May 17, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Eric Terrien, Sonni Honscheid Win The Port Adriano SUP Race In Beautiful Mallorca, Spain (UPDATED RESULTS)

Port Adriano SUP Race Mallorca

Week #1 of the 2014 NSP Euro Tour started with perfect sunny conditions here on beautiful Mallorca, Spain. With a strong field lining up against a backdrop of sandy beaches, colourful and jagged cliffs, imposing islands and turquoise waters, I knew we were in for a great weekend of racing.

The Port Adriano SUP Race is split in two: Long Distance on Saturday and knockout sprint son Sunday. In Saturday morning’s distance race it was France’s Eric Terrien who took the victory, ahead of a very determined Leonard Nika from Italy. Leo set the pace for most of the 13km around the islands outside the luxury Port Adriano, however Eric was too strong in the final 500 metres.

Despite the relatively calm ocean conditions making drafting fairly easy, a solid pace at the front split the field early, with the top 15 spread out between four different draft trains. Sitting in the lead group of four alongside Eric and Leo, and eventually coming home for a very impressive third, was former champion Czech marathon canoer, Branislav Sramek, who out-sprinted Austria’s Peter Bartl to the line. Local strong man Victor Blanes led the four-man, Tour de France style chase group and took fifth over the line.

Meanwhile over on the women’s side Sonni Honscheid showed why she’s going to be very tough to beat this year, comfortably winning the women’s and beating most of the men in the process. Mallorca local and Sonni’s fellow SIC team rider, Laura Quetglas, came home second.

Although Eric had taken the early lead in the overall event standings, Leo’s pace was obvious and we all knew he’d be a threat in Sunday’s sprints. Sure enough, the Italian blitzed the short course, taking out the win ahead of Eric, Roman Frejo and Peter Bartl. That put Leo and Eric tied on points, however the distance race was the tie-breaker, giving Eric the win and the 2,000 Euro first place prize purse. The prize money was paid out immediately at the awards ceremony (in cash I might add). Good to see a medium sized race getting it right where so many bigger events fall over…

Oh and there was a very interesting battle in the men’s 14′ division. The top four placings from Saturday were totally flipped on Sunday, meaning four guys all ended up on five points.

The highlight of the weekend, however, was perhaps the girls’ short course race. In fact all the kids from 6-15 made it clear that Spain has a bright future in this short, showing off skills and speed well beyond their years. Over 30% of the 80+ paddlers who competed in this year’s Port Adriano were kids – awesome to see!

The only thing better than the racing this weekend was the location. Mallorca is a magic island, with extraordinarily beautiful coastlines dotted with jagged cliffs, islands and blue waters. Great way to start the Euro Tour.

Unfortunately I had to sit out the racing on day two due to veeery unforeseen circumstances, however it was definitely a great weekend of racing all round. Put this race on your 2015 bucket list for sure!!

Port Adriano SUP Race – Overall Results

Men’s 12’6
1st: Eric Terrien (1st, 2nd)
2nd: Leonard Nika (2nd, 1st)
3rd: Peter Bartl (4th, 4th)

Women’s 12’6
1st: Sonni Honscheid (1st, 1st)
2nd: Laura Quetglas (2nd, 2nd)
3rd: Susak Molinero (3rd, 4th)

Men’s 14
1st: Xavi Masdevall (1st, 4th)
2nd: Miguel Martorell (2nd, 3rd)
3rd: Tino Aja (3rd, 2nd)

Here are the full results. “Dia 1” = Day 1 (Distance race), “Dia 2” = Day 2 (Sprints)

Port Adriano SUP Race results

Port Adriano SUP Race – Distance Race Results

Course: 13km
Click “Division” to switch between men’s and women’s / 12’6 and 14′ results

