April 20, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Results, Video And A Bit Of Team Spirit From Malibu’s ‘Stand Up For Clean Water’ Race

Watch this cool little aerial clip from Saturday’s Stand Up For Clean Water race in Malibu.

Despite the SoCal paddling community being split between this event and the Mongoose Cup down in Dana Point, the 4th annual SUP 4 Clean Water attracted a solid turnout to the aptly named Paradise Cove.

There were 98 finishers in the five miler and another 70 odd in the fun race. Throw in the kids racing and it was probably around 200. Antoinette Cocco was the quickest of the women, while Slater Trout and Chuck Glynn shared the spoils in the Men’s Elite 14 division ahead of SIC’s new Team Manager Belar Diaz.

After a tight battle for three quarters of an hour, Slater and Chuck crossed the line at the same time, finishing brothers-in-arms in what was a good show of sportsmanship. It’s also a good show of the team spirit & camaraderie the Americans will take into Mexico next month: Slater and Chuck will be heading to Sayulita from May 10-17 to battle the Aussies, Hawaiians and two dozen other nations at the ISA World Championship.

Slater Trout and Chuck Glynn

Team USA members Slater Trout and Chuck Glynn cross the line in equal 1st (photo: OnIt Pro)

Another athlete that’s gearing up for that event took out the men’s 12’6 division: Crille Forsberg, who will be flying the flag for Team Sweden at the Worlds next month.

Anyway the excellent SUP Examiner has a great recap of the day, so check that out or take a look at the full results below.

There are also plenty of great event photos floating around thanks to Benjamin Morris and the insanely prolific OnIt Pro (who, like always, has around 1,000 photos of the event up on Facebook).

Stand Up For Clean Water Malibu

Start of the 5 miler (photo credit: Benjamin Morris)

2015 Stand Up For Clean Water Race

Course: 5 miles
Conditions: Glassy
Click here for the raw results (including Fun Race results)

