February 22, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Lanakila Classic

Lanakila Classic Stand Up Paddling RaceThe latest stop of the SoCal Race Series, the Lanakila Classic, was held in Redondo today. In a repeat of the previous SoCal race (Hal Rosoff) it was Thomas Maximus taking line honours on his unlimited board and Spaniard-turned-Californian Belar Diaz beating the locals to claim the competitive 14 foot class. The Spaniard has been on a bit of a roll lately and will no doubt be looking to turn that form into a medal at the upcoming ISA Worlds in Nicaragua.

Meanwhile over in the women’s race it was Brandi Baksic all the way, with the San Clemente local finishing five minutes clear. However the pic of the day belongs to Rob Rojas’ son Conrad, who clearly gave it all as he crossed the line (see above).

Full results below via PaddleGuru.com while there’s plenty more pics up on Facebook thanks to OnIt Pro.

Note: The official results have a few mistakes… but we do know the top six finishers in the 14′ class were:
1) Belar Diaz
2) Garrit Barth
3) Ryan Murphy
4) Rob Rojas
5) Brendan Light
6) Taylor Rambo


2014 Lanakila Classic SUP Race Results

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1MThomas Maximus0:44:17Unlim1Masters 40-49
2MBelar Diaz0:46:3514'1Open 20-39
3MGarrit Barth0:46:3814'2Open 20-39
4MRyan Murphy0:47:0614'3Open 20-39
5MBrendan Light0:47:3514'4Open 20-39
6MClayton Walking Eagle0:48:08Unlim2Open 20-39
7MRob Rojas0:48:2014'5Masters 40-49
8MTaylor Rambo0:49:1314'6Open 20-39
9MKarl Ring0:49:5312'61Masters 40-49
10MBrandon Rambo0:49:5512'62Open 20-39
11MJeramie Vaine0:50:0212'63Open 20-39
12MEvan Hibbard0:50:0314'7U19
13MDaniel Russell0:50:1612'64U19
14MMike Vaughan0:50:2914'8Masters 40-49
15MKeith Meter0:50:3812'65Masters 40-49
16MDale Marnati0:50:4114'9Golden Masters 60+
17FBrandi Baksic0:51:06F12'61Masters 40-49
18MMark Christman0:51:13Unlim3Masters 40-49
19MJames Donovan0:51:2414'10Open 20-39
20MPeter Deavila0:52:0714'11Masters 40-49
21MPatrick O'hea0:52:2514'12Open 20-39
22MAndew Mencinsky0:52:2614'13Masters 40-49
23MDonald Preston0:52:3112'66Open 20-39
24MDavid Meyler0:52:3812'67Masters 40-49
25MBrad Fyffe0:52:4612'68Open 20-39
26MJohn Goodman0:53:5114'14Sr. Masters 50+
27MRichard Davidson0:54:3114'15Golden Masters 60+
28MGene Smith0:55:0012'69Sr. Masters 50+
29MMark Miyamoto0:56:1312'610Open 20-39
30MIan Light0:56:2012'611U16
31MMichael Sammis0:56:2014'16Sr. Masters 50+
32MJohn Gossett0:56:3514'17Sr. Masters 50+
33FAntoinette Cocco0:56:55F12'62Open 20-39
34MMatt Chebatoris0:56:5612'612Masters 40-49
35FSarah Messina0:56:57F12'63Open 20-39
36MRyland Hart0:58:0612'613U16
37MPat Ryan0:59:3314'18Golden Masters 60+
38FShae Foudy1:02:10F12'64U16
39FHolly Mcmullen1:02:27F12'65Open 20-39
40FJennifer Humboldt1:03:34F12'66Masters 40-49
41MMike Guerrero1:04:5812'614Sr. Masters 50+
42MChris Koerner1:06:00Surf1Sr. Masters 50+
43FJill Johnson1:06:05F12'67Masters 40-49
44FErika Benitez1:08:15F12'68U16
45MRichard Briant1:08:16Surf2Masters 40-49
46MCraig Hibbard1:08:3114'19Sr. Masters 50+
47FLexi Alston1:08:33F12'69U16
48FConrad Andrea1:09:26F12'610Masters 40-49
49MJohn Hackbart1:11:4614'20Masters 40-49
50MSam Michel1:12:4914'21Open 20-39
51MRusty Doms1:12:5414'22Golden Masters 60+
52MMatt Schneider1:13:1812'615Open 20-39
53MRedy Baisa1:13:2712'616Sr. Masters 50+
54FBelah Ellis1:14:06F12'611U16
55MNoam Elroi1:14:4512'617U16
56FMichelle Gierst1:16:47F14'1Sr. Masters 50+
57MJeremy Godokiss1:16:4814'23Open 20-39
58FAmy Ehrenkranz1:17:57F12'612Sr. Masters 50+