April 13, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

RESULTS: Ryan Helm, Gail Vento Win The 7th Annual Rincon Beachboy

Rincon Beachboy stand up paddle (1)

Ryan Helm and Gail Vento have taken out the 2015 Rincon Beachboy SUP Race in Puerto Rico, as over 300 paddlers descended on the island for another classic event.

Now in its seventh year, the Beachboy has gained a reputation of being a massive community race, with hundreds of local, Caribbean and quite a few international paddlers of all ages coming out for the show.

But in the battle of the pros – where there was $17,000 prize money up for grabs – it was Ryan Helm’s day. The Riviera Paddlesurf team rider claimed his 3rd Beachboy title by outlasting Jack Sauv√© and local boy Nick Leason around the 8 mile course. This continues Ryan’s good run of early season form after he took out last month’s Punta Sayulita Classic.

Ryan Helm stand up paddle boarding

Ryan Helm is in good form right now – seen here at last months Punta Sayulita Classic (photo: Wicked Fotos)

In the women’s Beachboy (Beachgirl?) race, Gail won the elite division in a time of 1 hour 22 minutes, finishing two minutes clear of local Giselle Delgado.

Looks like it was another big year for the Rincon Beachboy. This one’s been on my bucket list for a while and I can definitely recommend you add it to yours. Apart from it being a great race, one of the cool highlights is the wall of honour that paddlers form right before the start. Stretches for quite a ways…

Full results below. Scroll down for a few choice pics and click here for another hundred great shots. You can also relive the race through the GPS live tracking map.


2015 Rincon Beachboy – Elite Race

– Click “Division” to switch between Men’s and Women’s / 12’6 and 14′ results
Click here for the raw results of the Open Race and Kids Race

1Ryan Helm1:08:11Men's 14'140
2Jack Sauve1:09:56Men's 14'227
3Nick Leason1:12:56Men's 14'330
4Elvin Maldonado1:13:12Men's 14'443
5Franck Fifils1:14:21Men's 14'539
6Greg Jaudon1:15:54Men's 12'6154
7Corey Taylor1:15:56Men's 14'629
8Christopher Norman1:16:09Men's 14'726
9Brian Meyer1:16:19Men's 14'827
10Miguel Jesus Alvarez1:18:28Men's 14'917
11Alex Maldonado1:18:47Men's 12'6239
12Jorge Quintana1:20:50Men's 14'1032
13Russ Scully1:20:50Men's 14'1145
14Jorge Adrian Garcia1:20:51Men's 12'6339
15Luis Lopez1:20:57Men's 12'6428
16Brian Schmid1:21:15Men's 14'1226
17Gilberto Natal1:21:17Men's 12'6534
18Miguel Beltran1:21:46Men's 12'6640
19Taito Diaz1:22:31Men's 12'6738
20Gail Vento1:22:54Women's 12'6139
21Manuel O Lopez1:23:05Men's 14'1338
22Stanley Comas1:23:38Men's 14'1448
23Robert Bechtel1:23:52Men's 12'6828
24Ramon Mercado1:24:22Men's 14'1541
25Miguel Martinez1:24:58Men's 14'1641
26Giselle Delgado1:25:14Women's 12'6239
27Kelvin Maldonado1:25:39Men's 12'6918
28Greg Carson1:26:40Men's 14'1747
29Mark De Armas1:26:40Men's 14'1849
30Eric Bednorz1:27:06Men's 12'61038
31Guillermo De Pedro1:27:15Men's 14'1937
32Rafael Cruet1:27:28Men's 14'2048
33Kevin de Armas1:27:58Men's 12'61118
34Edward Rivera1:29:28Men's 12'61245
35Mariecarmen Rivera1:29:30Women's 12'6321
36Jose Sanchez1:29:52Men's 14'2136
37Evelyn Odoherty1:30:28Women's 12'6446
38Christian Camejo1:30:55Men's 14'2228
39Jose Martinez1:31:06Men's 12'61349
40Juliana Perez Laspiur1:32:41Women's 12'6539
41Miguel Alvarez1:34:18Men's 12'61445
42Kym Freeman1:35:56Women's 12'6649
43Victor Pina1:36:42Men's 14'2339
44Jason Karpinski1:37:02Men's 12'61540
45Sergio Rodriguez1:38:44Men's 12'61643
46Jeffrey Owen1:40:24Men's 12'61748
47John Buckley1:43:13Men's 12'61856
48Hector Davila1:44:13Men's 14'2440
49Scott Crowley1:44:26Men's 12'61938
50Jose Cruz1:44:44Men's 12'62046
51Kim Reilly1:44:45Women's 12'6750
52Vicky Lowe1:46:54Women's 12'6849
53Pamela Baez1:47:12Women's 12'6923
54Gustavo Bague1:47:24Men's 12'62143
55Ana Bonnin1:49:18Women's 12'61036
56Naomi Soto1:49:41Women's 12'61138
57Nydia del Mar Rafols1:50:13Women's 12'61227
58Jose Pomales Delgado1:52:59Men's 14'2545
59Jose Javier Ramirez1:56:26Men's 12'62244
60Javier Vasquez1:56:28Men's 12'62339
61Teresa Rogers2:01:37Women's 12'61354
62Roberto Pagan2:01:40Men's 14'2650
63Dennis Farrell2:01:53Men's 14'2764
64Brian Dalton2:04:50Men's 12'62440
65Poppy Bednorz2:09:31Women's 12'61436
66Nicole Steinborn2:09:45Women's 12'61540

Rincon Beachboy stand up paddling race

Competitors lineup before the start of the 7th Annual Rincon Beachboy race (photo: Glendalys Padilla)

Rincon Beachboy stand up paddle (8)

Rincon Beachboy stand up paddle (5)

Rincon Beachboy stand up paddle (10)

Rincon Beachboy stand up paddle (9)

Rincon Beachboy stand up paddle (7)

Rincon Beachboy stand up paddle (6)

Rincon Beachboy stand up paddle (4)

Rincon Beachboy stand up paddle (3)

Rincon Beachboy stand up paddle (2)