May 27, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

EuroTour Week 4: Connor Too Good for Boothy and Titou; Sonni Holds on against Olivia Piana in Hossegor (Updated Full Results)


In brief: Connor Baxter has just won the Beach Race to make it a clean sweep of the weekend and claim the 2017 Hossegor Paddle Games overall title ahead of his key EuroTour rivals and fellow world-beaters Michael Booth and Titouan Puyo.

In small, fun waves that were perfect for racing, Boothy was second just ahead of an impressive Trevor Tunnington, while Titou was right behind in fourth. Leo Nika was fifth ahead of Aussie Toby Cracknell.

1st: Connor Baxter
2nd: Michael Booth
3rd: Titouan Puyo
4th: Trevor Tunnington
5th: Bruno Hasulyo

In the women’s, Frenchwoman Olivia Piana showed her true potential to take out the beach race ahead of yesterday’s winner Sonni Honscheid. But Olivia fell painfully short of the overall title, losing to Sonni by just 3 seconds on the tie-breaker time countback.

1st: Sonni Honscheid
2nd: Olivia Piana
3rd: Candice Appleby
4th: Seychelle Hattingh
5th: Amandine Chazot

Full results below the pics (more photos on the EuroTour Facebook page).

Footnote: A lot of peopled have been asking “Where was today’s live stream?!” Well, after the fun and festivities of the boat ride on Saturday, SUP Racer unfortunately spent most of Sunday in bed (it’s a minor miracle we could even do Saturday’s live stream). That’s what you get for overdosing on foie gras and rillettes at the Friday night race briefing (never again…).

Bu we’ll be back on board for next weekend’s big showdown in Thonon (the main event is at 12:30pm French time on Saturday). After Thonon, we’ll also be live streaming the following three events on the Tour: Bilbao, San Sebastian and Narbonne. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a long, hot summer of racing!

Hossegor Paddle Games - Connor Baxter

Hossegor Paddle Games - Olivia Piana

Hossegor Paddle Games (EuroTour)

Hossegor Paddle Games 2017

Hossegor Paddle Games France

Hossegor Paddle Games paddle boarding race



Men’s Elite – Overall Results

Race Index: 44.5%
Primary overall tie-breaker: highest individual result
Secondary overall tie-breaker: combined time

#AthleteDistanceBeach RaceOverallDivisionPoints
1Connor Baxter112Elite44.50
2Michael Booth325Elite33.38
3Titouan Puyo246Elite26.70
4Trevor Tunnington538Elite22.25
5Bruno Hasulyo4711Elite18.91
6Giorgio Gomez6915Elite15.58
7Toby Cracknell9615Elite13.35
8Leonard Nika14519Elite11.13
9Tom Auber81119Junior10.01
10Slater Trout71421Elite8.90
11Paolo Marconi111324Elite8.01
12Mo Freitas121224Elite7.12
13Arthur Arutkin19827Elite6.68
14Gabriel Bachelet131528Elite6.23
15Martino Rogai151833Elite5.79
16Itzel Delgado161935Elite5.34
17Davide Ionico181735Elite4.90
18Ludovic Teulade201636Elite4.45
19Boris Jinvresse102939Elite4.01
20Giordano Capparella172441Elite3.56
21Vinnicius Martins222244Elite3.34
22Vincent Verhoeven242347Elite3.12
23Dylan Frick312051Elite2.89
24Jeremy Teulade213051Elite2.67
25Jurgi Zulaika232851Elite2.45
26Matthieu Chauvel252752Elite2.31
27Alexandre Bicrel282553Junior2.18
28Aaron Rowe372158Elite2.05
29James van Drunen273158Junior1.91
30Lois Chardebas352661Junior1.78
31Martin Vitry*521062Junior1.69
32Pau Ybarra Palmer263763Elite1.60
33Peter Kosinski293665Elite1.51
34Yorgos Ferbus303565Elite1.42
35Rafael Sirvent Salazar343367Junior1.34
36Ricardo Haverschmidt393271Elite1.25
37Kjell de Bruyn334174Elite1.16
38Paul Ganse413475Elite1.07
39Enrique Hurtado Serra364076Junior0.98
40Chris Couve324779Elite0.89
41Aizpuru Oihan423880Junior0.85
42Jean Letourneur404383Junior0.80
43Steven Bredow384684Elite0.76
44Axel Vanbaelinghem463985Junior0.71
45Leonardo Toso434487Elite0.67
46Belar Diaz444589Elite0.62
47Aure Medina Amorrortu504292Elite0.58
48Manuel Simoncelli454893Elite0.53
49Richard Proost475097Elite0.49
50Dave Boehne484997Elite0.45
51Tomas Lelovits5151102Elite0.00

Note: Promising young Frenchman Martin Vitry was a DNF in the distance race and was therefore given last-place points


Women’s Elite – Overall Results

Race Index: 40.0%
Primary overall tie-breaker: highest individual result
Secondary overall tie-breaker: combined time

#AthleteDistanceBeach RaceOverallDivisionPoints
1Sonni Honscheid123Elite40.00
2Olivia Piana213Elite30.00
3Candice Appleby336Elite24.00
4Seychelle Hattingh549Elite20.00
5Amandine Chazot4610Elite17.00
6Melanie Lafenetre9514Junior14.00
7Susak Molinero6814Elite12.00
8Penelope Strickland7714Elite10.00
9Petronella van Malsen81119Elite9.00
10Cyara Palenzuela12921Junior8.00
11Genna Flinkman101323Elite7.20
12Ines Blatge131023Junior6.40
13Susanne Lier111223Elite6.00
14Beatrez Pinal Gonzalez141428Elite5.60
15Laura Quetglas*151530Elite5.20

Note: ISA bronze medalist Laura Quetglas unfortunately retired hurt in the distance race and didn’t recover to take part in the beach race




Déjà vu in week 4 of The Euro Tour, with the German powerhouse Sonni Hönscheid charging to victory on day 1 of the Hossegor Paddle Games ahead of her impressive Starboard team mate Olivia Piana and the fast-finishing duo of Candice Appleby and Amandine Chazot (⬅️ the new dark horse of Europe?). Just a little further back it was Seychelle Hattingh reeling in and overtaking the highly under-rated Susak Molinero in a tight battle for 6th.

