May 3, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

350 Paddlers Conquered the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on the Weekend (and Reminded Us Why This Sport Is So Great)

More than 300 paddlers of all levels took part in the 2nd Annual Bay Bridge Paddle on Saturday, cementing this regional event as a bucket list race and reminding us exactly why our sport is so great to begin with.

“Bay Bridge” refers to the mighty Chesapeake Bay Bridge, a dual-span formation that stretches more than 4 miles (close to 7kms) across the largest estuary in the United States. To say the it’s an imposing structure would be an understatement.

With the unique opportunity to paddle between the two giant spans that dissect this massive waterway, the Bay Bridge Paddle has quickly become a must-do event, drawing in paddlers from all over the East Coast and even a few from around the world.

The prize purse is small, the fuss is minimal and the hype is non-existent, but judging by the sheer number of paddlers on the water and smiles at the finish line, the Bay Bridge Paddle is making an impact on our sport far greater in size than its humble gravity would suggest.

I was lucky enough to spend the past week in Maryland with crew from Capital SUP and be part of this year’s race, and everything I saw about the event impressed me. From the level of organisational detail on land to the raw challenge on the water to the all-round stoke and positive vibes, the Bay Bridge Paddle gets high marks on virtually every criteria.

And although organisers were forced into a last minute course change after an overnight storm whipped up a few too many bumps in the far reaches of the Bay, we still got to paddle beneath the main span of the bridge (through washing machine-like conditions, no less) and marvel at this feat of modern engineering.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Stock photo of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (it was definitely *not* this calm on race day) credit: Wikimedia Commons

The course change ended up being a blessing in disguise though, with the 9-mile race turning into a giant, three-lap triangle course that provided plenty of room for strategy and more than a few chances to milk the leftover bumps and pull away from the trains.

After a flying start off the beach, the pace soon settled down as visiting international Kelly Margetts – fresh off a 7th-place finish at Carolina and on the last leg of his month-long ‘Sunova Tour‘ – took control up front along with defending champ and three-time Olympian Tommy Buday Jr. from Canada.

The elite race would stay that way until the end, with the Aussie showing his class and pulling clear to win by nearly three minutes. Tommy had to settle for the second step on the podium this year, though he was still well clear of the peleton and showed once again why crossover athletes are so dangerous in our sport.

Coming home third was the under rated Ron Gossard from Ocean City, who snagged the golden buoy money shot ahead of Kelly (and yours truly) before paddling through for a strong podium finish.

Outside the podium was the official new local dark horse Fielding Pagel (pictured below), who did the sizable Capital SUP contingent proud with his 4th-place finish just ahead of fellow NSP rider and Boston’s most famous paddling export, Jeramie Vaine.

In the women’s race it was all April Zilg, with the Wrightsville Beach local – an unsung hero of this year’s Carolina Cup – paddling strong once again to finish in a time of 2 hours 6 minutes, just 13 minutes off the pace of Kelly and almost good enough to be top 10 in the men’s field.

Hometown heroes Mary Howser and Lindsay Cook finished 2-3 in a double podium result for the Capital SUP team.

My own race was highlighted by a distinct lack of race training in recent months, however I was kept in a semi-respectable position on the results sheet thanks to my board: The 14ft Ocean Faast Pro model from Sunova, which was picking up barely-visible bumps and milking them dry to keep me ahead of some paddlers that I had no right beating.

Once again the ‘dugout’ style board, which Brian Szymanski pioneered way back in 2008, is proving to be the design of choice in uneven conditions. In addition to Sunova, the dugout models from ONE, NSP and Starboard also performed well.


I would later discover the advertised 9 miles had ballooned out to 11.5 (18.5 kms), which made me feel slightly better about feeling so exhausted on the last lap. It also happened to be a beautiful, sunny, 32-degree (89°F) day in Maryland on Saturday, which made for a ridiculously draining but also quite rewarding morning on the water.

