October 25, 2015
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Larry Cain Wins Tennessee’s 31 Mile “Chattajack” Race in Record Time


300 odd paddlers on the start line for Chattajack 2015 (photo credit: unknown)

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Olympic gold medalist Larry Cain has won the Chattajack race for the second year in a row, crossing the line in a course record of 4 hours 58 minutes, just seconds ahead of Bart de Zwart and Mike Tavares. In the women’s, 11 City Tour heroine Seychelle Hattingh crossed side by side with Kimberly Barnes to claim equal first.

On race morning, paddlers were greeted with a beautiful sunrise over the Tennessee River Gorge, as 300 SUPs, paddleboards, surfskis and canoes sat on the start line in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Larry, Bart and Mike broke away early and worked together for the entire 31 mile course, before settling the final positions with a “sprint” to the line in the last few hundred metres.

Corey Taylor was the next best, crossing the line just two minutes behind the lead trio for a well-deserved fourth place finish.

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Early morning start… (photo credit: Dianne Blankenbaker)

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Cain, the 500m canoeing gold medal winner at the 1984 Olympic Games, is an absolute machine when it comes to SUP racing. I once described him as an “ageless robot” for the way he keeps himself in peak physical condition. He’s 52 years old.

The long-time Quickblade team rider, who recently added Starboard to his list of sponsors, keeps track of his meticulous training regime over on his blog (well worth the read), and also works with the next generation of Olympians on the Canadian canoe/kayak team.

Larry’s time of 4:58:01 is a new course record for the 14′ division, 7 minutes faster than his victory last year. Bart and Mike were seconds behind. Greg Jaudon actually took line honours (and a new overall record) on his unlimited SUP, however the biggest division was 14′ for men (and 12’6 for women).

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Dawn in Chattanooga, Tennessee (photo credit: unknown)

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I chatted with Larry last night and he gave me a little insight into the race:

“Awesome race. Perfect conditions though less current than last year. Bart, Mike and me worked together the whole way. Managed to break 5 hours and beat last year’s record by more than 7 minutes.

Racing that far on flat water always a bit of a grind, but the whole event was tons of fun!”

Mike Tavares, who kept pace with Larry and Bart until the final few hundred metres, had this to say:

“It was rad! Great working with Bart and Larry. Pretty fast pace the entire time. Those guys are beasts!”

Bart told me that while he was happy with the result he wasn’t feeling as fit as wanted. The Dutchman-turned-Maui-native, famed for his crazy expeditions and 4x winner of 130 mile SUP 11 City Tour (Chattajack wouldn’t have even been a warm-up for Bart), said it was a great event and will be doing a full write-up for us, so check back tomorrow for more insights into this crazy race.

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Bart, Mike and Larry sharing duties in the lead draft train (photo credit: unknown)

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Seychelle, no stranger to a long distance race after her flawless victory at the 11 Cities last month, had this to say on Facebook:

“What an amazing weekend! It was more than 32. It was 1700 miles of fun! All the way from Key Largo and back! I enjoyed every moment. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this event happen…” Read the full post

Chattajack is unofficially known as the Inland Molokai because of its grueling length (31 miles) and the fact it sells out almost every year. The 2015 edition sold out in record time. It’s one of those great races that truly encapsulates the spirit of paddling. In a similar vein to Holland’s (in)famous 11 City Tour, the Chattajack race seems just as much about finishing as competing.

Definitely add this one to your bucket list.

Thanks to Distressed Mullet for a heads up on the results. Snap Great Photos has a few more shots of the race up on Facebook.

The “Final 200m” on the results sheet below shows how fast each paddler made the final sprint to the line (though not sure how many would have been “sprinting” after 31 miles of paddling). Quite interesting to look at the different times among the top guys here; seems this is right where Larry Cain pulled away and opened his gap on Bart and Mike.

As is standard with races in the US, the top men were on 14 footers while the women had to slog it out on 12’6 boards.