In the men’s, Connor Baxter out-sprinted Titouan Puyo in an intense battle right to the line, which took place after more than 10km of hot and very humid paddling that resembled a mini Carolina Cup in terms of both conditions and the incredible depth of talent on the start line (~45% on the Race Index).

Michael Booth was right behind in 3rd followed closely by the determined duo of Bruno Hasulyo and Trevor Tunnington (who worked hard and closed the gap on the lead trio in the final 2kms). Infinity Speed Freaks Giorgio Gomez (6th) and Slater Trout (7th) are also looking fit and firing as we head back into the iconic waves of Hossegor for tomorrow’s decider: The Beach Race.

Merci beaucoup to the Hossegor Surf Club for not only hosting this event but getting us up close to the action despite some very tricky maritime navigation conditions!

Oh and it looks like we might have a nice little swell for tomorrow’s​ race, so tune in from 10am Sunday French time to watch the Facebook live stream with TotalSUP 🇫🇷🌊☀️

(You can watch a full replay of today’s live stream on SUP Racer’s Facebook page)

…and finally a huge thank you to camera wizard Georgia Schofield from Starboard Stand Up Paddle Surfing for always getting the shots!


Men’s Long Distance Results

1Connor Baxter0:58:35-
2Titouan Puyo0:58:42-
3Michael Booth0:58:54-
4Bruno Hasulyo0:58:55-
5Trevor Tunnington0:58:59-
6Giorgio Gomez1:00:42-
7Slater Trout1:01:17-
8Tom Auber1:01:17Juniors
9Toby Cracknell1:01:23-
10Boris Jinvresse1:01:24-
11Paolo Marconi1:01:33-
12Mo Freitas1:01:46-
13Gabriel Bachelet1:01:52-
14Leonard Nika1:02:27-
15Martino Rogai1:02:29-
16Itzel Delgado1:02:32-
17Giordano Caparella1:02:33-
18Davide Ionico1:02:35-
19Arthur Arutkin1:02:36-
20Ludovic Teulade1:02:39-
21Jeremy Teulade1:03:25-
22Vinnicius Martins1:03:33-
23Jurgi Zulaika1:03:35-
24Aure Medina Amorrortu1:03:35Grand Master
25Vincent Verhoeven1:03:36-
26Matthieu Chauvel1:03:42-
27Pau Ybarra Palmer1:03:46-
28James Van Drunen1:04:04Juniors
29Alexandre Bicrel1:04:13Juniors
30Peter Kosinski1:04:31-
31Yorgos Ferbus1:04:33-
32Yanis Maire1:04:39-
33Dylan Frick1:04:47-
34Chris Couve1:04:48-
35Rafael Sirvent Salazar1:04:55Juniors
36Enrique Hurtado Serra1:04:58Juniors
37Lois Chardebas1:04:58Juniors
38Aaron Rowe1:05:24-
39Steven Bredow1:05:33-
40Ricardo Haverschmidt1:05:37-
41Jean Letourneur1:05:47Juniors
42Paul Ganse1:05:54-
43Aizpuru Oihan1:06:08Juniors
44Leonardo Toso1:06:32-
45Jules Langlois1:06:33Cadets
46Tomas Sanchez Vecino1:06:38-
47Belar Diaz1:06:52Master
48Manuel Simoncelli Dominguez1:06:56Kahunas
49Axel Vanbaelinghem1:07:06Cadets
50Richard Proost1:07:36Grand Master
51David Boehne1:07:41Grand Master
52Lulu Langlois1:08:35Grand Kahunas
53Landa Txema1:08:38Grand Master
54Loris Minvielle1:08:54Master
55Aaron Sanchez Quetglas1:08:56Under 15
56Daniel Parres Puerto1:09:41Kahunas
57Sergi Nadal Gonzalez1:10:52Cadets
58Baptiste Nava1:10:54-
59Aritz Tena Bericiarta1:11:35-
60Tomas Lelovits1:12:34Master
61Manuel Hoyuela Rojas1:13:06Under 15
62Alain Teurquetil1:13:29Grand Kahunas
63Antuñano Unai1:14:03-
64Tim Rowe1:14:15Grand Kahunas
65Thomas Rossard1:14:38Grand Master
66Chris Bates1:15:52Grand Master
67Alexandre Agudo1:16:54-
68Pierre Guerre Berthelot1:17:44Kahunas
69Christian Emil Rode1:17:58Grand Master
70Antony Locteau1:18:54Grand Master
71Derek O Neill1:19:27Grand Kahunas
72Eizagirre Aitor1:20:50-
73Steve Trott1:22:22Kahunas
74Alvaro Hermida1:23:05Cadets
75Iñigo Gandara1:23:19Under 15
76Asier Aristizabal Cruz1:23:39Cadets
77Mathieu Sarda1:25:00-
78Luis Blazquez1:25:21Grand Kahunas
79Pablo Fernandez Quesada1:26:04Under 15
80Damien Guilhot1:27:33Master
81Matteo Angiolini1:35:04Under 15
82Mystery Paddler No. 1061:49:37-

Women’s Long Distance Results