1Chuck Glynn0:45:39Men's 14'1Elite1
2Slater Trout0:45:39Men's 14'2Elite2
3Belar Diaz0:48:10Men's 14'3Elite3
4Garrit Barth0:48:23Men's 14'418-391
5Rodney Ellis0:49:08Men's 14'540-491
6Jedd Hasay0:49:41Men's 14'6Elite4
7Mark Miyamoto0:50:16Men's 14'7Elite5
8Trent Hickman0:50:46Men's 14'818-392
9Phil Coffman0:50:54Men's 14'940-492
10Yann Lauletta0:51:12Men's 14'1018-393
11Michael Kelley0:51:16Men's 14'1140-493
12Merten Stroetzel0:51:23Men's 14'1240-494
13Crille Forsberg0:51:34Men's 12'6140-491
14Ryland Hart0:51:40Men's 12'62U171
15Brandon Sauls0:52:17Men's 14'13Elite6
16Hunter Mcintyre0:52:39Men's 14'14Elite7
17Derek Turner0:52:52Men's 14'1550+1
18John Bland0:53:18Men's 14'1650+2
19Eric Diggins0:53:21Men's 12'6340-492
20Jeff Warner0:53:33Men's 12'6440-493
21Gene Tarsan Smith0:53:51Men's 12'6550+1
22Jeremiah Murphy0:53:59Men's 12'6640-494
23Alan Chalom0:54:09Men's 14'1750+3
24Mace Camhe0:55:06Men's 14'1840-495
25Francois Clausse0:55:23Men's 12'6740-495
26Fritz Rometsch0:55:52Men's Inflatable118-391
27Jack Hill0:55:57Men's 12'68U172
28Ben Smith0:56:02Men's 14'1918-394
29Sam George0:56:05Men's 12'6950+2
30Peter Lakos0:56:05Men's 12'61040-496
31Steve Crane0:56:22Men's 14'2040-496
32Simon Swart0:56:29Men's 14'21Elite8
33Antoinette Cocco0:56:31Women's 12'6118-391
34Doug Anderson0:57:01Men's 14'2240-497
35Nigel Morris0:57:13Men's 14'2350+4
36Jeff Sweet0:57:19Men's 14'24Elite9
37Bret Warner0:57:35Men's 14'2518-395
38Gerry Wallfesh0:57:41Men's 14'2640-498
39Juerg Geser0:58:17Men's 14'2740-499
40Ron Hughes0:58:42Men's 14'2850+5
41Richard Briant0:58:56Men's 12'61140-497
42John Hill0:58:57Men's 14'2950+6
43Garth Davis0:59:19Men's 12'61250+3
44Zack Schwartz0:59:31Men's 14'3018-396
45Samson Grunwald0:59:39Men's 14'31U171
46Pat Ryan1:00:16Men's 14'3250+7
47Mark Williams1:00:23Men's 14'3350+8
48Tony Stearns1:00:54Men's 12'61350+4
49John Nordin1:01:14Men's 12'61440-498
50Andy Hope1:01:26Men's 14'3440-4910
51Kym Rodger1:01:34Women's 14'1Elite1
52Mike Miller1:01:44Men's 14'3540-4911
53Craig Stiff1:02:07Men's 12'61540-499
54Kylie Lakos1:02:21Women's 14'2Elite2
55Andreas Frick1:02:38Men's 12'61640-4910
56Kelly Mcgovern1:02:50Women's 14'340-491
57Rene Bruz1:02:58Men's Inflatable240-491
58Tyler Daigler1:03:15Men's 12'61718-391
59Alex Groswird1:03:22Men's 14'3650+9
60Tony Philp1:04:47Men's Surf140-491
61Gary Cziko1:05:02Men's 12'61850+5
62Terri Wargo1:05:54Women's 14'4Elite3
63Carl Brunst1:06:07Men's 14'3740-4912
64Cassidy Watton1:06:23Women's 14'5Elite4
65Tiffany Grunwald1:06:34Women's 12'6240-491
66Dd Doolan1:07:08Men's Surf218-391
67Patricia Volger1:07:18Women's 12'6340-492
68Layton Petersen1:07:26Men's 14'3818-397
69Wes Bishop1:07:35Men's 12'61918-392
70Craig Hibbard1:07:59Men's 14'3950+10
71Cindy Tolhurst1:08:08Women's 12'6450+1
72David Elliott1:08:18Men's 14'4050+11
73Frank Umipig1:09:22Men's 12'62050+6
74Harry Petersen1:09:36Men's 14'4150+12
75Jennifer Lakos1:09:42Women's 12'6540-493
76Steve Dahlberg1:10:17Men's 14'4250+13
77Kevin Wright1:10:20Men's Surf340-492
78Anastasia Alexander1:10:33Women's 12'6618-392
79Danica Bujic Perez1:11:03Women's 14'6Elite5
80David Michaels1:11:04Men's Surf440-493
81Mark Sisson1:11:51Men's 12'62150+7
82Stephanie Lindsay1:12:09Women's 12'6718-393
83Martha Lockie1:13:01Women's 12'6850+2
84Evan B Stone1:13:23Men's 12'62240-4911
85David Kohl1:13:47Men's 14'4340-4913
86Sheila Shea1:14:56Women's 14'750+1
87Mike Tsoi1:15:21Men's Inflatable340-492
88Robert Wasserman1:16:08Men's Surf540-494
89Stephanie Dahlberg1:16:30Women's 14'840-492
90Art Reiss1:17:10Men's 12'62350+8
91Frank Perna1:18:50Men's 14'4450+14
92Lisa Michaels1:19:02Women's 12'6940-494
93Juli Schulz1:19:21Women's Surf140-491
94Katherine Aronsson1:23:42Women's Surf218-391
95Amy Zimmerman1:24:14Women's 12'61050+3
96Beatriz Marx1:24:56Women's Surf350+1
97Tony Montero1:31:24Men's 14'4550+15
98Blades Williamson1:39:32Men's 12'62450+9