January 21, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Martin Letourneur, Olivia Piana Win the ‘GlaGla Race’ as 345 Paddlers Descend on Beautiful Lake Annecy in the French Alps

GlaGla Race

Hundreds of paddlers line up for the start of the 2017 GlaGla Race

In brief: Martin Letourneur and Olivia Piana have taken out the 2017 GlaGla Race in the French Alps, with a massive 345 competitors descending upon a cold but sunny Lake Annecy in what was an amazing celebration of the sport.

After 13km of flat and sometimes foggy paddling, Martin edged out world number 13 Leo Nika by the narrowest of margins, winning a photo finish with an official margin of 0.6 seconds.

As the sun poked through to setup a beautiful afternoon, Olivia crossed the line 10 minutes later to make it a double victory for the host nation, with the Frenchwoman in a league of her own that saw her finish top 20 on the men’s leaderboard.

Promising French kayaker Matthieu Chauvel and unheralded Slovenian Jost Zakrajsek (who has a whitewater canoe background) were both very impressive in sticking with Martin and Leo all the way to the end, while Swiss-turned-Aussie Nico Schenk paddled strong to round out the top five.

After losing by mere centimetres in the morning, Leo had some revenge on Martin in the afternoon, with Starboard rider from Italy taking out the 5km ‘Beach Race’ event by a similar margin.

GlaGla Race

345 paddlers stretch across Lake Annecy in the French Alps

But the real story of the event was the sheer number of participants who braved the below-freezing temperatures for the first big race of the year. The air temp was -4 when the distance race started, while the water temp would have been hovering around +4 or +5. Most of us couldn’t feel our toes, but everyone I spoke to said it was an amazing race to be part of.

Watching 345 paddlers charge off the start line must have been an incredible sight — stay tuned for some awesome drone footage on SUP Racer’s Facebook and Instagram later tonight and tomorrow.

This is the kind of race that reminds you why our sport is so much fun.

Huge thanks to Benoit from the Alpine Lakes Tour for creating this crazy but amazing race in an epic location. It was an absolutely freezing day on the water, but I’m already looking forward to next year’s event.

Thanks also to Red Paddle Co for hooking me up with an elite inflatable to race on (I’ll have a review of their new 2017 boards later this week). Speaking of Red, we also got to witness the epic ‘Red Dragon’ four-person inflatable race–keep an eye out for some awesome drone footage of that one as well.

Check back after the weekend for a full recap of the race, full results full results below, photo gallery and more video of this amazing race. In the meantime, follow SUP Racer on Facebook and Insta for more insights.

UPDATE: Here’s the epic drone footage // scroll down for full results

[notdevice][fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/supracerr/videos/1236182163132499/” width=”645″ height=”363″ onlyvideo=”1″][/notdevice][device][fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/supracerr/videos/1236182163132499/” width=”322″ height=”181″ onlyvideo=”1″][/device]






