March 24, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Eric Terrien Wins In France Before Jetsetting Across The Atlantic

Raid Paddle Race Eric Terrien
Eric Terrien has won another SUP race in France, surprising absolutely nobody but showing he’s in good form ahead of a big month on the road. Eric took out the Raid Paddle Race yesterday in the west coast city of Vannes, pushing his new (and very uniquely coloured) 12’6 race board clear of a strong field, eventually finishing half a minute in front of rising star Arthur Daniel. Eric’s original French sparring partner, Gaetene Sene, was third and the rehabilitated Greg Closier claimed fourth.

Meanwhile Faustine Merret took out the women’s race on the weekend, in an event that drew 103 paddlers on a chilly late-winter’s afternoon, proving again that SUP racing in France is growing stronger and stronger.

There was little time for Eric to celebrate though; today he starts his travel to Brazil where he’ll compete in the World Series opener next week. After that it’s straight to Abu Dubai for the All Stars event, before a brief pit-stop at home and then another trans-Atlantic flight, this time to Nicaragua where in early May he’ll be representing France for the third straight year at the ISA Worlds.

GetUp SUP Mag has a good recap (which you can also read in Google English) and there are more pics on the official Facebook page.

#Last Name / First NameTimeDivision#Class
1Terrien Eric01:28:00Open Men112'6
2Daniel Arthur01:28:33Open Men212'6
3Séné Gaétan01:28:45Open Men312'6
4Closier Gregory01:29:00Open Men412'6
5Cornelis Yoann01:29:47Open Men514
6Letourneur Martin01:29:55Open Men612'6
7Dode Florent01:32:19Open Men712'6
8Branchy Jérémy01:34:13Open Men812'6
9De la Monneraye Pierre01:36:15Open Men914
10Guiomar stephane01:36:18Open Men1012'6
11Le Ven Franck01:37:10Open Men1112'6
12Michelin Simon01:37:18Open Men1212'6
13Letourneur Thomas01:38:12Open Men1312'6
14Guerin Christophe01:38:13Open Men1412'6
15Vitry Grégoire01:39:05Open Men1512'6
16Mouton jacques01:40:07Juniors112'6
17Letourneur Jean01:40:40Juniors212'6
18Roué Jean Marc01:40:50Open Men1614
19Raimon Matthieu01:41:00Open Men1712'6
20Mattheyses Yves Marie01:43:40Open Men1814
21Marzin01:43:42Open Men1912'6
22Letourneur Jean Pierre01:44:04Open Men2014
23Sery Eric01:44:53Open Men2112'6
24Merret Faustine01:45:00Open Women112'6
25Girard frederic01:45:21Open Men2212'6
26Le Provos Fred01:49:23Open Men2314
27Trebaul Philippe01:49:26Open Men2412'6
28Vitry Valérie01:49:31Open Women212'6
29Richard Tanguy01:49:50Juniors312'6
30Vernack William01:50:43Open Men2512'6
31Lalanne Hervé01:51:47Open Men2612'6
32Paul Eric01:53:57Open Men2712'6
33Prigent Stéphane01:54:30Open Men2812'6
34Dolle Luc01:55:02Open Men2912'6
35Gondre Cécile01:55:44Open Women312'6
36Crozet Anne01:56:44Open Women412'6
37Frank Albarede01:57:45Open Men3012'6
38Villedary gregory01:58:17Open Men3112'6
39Gricourt Eric01:58:30Open Men3212'6
40Geffrault Alain01:58:38Open Men3314
41Villedary Tom02:00:57Juniors412'6
42Curet richard02:04:11Open Men3414
43Michelot frederic02:09:34Open Men3512'6
44Corre Alain02:10:53Open Men3612'6

(Click here for the Open Race results)