Scroll down for the full results…

Chattajack 2015

2015 chattajack race

Chattajack 2015: Men’s 14′ SUP Race Results

#NameTimepace (mph)Final 200m (minutes)
1Larry Cain4:58:016.241:02.108
2Bart de Zwart4:58:136.241:07.118
3Mike Tavares4:58:206.231:09.092
4Corey Taylor5:00:396.191:07.067
5Steve Dullack5:07:556.041:53.694
6Joe Ward5:09:596.001:12.181
7Andrew McMarlin5:11:425.971:14.383
8Ryan Oliver5:13:175.941:09.294
9Zach Rounsaville5:13:585.921:09.385
10Rev Thom5:16:355.881:15.455
11Jeremy Whitted5:17:255.861:07.467
12Edoardo Naggio5:19:485.821:10.636
13Jacob Crox5:20:025.811:12.498
14Greg Errion5:20:475.801:16.979
15Matt Kalwinsky5:20:525.801:17.136
16Justin Schaay5:21:445.781:18.642
17Roddy Medders5:23:155.751:03.130
18Nicholas Bolinger5:24:095.741:10.765
19Edward Bates5:24:175.741:13.744
20Troy Gossard5:24:225.731:12.745
21Lew, Greg5:24:245.731:16.005
22Anthony Abraham5:24:465.731:29.094
23Michael Westenberger5:25:505.711:23.624
24Gregy Tyson5:26:195.701:22.545
25Anthony Galang5:28:415.661:19.959
26okinsky, eddy5:32:375.591:18.168
27Motz, Trevor5:33:365.581:19.209
28Hoard, Barrett5:36:515.521:15.453
29Hamblin, Robert5:37:485.511:22.783
30Mongno, Danny5:39:325.481:12.096
31Kearney, Matt5:40:365.461:11.026
32Schnelle, Jeff5:41:555.441:14.031
33Angell, Adrian5:42:435.431:15.375
34Whorten, Randy5:42:495.431:22.646
35Wilcox, Stephen5:42:595.421:16.057
36kolisch, Joey5:44:515.391:33.910
37Coffey, Austin5:47:165.361:18.811
38Hill, Larry5:50:085.311:20.911
39Willett, Henry5:50:405.301:14.016
40dowdney, trevor5:50:535.301:16.446
41Grippo, Austin5:51:145.301:12.494
42Boothby, Adam5:53:225.261:16.000
43Clayton, Rod5:53:545.261:14.451
44dees, jereme5:55:385.231:19.185
45Henderson, Matt5:56:165.221:16.264
46Loria, Juan5:57:145.211:19.397
47Gunder, Keith5:58:175.191:15.028
48Widmer, David5:58:435.191:11.977
49Murphy, Christopher6:01:105.151:14.398
50Perry, Sonny6:01:225.151:16.212
51Wittmann, Daniel6:04:435.102:18.317
52Pena, Daniel6:05:025.101:14.469
53Begley, Grant6:06:195.081:24.809
54London, Jeff6:06:295.081:19.927
55Trapani, Tony6:06:355.071:18.550
56Kopp, Jason6:09:135.041:25.235
57Beaman, Mike6:09:445.031:30.679
58Painter, Michael6:09:545.031:25.583
59fumich, frank6:11:115.011:28.355
60Sulcer, Kevin6:16:204.941:17.979
61D'Aguiar, Mariano6:17:354.931:25.031
62Knaack, Stuart6:18:414.911:25.697
63Navarra, Michael6:20:324.891:24.848
64Peters, Tony6:20:454.891:27.296
65Whyte, Kevin6:22:304.861:20.233
66Weigand, Kurt6:22:404.861:27.325
67Lowe, Kevin6:23:234.851:20.397
68Jones, Ron6:25:514.821:22.171
69Pock, Paul6:26:064.821:25.314
70Whittall, Russell6:32:544.731:26.195
71Payne, Robert6:35:024.711:31.886
72Blevins, Chris6:36:194.691:28.123
73Kaplan, Andrew6:36:274.691:22.715
74Mcneil, Monty6:36:584.691:24.898
75Valach, Michael6:38:164.671:29.615
76Fisher, Steve6:42:484.621:34.107
77Stich, Paul6:43:424.611:37.555
78Whale, William6:44:444.601:32.081
79Hopkins, Luke6:50:524.531:33.028
80Barber, Kevin6:53:094.501:28.147
81sisunik, chuck6:54:024.491:19.107
82Seacrest, Bill6:56:474.461:39.054
83lindeman, james7:09:034.341:44.557
84Berger, Steve7:11:104.311:29.438
85Goldstein, Lawrence7:15:404.271:30.267

Chattajack 2015: Women’s 12’6 SUP Race Results

#NameTimePace (mph)Final 200m (minutes)
1Seychelle Hattingh5:26:125.701:18.855
1Kimberly Barnes5:26:125.701:14.239
3Kim Hillhouse5:39:315.481:17.153
4Kathy Summers6:00:095.161:18.668
5Amy Clark6:03:075.121:26.702
6Hannah Elrod6:04:395.101:18.788
7Catherine Uden6:06:415.071:22.219
8Meg Bosi6:10:005.031:22.615
9Haley Mills6:11:565.001:17.525
10Sharna Tolfree6:15:404.951:22.746
11lata, josette6:17:034.931:27.297
12Sutton, Miriam6:19:184.901:17.876
13Sims, Natalie6:21:554.871:22.973
14Westbrook, Sarah6:22:484.861:21.348
15Lyon, Stacey6:24:374.841:22.304
16Brewer, Heather6:27:354.801:20.720
17WARE, ALLISON6:36:524.691:24.126
18Hammond, Evey6:38:324.671:34.048
19kaarup, Heather6:44:414.601:09.703
20Cichra, Jessica6:44:494.591:29.930
21Del Valle, Shawna6:44:514.591:29.086
22Widmer, Brooke6:46:134.581:24.614
23Henry, Heidi6:51:284.521:30.636
24Cost, Susan7:00:424.421:29.019
25Seacrest, Leah7:00:464.421:32.431
26Borland, Stephanie7:06:034.371:34.939
27Link, Barbara7:06:184.361:34.789
28Thomas, Tracy7:08:364.341:25.841
29Hodges, Dottie7:08:364.341:26.245
30Sapp, Kathleen7:09:334.331:31.104
31Boyle, Mary7:10:404.321:38.349
32London, Melissa7:11:044.311:34.028
33Klapper, Jennifer7:11:454.311:40.834
34duble, lynn7:20:564.221:32.521
35Saulsbury, Charmaine7:24:254.191:40.525
36Schultz, Heither7:28:454.151:32.748
37Clarke, Katy7:38:524.051:35.650
38Arrington, Martha7:40:564.041:50.330
39Maxson, Carla7:44:344.001:36.823
40Yan, Jennifer7:44:374.001:36.338
41Castleberry, April8:22:363.701:51.985