2017 GlaGla Race

#M/FM/F #NameTimeBoardNation
1M1Martin Letourneur1:21:5714' carbonFRA
2M2Leonard Nika1:21:5814' carbonITA
3M3Matthieu Chauvel1:22:0614' carbonFRA
4M4Jost Zakrajšek1:22:1114' carbonSLO
5M5Nico Schenk1:23:2514' carbonSUI
6M6Yanis Maire1:26:1112'6 carbonFRA
7M7Philippe Lachenal1:26:1514' carbonFRA
8M8Nick Crettenand1:26:2014' carbonSUI
9M9Pierre Adrien1:26:2514' carbonFRA
10M10Samuel Carbillet1:26:3814' carbonFRA
11M11Tom Constant1:27:2414' carbonFRA
12M12Sebastien Le Meaux1:27:43unlimitedFRA
13M13Leandro Cruz1:29:5112'6 carbonFRA
14M14Ugo Clay1:29:5312'6 carbonFRA
15M15Vincent Verhoeven1:30:0114' inflatableFRA
16M16Matthieu Thiolet1:30:0212'6 carbonFRA
17M17Pampinella Tommaso1:30:2214' carbonITA
18F1Olivia Piana1:31:1614' carbonFRA
19M18Vincent Jouhanneaud1:31:2212'6 carbonFRA
20M19Michael Frosch1:31:2314' carbonAUT
21M20Wolfgang Ortfried Leeb1:31:3014' carbonALL
22M21Alain Teurquetil1:31:3114' carbonFRA
23M22Jean-christophe Dillon1:32:0112'6 carbonFRA
24M23Nicolas Lebeau1:32:0514' carbonFRA
25M24Yann Redouin1:32:5814' carbonFRA
26M25Wolfgang Guetg1:33:0612'6 inflatableSUI
27M26Laurent Chenivesse1:33:07unlimitedFRA
28M27Pierre Guerre Berthelot1:33:1514' carbonFRA
29M28Benoit Fernet1:33:1914' carbonFRA
30M29Didier Varon1:33:5014' carbonFRA
31M30Stephane Danfreville1:34:0514' carbonFRA
32M31Vincent Claeskens1:34:5614' carbonBEL
33M32Alain Morotti1:35:0312'6 carbonFRA
34M33Stive Lener1:35:0412'6 carbonFRA
35M34Serge Senalada1:35:5114' carbonSUI
36M35Thierry Martinet1:36:0214' carbonFRA
37M36William Brasseur1:36:0312'6 inflatableFRA
38M37Antoine Ribault1:36:1412'6 carbonFRA
39F2Melanie Lafenetre1:36:3712'6 carbonFRA
40M38Ghislain Romé1:37:1512'6 carbonFRA
41F3Marie-elphege Julienne1:37:1612'6 carbonFRA
42M39Olivier Comazzi1:37:2114' carbonFRA
43F4Ines Blatge1:37:5312'6 carbonFRA
44M40Alexandre Laguian1:38:0514' carbonSUI
45M41Stephane Guillermin1:38:2512'6 carbonSUI
46M42Alexandre Wack1:38:2712'6 carbonFRA
47M43Gilles Mathieu1:38:3412'6 inflatableFRA
48M44Patrick Lamarre1:38:4114' carbonFRA
49M45Antoine Badin1:38:4812'6 carbonFRA
50M46Sebastien Tripognez1:38:5612'6 carbonFRA
51M47Stephane Koch1:39:1814' carbonSUI
52M48Eric Devaux1:39:2612'6 carbonFRA
53M49Alexandre Agudo1:40:1112'6 carbonFRA
54M50Frederic Pree1:40:1614' carbonFRA
55F5Sigrid Baumgartner1:40:1914' carbonSUI
56M51Christian Moutsakos1:40:2514' carbonAUT
57M52Christopher Parker1:40:2712'6 inflatableAUS
58M53Jeremy Laugerat1:40:3412'6 inflatableFRA
59M54Alexandre Dallant1:40:3514' carbonFRA
60M55Didier Scovron1:41:0214' carbonFRA
61F6Edith Teulade1:41:0614' carbonFRA
62M56Herve Lalanne1:41:3314' carbonFRA
63M57Arnaud Pronost1:41:4014' carbonFRA
64M58Stephane Bentoumi1:41:4712'6 carbonFRA
65M59Serge Paulin1:42:1012'6 carbonFRA
66M60Marc Degraef1:42:1712'6 carbonFRA
67M61Stephane Hocquinghem1:42:2714' inflatableFRA
68M62Gilles Lelievre1:42:3612'6 carbonFRA
69M63Kevin Kohn1:42:3712'6 inflatableSUI
70F7Lidvina Champendal1:42:5612'6 carbonSUI
71M64Yvan Tacher1:42:5712'6 inflatableFRA
72M65Mickaël Dumont1:43:1412'6 carbonFRA
73M66Laurent Barberet1:43:2312'6 carbonFRA
74M67Titouan Ropiot1:43:2714' carbonFRA
75M68Mathieu Ackermann1:43:3314' carbonFRA
76M69Philippe Ropiot1:43:5612'6 carbonFRA
77M70Loic Gourmelen1:43:5712'6 inflatableFRA
78M71Lionel Geldreich1:44:2112'6 carbonFRA
79M72Benoit Lelievre1:44:2312'6 inflatableFRA
80M73Jerome Vasquez1:44:3014' carbonFRA
81M74Thomas Coussot1:44:4912'6 carbonFRA
82M75Eric De Maulde1:44:5012'6 inflatableFRA
83M76David Vandenbossche1:44:5712'6 carbonFRA
84M77Patrice Remoiville1:44:57unlimitedFRA
85M78Lionel Lacaze1:44:5814' carbonFRA