Despite being unable to lift my arms above my shoulders on Sunday, this race was actually a lot of fun. There were just enough bumps on offer to keep it interesting, not to mention the incredible experience of paddling beneath the Bay Bridge itself. But most of all it was just a great, positive event to be in the middle of.

Not surprisingly, the real story came outside of the elite race, where only 50 of the approximately 260 stand up paddlers were actually racing (there was also another 80 odd kayak, surf ski and outrigger paddlers in the event).

The biggest field by far was in the 5K Open Race where over 150 paddlers raced around a 3 mile loop. That included 15-year-old local lad Jack Ballard, below, who absolutely blitzed the field to win by a wide margin and give us a glimpse of the potential future paddling talent in this part of the world.

Bay Bridge Paddle - Jack Ballard

15-year-old Jack Ballard en route to victory in the Bay Bridge 5K race (photo: Shannon Ballard)

Everyone that crossed the line was made to feel like a champion – we literally all got a medal as we finished – but the biggest cheer of the day was reserved for masters competitor Cindy Eisele, who completed the 18k race in a grueling time of 3 hours 27 minutes, and in doing so highlighted that our sport is just as much about the weekend warriors as it is the pros.

So a big thank you to race director Shendon Grove and his team for pulling off a great event, as well as to every paddler and supporter that helped make it such a fun day at the beach.

(Organising this race was no small feat: it involved, among other things, gaining permission to shut down one of the busiest shipping lanes on the East Coast.)

Though my biggest thank you goes to the team from Capital SUP for looking after us all week and showing us such a good time in Maryland.

Capital SUP is a ‘part-business, part-lifestyle’ group that have built up one of the most impressive paddling operations I’ve ever seen. Sure, there are squads in California and Australia with more top guns, but for sheer stoke, enthusiasm and getting new paddlers on the water this crew is hard to match.

The fact that Capital SUP has built their entourage in Annapolis, Maryland – not exactly the first place that springs to mind when you think of paddling – makes it even more impressive.

We made camp for the week in the ‘Paddle Palace’ right on the water above Capital SUP’s original paddle board rental location (they’ll soon open their fourth location), where we discovered what really makes this crew so successful, and what other paddling communities/businesses/events should take note of: These guys and girls knows how to have as much fun off the water as they do on it, as evidenced by our post-race bar crawl through downtown Annapolis on Saturday night that ended in a festive display of what can only be described as “Riding The Panda” by race winner Kelly Margetts.

Fun times in Maryland for sure.

Capital SUP

Always a good time with the Capital SUP crew (photo: Shannon Ballard)













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Results shortcut: 5K Open Race | 1.5K Rec Race | 18K Elite Women | 18K Elite Men | 18K Ski/Kayak/OC


