November 24, 2016
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Highlights from the Korean Nationals

Check out this great little clip from the recent Surf Ocean Cup in Seoul, aka the 2nd Annual Korean National SUP Championships, which featured Casper Steinfath and over a hundred stoked out local paddlers.

FULL STORY: Seoul Paddling with the Viking at the 2nd Annual Korean SUP Championship

This looks like one of those events that captures the essence of paddling and reminds us why we got into racing in the first place. Everyone is giving it their all on the water but they’re still smiling and having fun.

Kinda takes you back to the earlier days of racing in California and Australia.

It’s so cool to see the racing scene continuing to grow around the world. Let’s hope the SUP community in Korea keeps expanding, but let’s also hope the local crew don’t take it too seriously…