April 14, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[UPDATED Results] Stand Up For Clean Water Race In Malibu

Giant Inflatable Stand Up paddleboard

Noa Hopper and Chuck Glynn lead the charge on the giant inflatable (photo credit: OnIt Pro)

The SoCal SUP community came out in force on the weekend to support some good racing and a good cause. The 2014 Stand Up For Clean Water event was held at Malibu and featured a who’s who of the paddling world, as well as one very large inflatable SUP. Hundreds of paddlers turned up for the 5 mile, 1 mile and relay races, with all proceeds going to the LA Waterkeeper charity, which is part of the Waterkeeper Alliance and promotes the restoration of local beaches.

In the 5 miler, Thomas Maximus was first over the line on his unlimited board, while Jamie Mitchell was second overall and the quickest of the 14 footers, followed not too far behind by Chucky Glynn on his 12’6. The fast-rising Canadian Lina Augaitis took out the women’s ahead of Kristin Thomas.

We’re just waiting on the official numbers to come through and then we’ll have the full results updated below (UPDATE: Results are in, scroll down past the pics…). In the meantime enjoy some great pics of the action thanks to OnIt Pro. Seriously, how many tens of thousands of race pics have these guys taken over the years? They Facebook’d 1,497 photos from this weekend alone. I kid you not: Gallery 1 (433 photos), Gallery 2 (428 photos), Gallery 3 (337 photos), Gallery 4 (299 photos).

Here are a few of the best…

2014 Stand Up For Clean Water: 5 Mile Race Results

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#M/FM/F #NameTimeClass#Division#
1M1157 Thomas Maximus0:43:36Unlim140-491
2M277 Jamie Mitchell0:44:4014'130-391
3M380 Chuck Glynn0:45:5012'6117-291
4M4140 Robert Rojas0:46:5514'240-491
5M5159 Jim Terrell0:47:1814'340-492
6M681 Noa Hopper0:47:5812'6213-161
7M7123 Seth Springer0:48:0714'430-392
8M8138 James Donovan III0:48:3312'6340-491
9M9136 Peter DeAvila0:48:4514'540-493
10F1147 Lina Augaitis0:48:49F12'6130-391
11M10148 Braly Joy0:49:0814'640-494
12M11108 Jedd Hasay0:49:1914'717-291
13M1242 Phil Coffman0:49:4914'840-495
14M13121 Mark Miyamoto0:50:0512'6417-292
15M1498 Max Fleming0:52:2312'6513-162
16M1599 Kyle Kushner0:52:3714'930-393
17M16118 Mace Camhe0:52:4314'1040-496
18M1796 Simon Swart0:52:5514'1150+1
19M18175 Yann Lauletta0:53:1812'6617-293
20M19173 Trevor Lakos0:53:3012'6717-294
21F285 Kristin Thomas0:54:04F12'6250+1
22M20114 Sam George0:54:1612'6850+1
23M21162 Patrick O'hea0:54:4614'1230-394
24M2248 Michael Kelley0:54:5512'6940-492
25M23109 Ryland Hart0:55:0012'61013-163
26M2474 Barklie Griggs0:55:0212'61150+2
27M2529 Derek Turner0:55:3212'61250+3
28F3168 Sarah Messina0:55:48F12'6330-392
29M26149 Mark Pighini0:55:5614'1350+2
30M2789 Tony Stearns0:56:1314'1450+3
31M28172 Peter Lakos0:56:5412'61340-493
32M29170 Duncan Burns0:57:2114'1530-395
33M30101 Ron Hughes0:58:2814'1650+4
34M31146 Les Hopper0:58:3114'1750+5
35M32116 Jeff Sweet0:59:0214'1840-497
36M33152 Gerry Wallfesh0:59:1512'61440-494
37M34169 Richard Briant0:59:2212'61540-495
38M35110 Julian Scissors0:59:2512'616U121
39M3691 Garner Gerson0:59:30Surf130-391
40M37176 Anthony Scaturro0:59:4214'1940-498
41F465 Betsy Risner1:00:42F12'6450+2
42F5126 Michelle Tarajack1:01:12F12'6530-393
43F6122 Susie Hopper1:01:19F12'6640-491
44M38106 Mark Storhaug1:01:26Surf240-491
45F7153 Kristy Morris1:01:39F12'6730-394
46M39158 David Elliot1:01:47Surf350+1
47M40164 Mike Anderson1:02:43Surf440-492
48F8141 Dorothy Horn1:03:01F12'6830-395
49F949 Kym Rodger1:03:41F12'6930-396
50M4157 Frank Umipig1:04:16Surf550+2
51M42124 Juan Carlos Castillo1:04:2812'61740-496
52M437 Andrew Arizmendi1:04:3112'61850+4
53F1090 Cassidy Watton1:04:41F Surf117-291
54F1183 Erika Benitez1:05:05F Surf213-161
55F1232 Heather Wildman1:05:15F14140-491
56F1353 Nanette Bercu1:05:19F12'61040-492
57M4466 Zack Schwartz1:05:2514'2017-292
58M4540 Christopher Chee1:05:4914'2140-499
59M4652 Juerg Geser1:06:1214'2240-4910
60F1439 Karen Feldman1:06:23F12'61140-493
61M47161 Chris Agulan1:06:30Prone130-391
62M489 John Nordin1:06:4812'61940-497
63M49142 Randy Heuser1:08:0712'62040-498
64M5092 Jason Alpin1:08:2512'62140-499
65M51165 Goerge Toberman1:08:47Prone250+1
66M5222 David Michaels1:08:49Surf640-493
67M53112 Matix Springer1:09:0812'622U122
68M546 Craig Hibbard1:09:1014'2350+6
69M5530 Brandon Rubasky1:09:1814'2440-4911
70F1534 Tiffany Grunwald1:09:23F12'61240-494
71M5673 George Cole1:10:0412'62350+5
72M57160 Hugo Martinez1:10:1014'2540-4912
73M5813 Mike Miller1:11:0412'62440-4910
74M598 Steve Dahlberg1:11:3914'2650+7
75M6097 Frank Perna1:12:3714'2750+8
76M61107 Anderas Frick1:12:41Surf740-494
77M6210 Scott Trout1:12:53Surf840-495
78F1615 Carrie Eller1:13:12F12'61350+3
79F1745 Stephanie Lindsay1:13:26F12'61430-397
80F1814 Stephanie Dahlberg1:15:35F12'61540-495
81F1931 Sheila Shea1:16:08F14250+1
82F20102 Kelly McGovern1:16:27F14340-492
83M63103 Andy Hope1:16:3814'2830-396
84F21171 Jennifer Lakos1:18:25F14440-493
85F225 Amy Ehrenkranz1:18:29F12'61650+4
86F23166 Mimi Toberman1:19:27F Prone130-391
87F2487 Juli Schulz1:20:31F12'61740-496
88F2521 Lisa Michaels1:20:46F Surf350+1
89F261 Nikki Vaughan1:20:50F Surf440-491
90F2725 Debra Klumph1:21:13F Surf540-492