October 7, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Pacific Paddle Games: Last Minute Training with the Lahui Kai Boys


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Check out this great little clip from the Lahui Kai team, with their small but ultra elite squad going through its final paces at Doheny yesterday.

Featuring the hero of the Gorge Paddle Challenge and noted beer drinker, Kelly Margetts, along with whipper snappers Lincoln Dews and Jayden Jensen, this minute-long vid should get you just that little bit more amped for what is set to be a massive weekend.

(Check out that bunny hop from Kelly at the 17 second mark… textbook.)

This reel was filmed yesterday, when the waves were still fairly small. But from all reports we’ve got a 4-5ft south swell hitting over the next few days, so we should be in for some great action carnage on the weekend.

Despite having a bootstrapped team, Lahui Kai is currently sitting #4 on our Battle of the Brands Leaderboard, and could go even higher if Kelly, Lincoln and Jayden can get their groove on this weekend.

We’ll have full coverage of the PPGs on Saturday and Sunday, with the surf race qualifiers set to run all day Saturday, before both the distance race and the surf race finals take over on Sunday. It’s going to be a very entertaining two days of racing, with an all star lineup, big prize purse and full webcast streaming live across the weekend.

And you can follow it all right here on SUP Racer.