5K Open Race

1Jack Ballard0:34:13Guy SUP 12'6" U171/3
2Justin Markel0:37:55Guy SUP 12'6" 18-491/13
3Tyler Grove0:38:13Guy SUP 12'6" U172/3
4F M Lendor0:38:27Guy SUP 14' 18-491/11
5Max Singer0:38:37Guy SUP 14' 18-492/11
6Chris Morgan0:38:47Guy SUP 14' 50+1/5
7Mike Higgins0:39:08Guy SUP 12'6" 50+1/10
8Scotty Scott0:39:32Guy SUP 12'6" 18-492/13
9Nicholas Barrish0:39:45Guy SUP 14' U171/1
10Colin Gload0:39:53Guy SUP 12'6" 18-493/13
11Sarah Nelson0:40:13Girl SUP 12'6" 18-491/37
12Courtney Clarke0:40:20Girl SUP 12'6" 18-492/37
13Kate Grove0:40:29Girl SUP 12'6" 18-493/37
14Brad Hill0:40:32Guy SUP 14' 50+2/5
15Patrick Mona0:41:00Guy SUP 14' 18-493/11
16Mark Sanfacon0:41:33Guy SUP 12'6" 18-494/13
17Julie Borsetti0:41:44Girl SUP 12'6" 18-494/37
18Jill Krawczewicz0:41:52Girl SUP 14' 18-491/6
19Teresa Plitt0:41:55Girl SUP 12'6" 18-495/37
20Luis Dall0:42:17Guy SUP Surfboard 18-491/14
21Dave Wacht0:42:25Guy SUP Surfboard 18-492/14
22Jeanna Bunting0:42:52Girl SUP 12'6" 18-496/37
23Crispin Blamphin0:43:08Guy SUP 12'6" U173/3
24Berkeley Jeffress0:43:11Guy Sea Kayak 18-491/3
25Lindsey Bauer0:43:16Girl SUP 14' 18-492/6
26Travis Loop0:43:36Guy SUP 12'6" 18-495/13
27Jessica Morgan0:43:40Girl SUP 12'6" 18-497/37
28Tommy Luc0:43:47Guy SUP 12'6" 50+2/10
29Rich Price0:44:02Guy SUP 14' 18-494/11
30Kenna Oseroff0:44:07Girl SUP 12'6" 18-498/37
31Mackenzie Rawls0:44:13Girl SUP 12'6" 18-499/37
32Jacqueline Oliver0:44:16Girl SUP 14' 18-493/6
33Todd Bruner0:44:22Guy SUP 14' 18-495/11
34Jd Baudean0:44:24Guy SUP 14' 18-496/11
35Zachary Feltz0:44:33Guy Sea Kayak 18-492/3
36Aisha Gomez0:44:42Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4910/37
37Julie Coyle0:44:42Girl SUP 12'6" 50+1/13
38Mike Clarke0:45:00Guy SUP Surfboard 18-493/14
39Ben Pierce0:45:05Guy SUP 12'6" 18-496/13
40Caroline Karditzas0:45:38Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4911/37
41Drew Aromando0:46:18Guy SUP 14' 18-497/11
42William Barrish0:46:25Guy SUP Surfboard 18-494/14
43Andrea Palmisano0:46:33Girl Sea Kayak 18-491/4
44William Karditzas0:46:37Guy SUP 12'6" 18-497/13
45Andrea Heinlein0:46:38Girl SUP 14' 18-494/6
46Joseph Feltz0:47:03Guy Sea Kayak 50+1/1
47Catherine Ebersberger, Nadine Taylor0:47:08Girl Sea Kayak Double 50+1/1
48Nadine Taylor0:47:12Girl Sea Kayak 50+1/5
49Colleen Gresham0:47:13Girl Sea Kayak 50+2/5
50Sarah Minard0:47:32Girl SUP 14' 18-495/6
51Rebecca Levitz0:47:37Girl Sea Kayak 50+3/5
52Tony Chapman0:47:54Guy SUP 14' 50+3/5
53Marcus Collier0:48:02Guy SUP 12'6" 50+3/10
54Dana Gregory0:48:07Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4912/37
55Doug Henry0:48:11Guy SUP 12'6" 18-498/13
56Pam Bader0:48:14Girl SUP 12'6" 50+2/13
57Chris Warner0:48:21Guy SUP Surfboard 18-495/14
58Cristian Munoz0:48:27Guy SUP Surfboard 18-496/14
58Scott Cooper0:48:27Guy SUP 14' 50+4/5
60Michael Stewart0:48:28Guy SUP 12'6" 18-499/13
61Julie Santoboni0:48:48Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4913/37
62Marissa Walch0:48:53Girl SUP Surfboard 18-491/15
63Brian Lounsberry0:48:55Guy SUP 14' 18-498/11
64Reid Mclaughlin0:48:59Guy SUP Surfboard 18-497/14
65Macky Stafford0:49:14Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4914/37
66Patrick Williams0:49:30Guy SUP 14' 18-499/11
67Justin Mcclimans0:49:53Guy SUP 12'6" 18-4910/13
68Matthew Treuth0:50:14Guy SUP 12'6" 50+4/10
69Alexander Soulas0:50:19Guy SUP 14' 18-4910/11
70Krista Chapman0:50:26Girl SUP 14' 18-496/6
71Hannah Richardson0:50:42Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4915/37
72Johanna White0:50:43Girl Sea Kayak 50+4/5
73Kenneth Menzies0:50:48Guy SUP 12'6" 50+5/10
74Charles Lategano0:51:06Guy SUP Surfboard 50+1/5
75Jaime Davis0:51:27Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4916/37
76Kyle Borsare0:51:58Girl SUP 12'6" 50+3/13
77Phil Park0:52:11Guy SUP 12'6" 50+6/10
78David Black0:52:24Guy SUP Surfboard 18-498/14
79Erica Baker0:52:44Girl SUP Surfboard 18-492/15
80Olivia Wright0:52:48Girl SUP 12'6" U171/3
81Pete Wright0:52:48Guy SUP Surfboard 18-499/14
82Lindsey Alexander0:53:02Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4917/37
83Nate Tower0:53:21Guy SUP 14' 50+5/5
84Suanne Burgos0:53:25Girl Sea Kayak 50+5/5