86F8Emmanuelle Marcon1:45:2514' carbonFRA
87M79Matthieu Conus1:45:2712'6 carbonSUI
88M80#231 Paddler1:45:28-FRA
89M81Hicham Elhonsali1:45:3012'6 inflatableFRA
90M82Wayne Druian1:45:4514' inflatableAFR
91F9Tanja Ecker1:45:5514' inflatableALL
92F10Shara Dubeau1:45:5614' inflatableFRA
93M83Olivier Drut1:46:22unlimitedFRA
94M84Damien Maire1:46:2812'6 carbonFRA
95M85Thibaut Gallice1:46:3212'6 carbonFRA
96F11Estelle Combet1:46:4014' carbonFRA
97M86Jean-yves Cann1:47:1912'6 carbonFRA
98F12Emilie Vaslet1:47:3014' carbonFRA
99F13Audrey Ammon1:47:4912'6 carbonFRA
100M87Christian Hermouet1:47:56unlimitedFRA
101M88Jean marc Frequelin1:48:0612'6 carbonFRA
102M89Philippe Aerts1:48:1814' carbonFRA
103F14Anne Ly1:48:2012'6 carbonFRA
104M90Uli Schmohl1:48:3314' carbonSUI
105F15Camille Houron1:48:3812'6 carbonFRA
106M91Nicolas Fortin1:48:5114' carbonFRA
107M92Lionel Faverolles1:49:1612'6 carbonFRA
108F16Morgane Dody1:49:1814' carbonSUI
109M93David Ferrand1:49:3212'6 inflatableFRA
110F17Cecile Jan1:50:0012'6 carbonFRA
111M94Hammiche Madjid1:50:0312'6 carbonFRA
112M95Emmanuel Bouchel1:50:3512'6 carbonFRA
113M96Pierrick Wattecamps1:50:3812'6 inflatableFRA
114M97Daniel Ferri1:50:4412'6 inflatableFRA
115M98Bertrand Priouzeau1:50:5912'6 inflatableFRA
116M99Yoann Le Ven1:51:0212'6 inflatableFRA
117M100Frederic Baralon1:51:2712'6 inflatableFRA
118F18Julie Tocqueville1:51:3712'6 carbonFRA
119M101Alain Condon1:51:4312'6 carbonFRA
120M102Mathieu Cottave1:52:5012'6 carbonFRA
121F19Isabelle Kondolff1:53:0312'6 carbonFRA
122M103Etienne Pree1:53:1714' carbonFRA
123M104Quentin Guerre Berthelot1:53:3114' carbonFRA
124M105Fred Pierreuse1:53:4712'6 inflatableFRA
125F20Ingrid Ulrich1:54:1914' inflatableFRA
126M106Adrien Bellenger1:54:2114' inflatableFRA
127M107Paul ulrich Pollanka1:54:3614' carbonAUT
128M108Mehdi Ouadhi1:55:2812'6 inflatableALG
129M109Jean-baptiste Melchio1:55:5312'6 carbonFRA
130M110Philippe Merle1:56:1212'6 carbonFRA
131M111Guillaume Ferment1:56:2914' inflatableFRA
132M112Franck Rutyna1:56:3714' carbonFRA
133M113Olivier Bardo1:57:3212'6 inflatableFRA
134F21Carole Aerts1:58:1212'6 carbonFRA
135M114Sebastien Bonnet1:58:5912'6 inflatableFRA
136M115Alexandre Musso1:59:3412'6 inflatableFRA
137F22Sophie Le Ven1:59:5612'6 inflatableFRA
138F23Aude Spindler1:59:5712'6 carbonFRA
139M116Franck Brasseur2:00:0112'6 carbonFRA
140F24Lylou Haettel2:00:4512'6 carbonFRA
141F25Eleonore Roux De Lusignan2:01:2312'6 carbonFRA
142M117Mike Philippy2:01:4412'6 carbonSUI
143M118Robert Bunet2:03:0912'6 inflatableFRA
144F26Helen Percival2:03:1412'6 inflatableUK
145F27Melodie Kolan2:03:1912'6 inflatableFRA
146F28Sandra Trouvé2:04:1712'6 carbonFRA
147M119Vinzio Thierry2:04:3114' carbonSUI
148M120Damien Haettel2:04:4612'6 carbonFRA
149M121Christophe Briere2:05:0512'6 inflatableFRA
150M122Denis De Anna2:05:3612'6 inflatableFRA
151M123Frederic Le Diabat2:08:2612'6 carbonFRA
152M124Xavier Joly2:08:5412'6 inflatableFRA
153F29Stephanie Guéneuguès2:09:2812'6 inflatableFRA
154F30Anaïs Quelen2:09:2912'6 inflatableFRA
155F31Carine Colombani2:09:5414' inflatableFRA
156M125Damien Ustache2:10:0012'6 inflatableFRA
157M126Gregory Maury2:10:2312'6 inflatableFRA
158F32Nathalie Guigné2:10:2612'6 inflatableFRA
159F33Vanessa Boulou2:13:2112'6 inflatableFRA
160M127Guillaume Pain2:14:4312'6 inflatableFRA
161M128Fabien Brusson2:16:0312'6 inflatableFRA
162M129Olivier Copin2:21:5112'6 inflatableFRA
163F34Laetitia Lambert2:27:42TandemFRA
164F35Pascale Tessier2:28:3312'6 inflatableFRA
165F36Anita Anton2:28:3412'6 inflatableFRA
166F37Juliette Bouvier2:31:3012'6 carbonFRA
167F38Emeline Barat2:35:3912'6 inflatableFRA


