September 23, 2017
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Battle of the Bay: Annabel Anderson, Connor Baxter Victorious in Iconic San Francisco

Battle of the Bay

Italy’s Claudio Nika leads the elite field around the ‘golden buoy’ during the Battle of the Bay in San Francisco (photo: @georgiasphoto)

Annabel Anderson and Connor Baxter have highlighted their respective world number one statuses here at today’s 7th Annual Battle of the Bay in San Francisco, claiming this morning’s race around iconic landmarks Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge before backing up with victories in this afternoon’s beach race.

Here are the overall results.

Check back on Monday morning for a full recap and some stellar photos of the scenic course. You can also watch a full replay of our Battle of the Bay live stream.



Elite Men

#AthleteDistance#Beach Race#CombinedPoints
1Connor Baxter1:10:4910:34:351230.00
2Michael Booth1:10:5820:35:373522.50
3Matt Nottag1:11:1040:35:312618.00
4Leonard Nika1:11:1030:36:2271015.00
5Josh Riccio1:11:2950:36:3281312.75
6Kelly Margetts1:12:0270:36:1761310.50
7Bullet Obra1:12:4490:35:464139.00
8Jake Jensen1:11:3260:37:4510167.50
9Mo Freitas1:13:19110:36:065166.75
10Claudio Nika1:13:14100:37:299196.00
11Ludovic Teulade1:13:24120:37:5012245.40
12Jackson Maynard1:13:41130:37:4911244.80
13Chase Kosterlitz1:12:328DNS20284.50
14Harry Maskell1:18:46150:38:3813284.20
15Jeremy Teulade1:18:29140:39:2615293.90
16Jayden Jensen1:18:59160:39:0314303.60
17Zach Rounsaville1:22:47170:42:3318353.30
18Colin Guinn1:24:5418DNS20383.00
19Paul JacksonDNF220:39:3916382.70
20Trent Carter1:25:4819DNS20392.40
21Belar Diaz1:28:57200:46:1419392.25
22Jay WildDNS220:39:5217392.10
23Adam Hoffman1:58:2021DNS20411.95

Elite Women

#AthleteDistance#Beach Race#CombinedPoints
1Annabel Anderson1:31:1110:38:461230.00
2Seychelle Hattingh1:31:2320:41:495722.50
3April Zilg1:32:3440:41:263718.00
4Terrene Black1:33:1550:40:482715.00
5Angie Jackson1:31:4130:42:226912.75
6Lexi Alston1:38:4860:41:3141010.50
7Susanne Lier1:41:3270:44:477149.00

Junior and Open Races

Junior Alcatraz race (7.5 mile) girl’s champion: Delila Quinn

Junior Alcatraz race (7.5 mile) boy’s champion: Cooper Honeywell

Junior race (2 mile) champion: Nick Campbell

Open Alcatraz race (7.5 mile) men’s champion: Pete Gauvin

Open Alcatraz race (7.5 mile) women’s champion: Julieta Gismondi

Open beach race men’s champion: John Hadley

Open beach race women’s champion: Shannon Upton

Grom beach race champion: Alexander Alvarez

Click here to see full results from all races and divisions