85Amanda Carletti0:53:35Girl SUP Surfboard 18-493/15
86Maggie Grove0:53:37Girl SUP 12'6" U172/3
87Eileen Kurtz0:54:28Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4918/37
88Lauren Grove0:54:34Girl SUP 12'6" U173/3
89Brandt Green0:55:03Guy SUP 14' 18-4911/11
90Alex Young0:55:04Guy SUP 12'6" 50+7/10
91Shelley Hillyer0:55:07Girl SUP 12'6" 50+4/13
92Colin Wilkinson0:55:29Guy SUP 12'6" 18-4911/13
93Laury Parramore0:55:52Girl SUP 12'6" 50+5/13
94Keli Hiester0:56:04Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4919/37
95Jennifer Mcgee0:56:29Girl Sea Kayak 18-492/4
96Jennifer Cherrey0:56:35Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4920/37
97Rebecca Trapp0:56:58Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4921/37
98Kelsa Mclaughlin0:57:00Girl SUP Surfboard 18-494/15
99Kara Curl0:57:04Girl SUP Surfboard 18-495/15
100Laura Burton0:57:08Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4922/37
101Angie Didier0:57:20Girl SUP Surfboard 18-496/15
102Justin Hoover0:57:36Mixed SUP 12'6" 18-491/1
103Mary Beth Green0:57:47Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4923/37
104Rachael Minnich0:57:47Girl SUP Surfboard 18-497/15
105Rick Miller0:58:04Guy SUP 12'6" 50+8/10
106Andrew Novak0:58:05Guy SUP Surfboard 18-4910/14
107David Strang0:58:06Guy SUP Surfboard 50+2/5
108Greg Smith0:58:10Guy SUP Surfboard 18-4911/14
109Charles Suggs0:58:27Guy Sea Kayak 18-493/3
110Brittany Fong0:58:29Girl Sea Kayak 18-493/4
111Kimberly Ayers0:58:51Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4924/37
112Jennifer Finter0:59:01Girl SUP Surfboard 18-498/15
113Leah Burman0:59:07Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4925/37
114Jack Heisler0:59:16Guy SUP Surfboard 50+3/5
115Jeff Sanfacon0:59:18Guy SUP 12'6" 18-4912/13
116Mike Petrella0:59:27Guy SUP Surfboard 18-4912/14
117Liddy Marquez0:59:45Girl SUP Surfboard 50+1/4
118Rebecca Clemson0:59:59Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4926/37
119Coral French1:00:11Girl SUP 12'6" 50+6/13
120Rick Behringer1:00:15Guy SUP 12'6" 50+9/10
121Angela Kinsella1:00:18Girl SUP 12'6" 50+7/13
122Carole Miller1:00:57Girl SUP 12'6" 50+8/13
123Jennifer Parks1:01:02Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4927/37
124Laurie Bond1:01:26Girl SUP Surfboard 18-499/15
125Ginna Quinn1:02:01Girl SUP 12'6" 50+9/13
126Edward Bessman1:02:06Guy SUP Surfboard 50+4/5
127Jenn Williams1:02:57Girl SUP Surfboard 18-4910/15
128Tracy St Germain1:02:57Girl SUP 12'6" 50+10/13
129Stacey Davis1:03:16Girl SUP Surfboard 18-4911/15
130Nancy Roth1:03:20Girl SUP 12'6" 50+11/13
131Stephen Hazzard1:04:02Guy SUP 12'6" 50+10/10
132Brianne Baudean1:04:05Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4928/37
133William Pyne1:06:05Guy SUP 12'6" 18-4913/13
134Halley Smith1:07:55Girl SUP Surfboard 18-4912/15
135Logan Hays1:07:56Guy Sea Kayak U171/1
136Katy Bylen1:09:23Girl Sea Kayak 18-494/4
137Kathleen Loughran1:10:34Girl SUP Surfboard 50+2/4
138Tammy Callender1:10:59Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4929/37
139Laura Treuth1:11:22Girl SUP 12'6" 50+12/13
140Anna Leventis1:11:30Girl SUP Surfboard 50+3/4
141Jennifer Watson1:11:57Girl SUP Surfboard 18-4913/15
142Brian Wu1:12:06Guy SUP Surfboard 18-4913/14
143Melinda Brennan1:12:13Girl SUP Surfboard 18-4914/15
144Evan Hays1:13:02Guy SUP Surfboard 18-4914/14
145Margaret Hall1:14:24Girl SUP 12'6" 50+13/13
146Wendy Hoitt1:14:50Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4930/37
147Joanna Steele1:14:55Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4931/37
148Beth Hancock1:15:07Girl SUP Surfboard 18-4915/15
149Christy Sporidis1:15:12Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4932/37
150Jill Camm1:16:53Girl SUP Surfboard 50+4/4
151Gerard Hopkins1:17:12Guy SUP Surfboard 50+5/5
152Katie Bacon1:17:41Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4933/37
153Sarah Verge1:19:24Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4934/37
154Kristen Kapi1:19:27Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4935/37
155Shari King1:28:32Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4936/37
156Catherine Gustafson1:33:54Girl SUP 12'6" 18-4937/37



