RESULTS: Morgan Hoesterey And Matt Becker Win The Jay Race In Santa Cruz

Carter Graves Matt Becker

Matt Becker (SUP race winner) and ‘Charger’ Carter Graves (women’s prone champ) at the Jay Race in Santa Cruz (photo: Surftech)

While much of the world was watching Idaho and Germany on the weekend, another favourite race was happening over in California. The Surftech Jay Race an annual race that honours the memory of Jay Moriarity and promote the culture of paddleboarding. The event has become a bit of an institution and this year drew 150 odd paddlers, including almost 100 SUPs.

Matt Becker and Morgan Hoesterey were the fastest around the long course. Quite fitting that Matt took the win, seeing the guy is one of the new young chargers out at Mavericks (mirroring the late, great Jay Moriarity).

We’ll have some great pics from the water up soon. In the meantime here are the full results from the long course SUP race…

Surftech Jay Race

2014 Surftech Jay Race RESULTS

1Keith Meter2:04:16Men's 12'61Open143
2Matt Becker1:54:15Men's 14'1Open119
3Jarkko Simonen1:56:15Men's 14'2Open235
4Jimmy Spithill1:59:21Men's 14'3Open334
5Bojan Bernard1:59:26Men's 14'450+152
6Rob Graham2:00:56Men's Unlimited1Open149
7Rand Cater2:01:35Men's 14'550+250
8Seth Springer2:03:16Men's 14'6Open437
9Robi Rousset2:04:44Men's 14'7Open528
10Nevvar Hickmet2:04:48Men's 14'8Open647
11Grant McFadyen2:04:49Men's 14'9Open745
12Joel Comer2:05:34Men's 14'1050+350
13Brad Seyffer2:06:01Men's 14'11Open841
14John Alexiou2:06:18Men's 14'12Open948
15Mike Irete2:06:55Men's 14'13Open1046
16Patrick O'Hea2:07:31Men's 14'14Open1138
17Mark Christman2:08:02Men's Unlimited2Open245
18Jay Gomez2:08:16Men's 14'15Open1237
19Morgan Hoesterey2:08:38Women's 12'61Open133
20Andrew Mecinsky2:09:14Men's 14'16Open1347
21Dax Willard2:10:52Men's 14'17Open1435
22Renick Woods2:11:40Men's 14'18Open1539
23Austin Schoeneman2:12:18Men's 14'19Open1622
24Steve Chrapchynski2:14:00Men's 14'20Open1743
25Scott Estrada2:14:28Men's 14'21Open1846
26Fred Anderson2:15:48Men's 14'2250+462
27Geoff James2:16:43Men's 14'2350+551
28Jennifer Fuller2:16:56Women's 12'6250+151
29John Walsh2:17:46Men's 12'62Open238
30Scott Cheney2:18:16Men's 12'6350+151
31Heivarii Atamu2:18:26Men's 12'64Under 18116
32Peter Phelan2:18:28Men's 14'24Open1941
33Matt Evarts2:18:33Men's 14'25Open2043
34Dave Harris2:18:58Men's 12'6550+259
35Kali'a Alexiou2:19:00Women's 12'63Under 18113
36David Swidan2:19:48Men's 14'26Open2145
37Stephen Pugh2:20:08Men's 14'2750+656
38Jean-Michel Trivi2:20:30Men's 14'28Open2243
39Kyle Wade2:20:31Men's 14'29Open2349
40Haakon Hoyer Nielsen2:20:34Men's 12'66Under 18214
41Tai Boutell2:20:40Men's 14'30Open2444
42Dave Rundio2:22:38Men's 14'31Open2541
43Nick Vivar2:23:45Men's 14'3250+750
44Derek Burns2:23:53Men's 14'33Open2649
45Tim Martin2:24:04Men's 14'34Open2747
46Ruben Sanchez2:24:39Men's 12'67Open344
47Don Potter2:25:02Men's 14'35Open2847
48Timothy Stienne2:25:19Men's 14'36Open2930
49Joe Quinn2:26:20Men's 14'37Open3048
50Rune Hoyer Nielsen2:26:46Men's 12'68Open443
51Wendy Ackermann2:27:04Women's 12'64Open248
52Lincoln West2:27:08Men's 14'3850+850
53Andy Colehower2:27:28Men's 14'39Open3145
54Daniel Gutgesell2:27:42Men's 12'69Open543
55Steve Smith2:28:21Men's 12'61050+358
56Brian Williams2:28:23Men's 14'40Open3241
57Erich Diekmann2:28:57Men's 12'611Open644
58Randy Lindsey2:30:13Men's 12'612Open734
59Michael Dillon2:31:38Men's 14'4150+962
60Chris Cole2:32:41Men's 14'42Open3348
61Kristine Hamrick2:33:04Women's 12'65Open349
62Kate Dowling2:33:23Women's 12'6650+251
63Bruce Walters2:34:43Men's 12'61350+454
64Juerg Geser2:35:31Men's 14'43Open3444
65Jim Claussen2:36:49Men's 14'44Open3545
66Jason Alaniz2:37:25Men's 12'614Open846
67Michael Kerbyson2:40:07Men's 14'45Open3647
68Burleigh Cooper2:40:25Men's 14'46Open3739
69Ken Radliff2:40:42Men's 12'61550+553
70Gilbert Garcia2:40:44Men's 14'4750+1053
71Billy Demartini2:41:59Men's Unlimited3Open329
72Eden Samuels2:42:32Men's 12'61650+662
73Valerie Kchachadourian2:44:48Women's 12'6750+352
74Francine Tone2:45:35Women's 12'6850+458
75Mark Sessler2:45:47Men's 14'48Open3844
76Mark Craig2:46:51Men's 14'49Open3946
77Daniel Nutt2:47:43Men's 14'5050+1158
78Vince Felicetta2:48:04Men's 12'617Open948
79Alex Groswird2:50:06Men's 14'5150+1260
80Jeremy Taylor2:52:40Men's 12'618Open1038
81Nicole Harris2:53:45Women's 14'1Open146
82Steve Harris2:53:46Men's 14'52Open4046
83Helen Cooper2:54:33Women's 12'69Open433
84Phil Storrer3:02:01Men's 14'5350+1368
85Roshan Todd3:10:20Women's 14'2Open239
86Hunter Gallacher3:10:57Men's 12'619Open1132
87Jessica Neafsey3:14:52Women's 12'610Open535