Air France Paddle Festival: Georges Cronsteadt Still The King, Annabel Anderson Still Unbreakable

Air France Paddle Festival SUP Tahiti (2)

Georges Cronsteadt has held off the youth brigade to show he’s still the stand up king of Tahiti, while Annabel Anderson once again showed her unbreakable strength as the pair claimed respective honours at the Air France Paddle Festival on the weekend.

Coming into this race with a string of losses to his younger rivals over the past 12 months, Georges put in a vintage performance to out-muscle his countrymen and claim victory in a fast time of 2 hours and 5 minutes over the 24km course.

Georges’ time was a minute clear of runner-up Rete Ebb, who is definitely a name to watch. This 23-year-old is one of the strongest outrigger paddlers in a country where paddling is the national sport, and has been tinkering with SUP more and more lately. If Rete focuses on stand up paddling half as much as sit down paddling, he’ll surely become a major force in the very near future.

Speaking of names to watch, our official pick to be the “World’s #1 Dark Horse” for 2015, Niuhiti Buillard, showed potential but faded to finish fourth. Niuhiti was knocked off the podium by another former outrigger champion turned SUP racer, Bruno Tauhiro. Interestingly, Bruno had competed in (and won) the 9.5km open race earlier in the day, before immediately backing up in the grueling 24km distance event.

And in what was a fine day for the name Cronsteadt, Georges’ brother Yoann rounded out the top five with an impressive display.

Air France Paddle Festival SUP Tahiti

Georges Cronsteadt in vintage form on his way to victory at the Air France Paddle Festival

It must have been a sweet win for Georges, long the stalwart of Tahitian SUP, with the kids that have been recently nipping at his heels forced to wait a little while longer to assume the throne. The big guy looks to be in great form at the moment, though we’ll know for sure in the next few weeks: Georges will take on the world in Carolina next weekend, then again in May at the Worlds.

Over in the women’s 24km event, it was Annabel Anderson all the way, with the Kiwi taking the win ahead of the highly fancied local dark horse Hinatea Bernardino.

However Annabel’s win didn’t come easy: The Lahui Kai team rider was battling a serious bout of the flu in the days (and hours) leading up to the race. She considered pulling out before the race even began, but in her signature fighting spirit Annabel made it to the start line and proceeded to do what she does best: Win.

Air France Paddle Festival SUP Tahiti (15)

Annabel Anderson on her way to victory in Tahiti on the weekend

Sounds like the 2015 Air France Paddle Festival was a pretty interesting race with a great turnout: Over 250 paddlers competed across the 24km, 9.5km and short course sprint races (not bad considering Tahiti’s entire population is less than that of Huntington Beach).

As we suggested last week, Tahiti has the paddlers, it’s just missing the events. The Air France event may just be the island’s best shot at growing an international-level race from the ground up. And after this second annual edition of the race, things are looking pretty good for 2016 and beyond.

Head south of the gallery for full results.

2015 Air France Paddle Festival, Tahiti

Men’s 24km

1Georges Cronsteadt2:05:0935
2Rete Ebb2:06:0724
3Bruno Tauhiro2:08:4833
4Niuhiti Buillard2:10:5523
5Yoann Cronsteadt2:11:0728
6Lonomahiki Teururai2:11:4530
7Hapowa Mai2:11:4820
8Tahianu Mahaa2:12:3322
9Raihei Tapeta2:13:1435
10Tamarua Cowan2:13:4127
11Teva Poulain2:14:5532
12Patrick Vero2:18:0227
13Teraiarii Hamblin2:18:3826
14Teriitua Tefaatau2:18:4317
15Samuel Tepa2:18:5047
16Kevin Mervin2:19:4640
17Atamu Conti2:19:5130
18Tetuatau Leverd2:20:4329
19Alexandre Rouys2:20:4829
21Evarii Toi2:21:0038
22David Foster2:21:0534
23Matai Thollot2:22:0228
24Damien Girault2:22:5431
25Steven Frogier2:23:2745
26Edwin Tuohe2:24:1945
27Moana Sulpice2:24:5319
28Eric Leou-On2:25:3629
29Tehani Tehuritaua2:25:5040
31Herald Manuarii Haumani2:27:3935
32Tara Hiquily2:28:1647
33Thierry Tching2:29:0149
34Autoa Sauzier2:29:0223
35Errol Maoni2:29:3334
36Heimana Matapo2:30:2327
37Lewis Sulpice2:33:0233
38Toofa Haretahi2:33:1432
39Tunui Sorman2:34:1934
40Teiki Conti2:35:2648
41Teanuanua Tepa2:35:5332
42Vetearii Tauotaha2:37:0922
43Tearii Flohr2:38:1130
48Raynald Chailloux2:43:5635
49Kahanu Maruaitu2:44:5119
51Heimanu Philippe2:47:5427
53Gain Sanford2:52:5030
54Jérôme Chapelier2:57:0741
55Carmelo Ebb2:57:2944
56Tuiterai Salmon2:59:2935
57Sébastien Choureau3:04:5839
59Alexandre Tetiarahi3:14:4852
60Keoni Sulpice3:25:4711

Women’s 24km

1Annabel Anderson2:20:5234
2Hinatea Bernardino2:27:0427
3Marguerite Temaiana2:38:2239
4Hinatea Poroi2:40:1239
5Poema Lirand2:41:1744
6Vanini Agnieray2:42:4546
7Tiarenui Luta2:45:4333
8Hinarii Yiou2:48:3233
9Puatea Ellis3:12:2733
10Mahia Berdichevski-Poroi3:27:0914

