Malsen2:12:0612.00
4Sigrid Baumgartner2:20:5610.00
5Simone Beinsen2:22:328.50
6Marcela Iankova2:28:277.00
7Julia Schneider2:33:426.00
8Gabriele Kadner2:57:395.00
9Santa Rasa-Daukse3:07:034.50