June 1, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Fernando Stalla And April Zilg Win The Soundsurfer Race In… Connecticut

Soundsurfer Challenge stand up paddle race

SUP racing is apparently alive and well in Connecticut (above New York/below Boston) with over a hundred paddlers turning out for the Soundsurfer Waterman’s Challenge on the weekend.

One of those traveled a rather long way to get there, with Mexico’s Fernando Stalla taking out the elite 7 mile race ahead of Jeramie Vaine and Terry Kent. Over in the women’s April Zilg was too strong, paddling her 12’6 over the line in a time of 1 hour 27 minutes, which was faster than a lot of the guys in the 14′ division.

2014 Soundsurfer Waterman’s Challenge RESULTS

Course: 7 Mile Elite Race
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1Fernando Stalla1:12:1314'118-39
2Jeramie Vaine1:13:3114'218-39
3Terry Kent1:15:4614'350-59
4Taylor Resnick1:17:5714'418-39
5Rod Mclain1:18:0214'550-59
6James Rothwell1:19:4714'640-49
7Mark Colino1:20:4314'750-59
8Robert Flynn1:22:2514'840-49
9Eric Trudon1:22:5614'940-49
10Jack Egan1:23:1114'1040-49
11Ross Stevens1:23:3314'1140-49
12Andrew Kellar1:24:3612'6118-39
13Sean Thomas1:24:3814'1218-39
14Adrian Johnson1:25:5812'6218-39
15Josip Mars1:26:1514'1318-39
16Bob Arnot1:26:28Unlim160+
17Will Brant1:26:2914'1417U
18April Zilg1:27:20Women's 12'6118-39
19Scott Lewis1:28:0214'1518-39
20Joe Peirik1:28:2614'1650-59
21Stephanie Shideler1:28:42Women's 12'6218-39
22Jm Kostallas1:30:3112'6318-39
23Dani Schmidt1:30:38Women's 12'6318-39
24Ian Knowles1:31:4514'1718-39
25Mary Scheerer1:32:05Women's 12'6450-59
26Kevin Woodin1:32:2614'1818-39
27Thomas Blackwell1:32:3814'1950-59
28Dave Grainger1:33:0514'2060+
29William Sodano1:33:3814'2140-49
30Marta Downing1:33:41Women's 12'6540-49
31Evelyn O'doherty1:33:59Women's 12'6640-49
32Kim Reilly1:36:17Women's 12'6740-49
33Craig Stepnowski1:36:3312'6418-39
34Paul Brant1:37:4814'2240-49
35Johnny Ryan1:39:4312'6540-49
36Jessica White1:41:33Women's 12'6818-39
37Michael Penfield1:43:5614'2350-59
38Timothy Kelly1:44:3014'2418-39
39David Lockwood1:45:0114'2540-49
40Shari Hymes1:45:03Women's 12'6950-59
41Carly Tillotson1:45:29Women's 12'61018-39
42Kevin Blagys1:47:1414'2618-39
43Keith Stephan1:48:1514'2718-39
44Tony Chapman1:52:2314'2850-59
45Mike Navarra1:52:3414'2940-49
46Hoffman Jim1:52:4014'3050-59
47James Jurney1:52:4314'3140-49
48William Kerr1:53:5712'6618-39
49Heidi Diehl1:55:52Women's 12'61150-59
50Jonathan Bischof2:00:2412'6750-59
51Samantha Carey2:03:11Women's 12'61240-49
52Nicole Iacovetta2:04:15Women's 12'61318-39
53Scott Harper2:05:0912'6818-39
54Sean Lavine2:06:2414'3240-49
55Linda Cirigliano2:12:01Women's 12'61440-49
56Allison Vodola2:12:14Women's 12'61518-39
57Denise Westman2:40:43Women's 12'61660+
58Roxane Robinson2:40:49Women's 12'61750-59
59Kevin Quinn2:47:39Surf118-39

Results from the Open Race available on PaddleGuru.com