March 27, 2016
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Highlights from the 30th Annual Santa Cruz Paddlefest

Thanks to the crew at Riviera, here’s a cool little highlights reel from last weekend’s showdown up in Santa Cruz, where the likes of Fiona Wylde, Shae Foudy, Izzi Gomez, Giorgio Gomez, Mo Freitas, Slater Trout, Ryan Helm, Noa Hopper, Brennan Rose, Brandon Rambo and many more were in fine form.

The Santa Cruz Paddlefest scored a solid swell for its 30th annual edition, with the iconic Steamer Lane lighting up all weekend (the racing kicks in around the 3:30 mark).

Watch above and enjoy, then head over to /videos for hundreds more great stand up paddleboarding videos.