1Eric Terrien1:19:52Men's 12'61
2Leonard Nika1:19:56Men's 12'62
3Branislav Sramek1:20:12Men's 12'63
4Peter Bartl1:20:22Men's 12'64
5Víctor Blanes1:21:38Men's 12'65
6Davide Codotto1:21:53Men's 12'66
7Paolo Marconi1:21:54Men's 12'67
8Xavi Masdevall1:22:02Men's 14'1
9Miguel Martorell1:23:16Men's 14'2
10Reza Nasiri1:23:59Men's 12'68
11Pepe Oltra1:24:02Men's 12'69
12Román Frejo1:24:05Men's 12'610
13Christopher Parker1:24:07Men's 12'611
14Tino Aja1:24:08Men's 14'3
15Kiko Borrás1:24:18Men's 12'612
16Sonni Hönscheid1:24:41Women's 12'61
17Tolo Canellas1:24:53Men's 14'4
18Saul Viadero1:26:02Men's 14'5
19Jurgi Zulaika1:27:52Men's 12'613
20Laura Quetglas1:27:59Women's 12'62
21Jaran Rodríguez1:29:31Men's 12'614
22William Doering1:29:33Men's 12'615
23Ahmet Senoglu1:30:25Men's 14'6
24Rom Loopik1:30:27Men's 14'7
25Dirk Jan Coljee1:38:28Men's 14'8
26Susak Molinero1:33:14Women's 12'63
27Susanne Lier1:34:37Women's 12'64
28Siri Schubert1:35:09Women's 12'65
29Marcelo Barreto1:39:53Men's 12'616
30Sara Gelabert1:40:08Women's 12'66
31Marta Abruñedo1:41:46Women's 12'67
32Ane Zulaika1:41:59Women's 12'68
33Julia Perez1:57:48Women's 12'69

Course: 5km
Click “Division” to switch between men’s and women’s results

1Michel Cardell0:40:23Men's Weekend Warriors1
2Jose Antonio Roca0:40:27Men's Weekend Warriors2
3Jose Antonio Pineiro0:43:08Men's Weekend Warriors3
4Fernando Viadero0:43:39Men's Weekend Warriors4
5Miguel Delpon0:43:44Men's Weekend Warriors5
6nicolas Villedieu0:44:17Men's Weekend Warriors6
7Silvia Canudas0:48:58Women's Weekend Warriors1
8Sergio Rubio0:49:19Men's Weekend Warriors7
9Dayana Beancourt0:50:11Women's Weekend Warriors2
10Angel Gracia0:50:19Men's Weekend Warriors8
11Tineke Merkus0:50:29Women's Weekend Warriors3
12Aukje Postma0:52:31Women's Weekend Warriors4
13Bea Canudas0:53:12Women's Weekend Warriors5
14Lara Abrunedo0:57:32Women's Weekend Warriors6
15Ingrid Berger0:57:32Women's Weekend Warriors7

Course: entertaining

Boys under 8
1st: Marc Simoncelli (0:14:12)

Boys 8-11
1st: Aaron Sanchez (0:13:01)
2nd: Lucas Simoncelli (0:13:32)
3rd: Antonio Serrera (0:16:01)
4th: Aleix Viada (0:16:18)

Boys 12-14
1st: Adrian Caimari (0:18:37)
2nd: Miguel Angel Cardell (0:19:55)

Boys 15-18
1st: toni Marti (0:24:03)
2nd: Matias Caimari (0:24:20)
3rd: Pau Ybarra (0:25:13)
4th: Alex Suau (0:25:23)
5th: Enrique Hurtado (0:25:48)
6th: Pedro Nadal (0:29:10)

Girls 8-11
1st: Daniela Pajaro (0:12:52)
2nd: Duna Gordillo (0:13:03)
3rd: Sonia Caimari (0:14:17)

Girls 12-14
1st: Alba Gordillo (0:13:36)
2nd: Carme Martorell (0:14:00)
3rd: Marta Caimari (0:15:04)
4th: Laura Oliver (0:15:18)
5th: Alejandra Serrera (0:15:20)
6th: Maria Jose Pellicer (0:21:02)

Girls 15-18
1st: Aylin Rodas (0:20:05)
2nd: Daniela Betan court (0:20:14)
3rd: Ana Bassitta (0:23:07)

Mallorca Port Adriano SUP

Port Adriano SUP race Mallorca spain

Port Adriano Mallorca Spain SUP

Port Adriano Mallorca

Port Adriano Stand Up Paddle race

Eric, Laura, Sonni and Leo (photo credit:

Thanks to Thaissa MDC for snapping the pics from the boat. All photos copyright, though feel free to swipe them and post them all over Instagram, Facebook or on your bedroom wall.

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