Men’s 9km

1Bruno Tauhiro1:03:0533
2Teva Poulain1:03:5732
3Eric Leou-On1:04:4329
4Poenaiki Raioha1:05:2418
5Lorenzo jr Bennett1:05:3519
6Herald Manuarii Haumani1:06:2535
7Julien Sudrat1:06:4438
8Natua Teriitahi1:07:2932
9Tauhiti Pifao1:08:0819
10Heiva Paie1:08:1929
11Rangitea Bennett1:09:1623
12Matahi Mao1:09:5427
13Teavai Marama1:10:2519
14Charles Mai1:10:4232
15Steve Hart1:11:0650
16Tiavairau Chang1:11:1215
17Alexandre Moilon1:11:1327
18Rahiti Haereraaroa1:11:1628
19Mikael Teriitahi1:11:1738
20Maui Harehoe1:11:2134
21Flavien Tapare1:11:3129
22Tuki Tissot1:11:5716
23Matuanui Chang1:12:3418
24Katchy Yau1:13:0147
25Jonathan Savigny1:13:0728
26Charles Machureau1:13:4121
27Vaiarii La Yong1:13:4636
28Eric Ah-Yun1:14:0242
29Kevin Wong Hen1:14:3430
30Teiki Brothers1:15:5627
31Waimea Vaiho1:16:0416
32Alexis Toiroro1:16:4735
33Arotini Siaou Chin1:17:0814
34Alexandre Lucas1:17:2540
35Manutahi Gatata1:17:3030
36Noarai Hopuare1:17:5620
37Michaël Flohr1:18:4625
38Raiarii Buillard1:19:3441
39Romain Simoes1:19:5234
40Tamahau Castagnoli1:20:0421
41Teva Perroy1:20:5541
42Maui Vairaaroa1:21:0134
43Mike Teahui1:21:2334
44François Tirao1:21:3644
45Steeve Tching Chi Yen1:21:4937
46Alain Yao Chan Cheong1:22:2429
47Kenny Tchen1:22:3019
48Vetea Paulet1:22:3424
49Tereva Goyvannier1:22:3729
50Tanihaa Ama1:23:0027
51Moerai Roomataaroa1:23:1830
52Teiva Veronique1:23:2532
53Tony Tekuataoa1:23:4039
54Mauri Peue1:23:5730
55Alvin Pasquini1:24:0640
56Yannis Garbutt1:24:1242
57Vetearii Taharagi1:24:2427
58Tiwin Lai1:24:5336
59Steven Tseng Fa1:24:5834
60Tavai Bougues1:25:2634
61Mike Cowan1:25:3835
62Taurama Chanson1:25:5425
63Tahea Tematafaarere1:26:0133
64Ruben Hirshon1:26:0640
65Philippe Moosung1:26:2845
66Chris Tauvavau1:26:3743
67Vaiani Temataua1:26:4730
68Heimanu Hoata1:26:4941
69Marc Sandford1:26:5653
70Arona Yan1:26:5934
71Jérôme Tuira1:27:0436
72Roger Kong Yek Fhan1:27:4338
73Johns Lo Siou1:28:0038
74Brice Lanoe1:28:0631
75Marc Massoutier1:28:4049
76Christophe Chand1:28:4744
77Yann Manea1:28:5830
78Frantz Mahuta1:29:3640
79Tamatoa De Schoenburg1:30:0541
80Tom Huteau1:30:3647
81David Maopi1:31:1425
82Rono Tetuaapua1:31:1625
83Bertrand Lormeau1:33:0842
84Manuel Sao Chan Cheong1:33:3536
85Arana Wan1:33:3630
86Raiarii Del-Meglio1:34:1821
87Heimarama Nadjarian1:34:4740
88Evans Hargous1:34:5540
89Jean-Marie Le Caignec1:35:2448
90Denis Vardon1:35:5144
91Rémi Robin1:36:5925
92Jacques Van Sam1:37:1735
93Moana Doom1:37:2945
94Marc Ly1:37:5348
95Leon Tamahaere1:40:4745
96Christophe Maurt1:41:0849
97Manutea Ly1:41:4416
98Ariitea Mao Keo1:43:0630
99Jason Mc Cauley1:44:5040
100Heinui Faatauira1:45:2436
101Ebeneta Tefaaora1:49:5850
102Douglas Pehau1:50:4051
103Alain Decian1:54:0250
104Manie Randazzo1:54:2925
105Teddy Oopa1:54:5834
106Robot Conroy1:55:2445
107Michel Garcia2:01:5644

Women’s 9km

1Marguerite Temaiana1:14:0139
2Hinarii Yiou1:15:0633
3Poema Lirand1:16:3444
4Krisztina Zur1:17:0135
5Maimiti Sanford1:19:2531
6Healani Vairaaroa1:22:0126
7Vaimiti Maoni1:22:1528
8Martine Fan1:23:5949
9Uraau Tani1:24:4033
10Heivai Nui1:28:1827
11Leilani Wong1:28:2146
12Severyne Hamblin1:31:5246
13Cindy Bernadino1:33:0530
14Kahaia Kavera1:33:4020
15Terauhere Perroy1:33:4836
16Morgane Poulin1:34:0423
17Christelle Nadjarian1:35:3440
18Heiava Teissier1:35:3835
19Anneke Voss1:36:4530
20Maeva Hargrave1:37:3647
21Mahia Berdichevski-Poroi1:38:0814
22Régine Calmel1:40:4737
23Odile Cheung Wong1:56:1431
24Moerani-Letizia Cordaro2:01:1529

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