All Other SUP Divisions

NameTimemphFinal 200mDivision#
Jaudon, Greg4:49:596.411:05.385Men's Unlimited1
Weinzierl, Mark4:54:236.321:01.893Men's Unlimited2
Cook, Chrtistian5:00:306.191:06.631Team 2x Men1
Jones, Matt5:14:595.911:06.578Men's Unlimited3
Kavcic, Rob5:17:455.851:04.998Men's Unlimited4
Leach, David5:25:185.722:02.786Men's Unlimited5
hill, Christopher5:25:545.711:11.667Men's Unlimited6
Merkli, David5:32:155.601:08.005Men's Unlimited7
Sutton, Kimberley5:33:045.581:17.015Team 2x Women1
Marston, Heath5:35:575.541:05.426Team 2x Men2
Caballero, Rafael5:41:485.441:17.292Men's 12'61
Scheerer, Mary5:43:565.411:36.758Team 2x Women2
Corzo-Ruiz, Elizabeth5:44:325.401:14.022Women's 14'1
Heidel, John5:46:255.371:23.984Men's 12'62
Eugster, Karl5:48:415.331:17.423Men's 12'63
Lair, Eric5:51:565.291:22.112Men's 12'64
Igot, Lhimell5:51:575.291:25.455Men's 12'65
Yurchenko, Anna5:55:415.231:15.317Women's 14'2
Davis, Cole6:00:015.171:17.871Men's 12'66
Navarro, Jorge6:00:215.161:23.751Men's 12'67
Eudy, Steve6:00:505.151:29.638Men's Unlimited9
klapper, Richard6:00:505.151:27.356Men's Unlimited8
Pollock, Adam6:02:385.131:11.989Men's Unlimited10
Navarro, Milla6:02:385.131:14.028Women's 14'3
Mcewan, Hannah6:04:205.111:15.581Women's 14'4
Lowe, Vicky6:04:265.101:15.895Women's 14'5
Lair, Monty6:07:025.071:21.396Men's 12'68
Turner, Hal6:08:535.041:18.462Team 2x Men3
Howatson, Mary Claire6:09:255.031:24.952Women's 14'6
Rogerson, Teresa6:11:365.011:31.235Women's 14'7
Blythe, Fennel6:14:354.971:16.295Women's 14'8
Metzgar, Grace6:14:414.961:16.090Women's 14'9
Fitzpatrick, Christine6:18:294.911:24.124Women's 14'10
Preece, Mark6:20:194.891:31.103Men's 12'69
Bittenbender, Dana6:25:114.831:19.296Women's 14'11
Ford, Lindsay6:26:104.821:20.040Women's 14'12
Johnson, Tammy6:32:384.741:22.504Women's 14'13
Westendorf, Michael6:36:294.691:21.697Men's 12'610
Thomas, Shannon6:37:344.681:22.253Men's 12'611
gutnik, naomi6:40:164.651:27.376Women's 14'14
Carter, John6:40:534.641:28.614Men's 12'612
Klapperich, Debbie6:42:064.631:22.625Women's 14'15
Ballenger, Susan6:42:234.621:22.638Women's 14'16
Sangmeister, Abbey6:43:324.611:18.737Women's 14'17
Pagano, Anne6:50:524.531:32.791Women's 14'18
Robinson, Roxane6:56:484.461:27.666Women's 14'19
Macnamara, Shawna6:57:244.461:50.259Women's 14'20
Brisson, Scott7:07:424.351:33.266Men's 12'613
CRAWFORD, Merrie7:08:314.341:28.223Women's 14'21
Gray, Justin7:10:594.321:32.522Men's 12'614
Meyer, Phil7:15:374.271:30.550Men's Unlimited11
Schell, Lisa7:16:354.261:28.429Women's 14'22
Campbell, Dreama7:20:314.221:37.421Women's 14'23
Jane Brougher, Laura7:25:584.171:31.008Women's 14'24
Mack, Megan7:32:554.111:36.268Women's 14'25
Shearer, Sarah7:37:504.061:34.193Women's 14'26
D'Aguiar, Krissee7:44:144.011:45.744Women's 14'27
Woodward, Chris7:44:334.001:29.327Men's 12'615

Click here for raw results, including prone, surfski and outrigger divisions.