1.5K Rec Race

1Shawn Mcdowell0:14:12Guy SUP 12'6"1/3
2Steven Ripkin0:15:52Guy SUP Surfboard1/4
3Richard Burke0:16:08Guy SUP Surfboard2/4
4Christine Cots0:16:20Girl SUP Surfboard1/24
5Emily Cook0:16:26Girl SUP Surfboard2/24
5Brian Leimkuhler0:16:26Guy SUP 12'6"2/3
7Tabitha Ripkin0:16:53Girl SUP Surfboard3/24
8Mike Drucis0:17:14Guy SUP 12'6"3/3
9Sokeng Leng0:17:35Girl SUP 12'6"1/10
10Julia Calvert0:17:45Girl SUP Surfboard4/24
11Brian Guth, Susan Guth0:18:02Guy Sea Kayak Double1/1
12Kathy Jones0:18:33Girl SUP Surfboard5/24
13Jennifer Carlson0:18:39Girl SUP Surfboard6/24
14Jess Mastriana0:18:48Girl SUP Surfboard7/24
15Jean Hogan0:18:52Girl SUP 12'6"2/10
16Connie Groah0:19:03Girl SUP 12'6"3/10
17Amy Whitmore0:20:29Girl SUP Surfboard8/24
18Michele Roush0:20:55Girl SUP Surfboard9/24
19Kelly Blackburn0:21:28Girl SUP 12'6"4/10
20Kimberly Adams0:21:35Girl SUP Surfboard10/24
21Sigrun Kalatschn0:21:48Girl SUP 12'6"5/10
22Jack Baudean, Nancy Baudean0:22:04Mixed Sea Kayak Double1/1
23Amanda Gilley0:22:14Girl SUP 14'1/4
24Tyler Hughes0:22:18Guy SUP Surfboard3/4
25Catherine Reichert0:22:29Girl Sea Kayak1/5
26Rebecca Matchett0:23:00Girl SUP 14'2/4
27Jennifer Reichert0:23:02Girl Sea Kayak2/5
28Yvonne Deaver0:23:03Girl SUP Surfboard11/24
29Angela Vincent0:23:08Girl SUP Surfboard12/24
30Debra Mauk0:23:26Girl SUP Surfboard13/24
31Silvia Freyre0:23:36Girl SUP 14'3/4
32Tabatha Doherty0:23:36Girl SUP 14'4/4
33Ben Burr0:23:50Guy SUP Surfboard4/4
34Elana Washburn0:23:51Girl SUP Surfboard14/24
35Heather Geare0:23:52Girl SUP Surfboard15/24
36Tracy Price0:23:52Girl SUP Surfboard16/24
37Christine Leimkuhler0:23:55Girl Sea Kayak3/5
38Sharon Elvin-fuller0:23:55Girl SUP 12'6"6/10
39Roxanne Malozi0:24:12Girl SUP Surfboard17/24
40Caroline Hughes0:24:51Girl SUP Surfboard18/24
41Caroline Reichert0:25:12Girl SUP 12'6"7/10
42Paul Reichert0:25:14Guy SUP 14'1/1
43Nadine Gerrity0:26:15Girl SUP 12'6"8/10
44Sarah Mcglone0:26:15Girl SUP 12'6"9/10
45Tori Wright0:27:30Girl Sea Kayak4/5
46Sue Wright0:27:39Girl Sea Kayak5/5
47Courtney Howell0:28:06Girl SUP 12'6"10/10
48Jess Ritchey0:29:35Girl SUP Surfboard19/24
49Kris Ohler0:29:36Girl SUP Surfboard20/24
50Tiffany Sylvester0:29:46Girl SUP Surfboard21/24
51Nicole Melton0:29:47Girl SUP Surfboard22/24
52Meagan White0:51:30Girl SUP Surfboard23/24
53Kathryn Miller0:57:51Girl SUP Surfboard24/24