2017 GlaGla Race – 5km results

coming soon


2017 GlaGla Beach Race

1MLeonard Nika0:30:52
2MMartin Letourneur0:30:54
3MMatthieu Chauvel0:30:56
4MNico Schenk0:31:39
5MYanis Maire0:32:21
6MSamuel Carbillet0:33:00
7MPhilippe Lachenal0:33:04
8MLeandro Cruz0:33:09
9MNick Crettenand0:33:15
10MMatthieu Thiolet0:33:17
11MVincent Jouhanneaud0:33:43
12MYoann Le Ven0:33:59
13MLaurent Guyout0:34:03
14MPierre Adrien0:34:11
15MUgo Clay0:34:17
16MAntoine Ribault0:34:57
17MStive Lener0:35:07
18MWolfgang Guetg0:35:31
19MAlain Morotti0:36:07
20FMelanie Lafenetre0:36:27
21FInes Blatge0:36:35
22MOlivier Comazzi0:36:40
23MVincent Wouters0:36:46
24MPierre Guerre Berthelot0:36:54
25MJeremy Laugerat0:36:58
26M#176 ?Dossard0:37:03
27MGhislain Romé0:37:06
28MThierry Martinet0:37:12
29MLaurent Chenivesse0:37:17
30MMathieu Ackermann0:37:21
31FMarie-elphege Julienne0:37:26
32MDidier Scovron0:37:42
33MSerge Paulin0:37:49
34MDidier Varon0:38:01
35MAntoine Badin0:38:11
36MAlexandre Wack0:38:17
37MLoic Gourmelen0:38:21
38MDavid Vandenbossche0:38:41
39MLionel Geldreich0:39:04
40MJean-pierre Billant0:39:10
41FSigrid Baumgartner0:39:11
42MJerome Vasquez0:39:14
43FLidvina Champendal0:39:19
44FBarbara Grollimund0:39:29
45MMabel Eugster0:39:36
46MEric De Maulde0:39:37
47MJean-yves Cann0:40:03
48MVincent Marti0:40:13
49FEmmanuelle Marcon0:40:47
50FCecile Jan0:41:05
51FSandrine Genet0:41:11
52MPierrick Wattecamps0:41:36
53MJean Gaudin0:41:50
54MJerome Dujardin0:42:09
55MFred Pierreuse0:42:34
56FSegolene Delattre0:42:47
57MBryan Bachelard0:42:54
58FShara Dubeau0:43:10
59MGuillaume Ferment0:43:15
60MGregory Gonzalez-Reffe0:43:49
61MAlexandre Musso0:43:54
62MThibaut Zwolinski0:44:32
63MAdrien Chereau0:46:59
64FLaetitia Lambert0:48:31