January 12, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Slater Trout, Lina Augaitis Win Orange Bowl Paddle Champs In Miami (UPDATED)

Slater Trout takes the win
Slater Trout and Lina Augaitis have just taken out the Orange Bowl Paddle Champs in Florida ahead of a quality field. Thomas Maximus claimed line honours on his unlimited board, while Slater was pushed to the line by Mexico’s Fernando Stalla and Brazilian young gun Vinnicius Martins.

The annual Orange Bowl is considered the First Big Race Of The Year. The event piggybacks on the massive Surf Expo over in Orlando, meaning plenty of big names are always in Florida around this time. Anyway the racing has literally just finished but we’ve already got the elite results up, so take a look below to find out how it all went down in Miami then check back later for full results plus plenty of pics and video…

Orange Bowl SUP race

Mark Athanacio has a bunch of pics up on Facebook

Elite 12’6 Men
1st: Slater Trout
2nd: Fernando Stalla
3rd: Vinnicius Martins
4th: Ryan Helm
5th: Belar Diaz

Elite 12’6 Women
1st: Lina Augaitis
2nd: Bailey Rosen
3rd: Helga Goebel

Thanks to Thomas Maximus for posting the results below on Instagram. Main pic above posted by Slater Trout on Instagram. We’ll have results from the open races as soon as we get them from the organisers.

NOTE: Results below are for the “Elite” divisions – click here for the rec race results.

2014 Orange Bowl Paddle Championship – ELITE RACE

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1Thomas Maximus1:03:06Unlimited1M
2Slater Trout1:08:4612'61M
3Fernando Stalla1:08:4912'62M
4Vinnicius Martins1:08:5512'63M
5Ryan Helm1:09:0112'64M
6Belar Diaz1:09:3012'65M
7Elvin Maldonado1:09:47141M
8Jesse Kautz1:10:11142M
9Chip Bock1:10:25Unlimited2M
10Paolo Marconi1:10:5912'66M
11Ron Gossard1:11:1812'67M
12Kieran Grant1:11:24143M
13Brad Ward1:11:25144M
14Andrew White1:11:31145M
15Joseph Morel1:11:4912'68M
16Joseph Cerdas1:12:1312'69M
17Rob Bitzkowski1:12:24146M
18Lina Augaitis1:12:42F12'61F
19Frank Dillenberg1:13:21147M
20Patrick Lopez1:13:35148M
21Ethan Luppert1:13:4112'610M
22Brandon Rambo1:13:45149M
23Matt Arensman1:13:511410M
24Mark Athanacio1:13:5312'611M
25David Dean1:13:561411M
26John Sekas1:13:591412M
27Garrett Fletcher1:14:4212'612M
28Rev Thom1:14:461413M
29Carmine Pici1:15:021414M
30Dan Gavere1:15:261415M
31Dave Jalving1:15:351416M
32David Daniels1:15:561417M
33Josh Smart1:15:5712'613M
34Chris Keller1:16:021418M
35Austin Hollingshead1:16:031419M
36Bailey Rosen1:16:09F12'62F
37David Leach1:16:111420M
38Helga Goebel1:16:2412'614M
39Jim Higgins1:16:371421M
40James Rothwell1:16:4612'615M
41Alberto Color1:17:0112'616M
42Joey Kolisch1:17:051422M
43Adam Whittington1:17:261423M
44John Meskaukas1:17:341424M
45Jeremy Whitted1:18:0912'617M
46Carlos Valdes1:18:511425M
47Jeff Cameron1:18:5112'618M
48Heath Marston1:18:591426M
49Morgan Blittner1:19:00F141F
50Kelsa Gabehart1:19:09F12'63F
51Alex Pelkey1:19:181427M
52Mini Cunha1:19:23F12'64F
53Don Eisenman1:19:2412'619M
54Silvia Mecucci1:19:26F12'65F
55Mary Anne Boyer1:19:28F12'66F
56Rami Zur1:19:3212'620M
57Steven Bernstein1:19:0512'621M
58Bobby Capwell1:20:1812'622M
59Jose Martins1:20:331428M
60Nathaniel Richard1:20:3612'623M
61Zach Roansaville1:20:4012'624M
62Christopher Strout1:21:021429M
63April Zilg1:21:12F12'67F
64Dawn Ehman1:21:18F12'68F
65Michael Faulker1:21:2412'625M
66Victoria Zatorski1:21:25F12'69F
67Kelvin Maldonado1:21:3912'626M
68Anthony Berry1:21:4312'627M
69Elizabeth Ruiz1:21:54F12'610F
70Donald Pratt1:22:0112'628M

NOTE: Results above cut out at #70 – click here for full elite results right down to last place.


1st overall (men’s 12’6)
Slater Trout

2nd overall (men’s 12’6)
Fernando Stalla

3rd overall (men’s 12’6)
Vinnicius Martins

1st 18 & under
Vinnicius Martins

1st 19-39
Slater Trout

1st 40-49
Mark Athanacio

1st 50-59
Bobby Capwell

1st 60+
Will Compton

1st 14′
Elvin Maldonado

2nd 14′
Jesse Kautz

3rd 14′
Kieran Grant

18 & under 14′
Austin Hollingshead

19-39 14′
Jesse Kautz

40-49 14′
Elvin Maldonado

50-59 14′
Frank Dillenberg

60+ 14′
Jim Higgins

Thomas Maximus

Slater Trout

1st overall (women’s 12’6)
Lina Augaitis

2nd overall (women’s 12’6)
Bailey Rosen

3rd overall (women’s 12’6)
Helga Goebel

18 & under
Bailey Rosen

Lina Augaitis

Mini Cunha

Bernadette Leach

Lina Augaitis

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