18K Elite SUP Race: Women

1April Zilg2:06:24Girl 12'6" 18-491/3
2Mary Howser2:25:36Girl 12'6" 18-492/3
3Lindsay Cook2:34:17Girl 12'6" 18-493/3
4Kate Dowling2:48:57Girl 12'6" 50+1/2
5Cindy Eisele3:27:00Girl 12'6" 50+2/2



18K Elite SUP Race: Men

1Kelly Margetts1:53:34Guy 14' 18-491/33
2Tommy Buday1:56:16Guy 14' 18-492/33
3Ron Gossard1:58:39Guy 14' 18-493/33
4Fielding Pagel1:59:44Guy 14' 18-494/33
5Jeramie Vaine1:59:58Guy 14' 18-495/33
6Joe Ward2:01:10Guy 14' 18-496/33
7Robert Hess2:02:20Guy 14' 18-497/33
8Brian Meyer2:03:09Guy 14' 18-498/33
9Christopher Norman2:03:10Guy 14' 18-499/33
10Ryan Oliver2:03:13Guy 14' 18-4910/33
11Harrison Deisroth2:03:45Guy 14' U171/1
12Jeremy Whitted2:04:54Guy 14' 18-4911/33
13Emerson Smith2:04:59Guy 14' 18-4912/33
14Brian Schmid2:07:24Guy 14' 18-4913/33
15Corey Curtis2:09:20Guy 14' 18-4914/33
16Dan Gavere2:11:29Guy 14' 18-4915/33
17Michael Fithian2:11:53Guy 14' 18-4916/33
18Chris Moylan2:11:54Guy 14' 18-4917/33
19Christopher Parker2:15:57Guy 14' 18-4918/33
20Daniel Rapp2:16:04Guy 14' 18-4919/33
21Matt Kalwinsky2:16:21Guy 14' 18-4920/33
22Scott Cleveland2:16:43Guy 14' 18-4921/33
23Jeff Cook2:19:18Guy 14' 18-4922/33
24Tim Burke2:20:44Guy 14' 18-4923/33
25Kevin Haigis2:21:10Guy 12'6" 18-491/4
26Richard Cubelo2:22:13Guy 14' 50+1/5
27Jim Calvert2:23:29Guy 14' 18-4924/33
28Robert Bowman2:25:18Guy 12'6" 18-492/4
29Alejandro Schwedhelm2:27:38Guy 14' 18-4925/33
30Jason Howell2:27:45Guy 14' 18-4926/33
31Jason Phipps2:28:28Guy 12'6" 18-493/4
32Wyatt Everhart2:29:57Guy 14' 18-4927/33
33Tyler Marshall2:30:29Guy 12'6" 18-494/4
34Bryan Barton2:31:09Guy 14' 18-4928/33
35Matt Nacy2:32:08Guy 14' 50+2/5
36Josh Hill2:32:33Guy 14' 18-4929/33
37Erik Kauffman2:33:16Guy 14' 18-4930/33
38Jay Schwarz2:34:00Guy 14' 50+3/5
39Mark Mcculloh2:35:41Guy 14' 50+4/5
40Chris Sperry2:37:24Guy 14' 18-4931/33
41Scott Jorss2:42:40Guy 12'6" 50+1/2
42Lakin Ducker2:54:04Guy 14' 18-4932/33
43Matthew Mcosker2:54:29Guy 14' 18-4933/33
44Charlie Martel3:12:20Guy 14' 50+5/5
45John Richardson3:13:42Guy 12'6" 50+2/2



18K Ski/Kayak/OC Race

1/5Jeff Lusk1:59:18Guy Sea Kayak 50+
2/5Marshall Seddon2:00:23Guy Sea Kayak 18-49
3/5Brien Jones-lantzy2:39:49Guy Sea Kayak 50+
4/5Timothy Mccubbin2:43:03Guy Sea Kayak 50+
5/5Shawn Mccubbin2:43:04Guy Sea Kayak 18-49
1/11Sean Brennan1:26:40Guy Surfski Single 18-49
2/11Jesse Lishchuk1:34:16Guy Surfski Single 18-49
3/11Eric Costanzo1:35:15Guy Surfski Single 18-49
4/11Kurt Smithgall1:36:37Guy Surfski Single 18-49
5/11Dennis Parkinson1:45:20Guy Surfski Single 18-49
6/11Darren Crozier1:46:23Guy Surfski Single 50+
7/11Tommy Price1:46:25Guy Surfski Single 18-49
8/11Bill Hoker1:53:16Guy Surfski Single 50+
9/11Matt Schoener1:56:06Guy Surfski Single 50+
10/11Christopher Sleat2:31:59Guy Surfski Single 50+
11/11Jason Sullivan2:44:13Guy Surfski Single 18-49
1/6Dan Havens1:50:05Guy OC-1 Golden Masters 60+
2/6Nate Day1:50:49Guy OC-1 Masters 40-49
3/6Dale Andrade1:50:56Guy OC-1 Golden Masters 60+
4/6Sunny Jackson2:06:09Girl OC-1 Open 20-39
5/6Sharon Adamski2:11:41Girl OC-1 Open 20-39
6/6Natasha Quiroga2:13:53Girl OC-1 Open 20-39
1/4Theresa Haught, Blaise Rhodes1:35:59Mixed OC-2 Open (All Ages)
2/4Pam Boteler, Kelly Rhodes1:36:17Girl OC-2 Open (All Ages)
3/4Vu Deo, Troy Pham1:49:58Guy OC-2 Open (All Ages)
4/4Erin Kampschroer, Kwansene Kenner1:50:39Girl OC-2 Open (All Ages)
1/5Team Nathaniel Day1:34:13Mixed OC6 Open (All Ages)
2/5Team Matt Butcher 11:37:38Mixed OC6 Open (All Ages)
3/5Team Washington Canoe Club1:39:40Guy OC6 Open (All Ages)
4/5Team Kelly Rhodes1:40:07Girl OC6 Open (All Ages)
5/5Team Matthew Butcher 21:54:48Mixed OC6 Open (All Ages)