February 9, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

[RESULTS] Hundreds Of Paddlers Hit Newport For Annual Hal Rosoff Classic

2014 Hal Rosoff Classic - Newport

Hundreds of paddlers showed up for the 2014 Hal Rosoff Classic in Newport (© OnIt Pro)

Hundreds of paddlers hit the water in Southern California yesterday for the annual Hal Rosoff Classic, a much loved race based out of the iconic Newport Aquatic Center. The 2014 edition featured close to 150 stand up paddlers and taking line honours on his unlimited was Thomas Maximus.

Meanwhile in the battle of the 14 footers, Spaniard-turned-SoCal-resident Belar Diaz put in an impressive performance on the brand new Fanatic Falcon flatwater design to claim 1st, ahead of Sean Pangelinan in a sprint to the line. Taylor Rambo and Rob Rojas filled the minor 14′ placings for Team Riviera while Karl Ring was the fastest of the 12’6 board class.

In the women’s race, Gail Vento was the quickest on her 14, while Kristin Thomas won the 12’6 division ahead of up-and-coming youngsters Shae Foudy (Under 16) and Alyson Fromm (under 19).

The crew from OnIt Pro have over a thousand photos (seriously) up on Facebook. Here’s gallery #1, gallery #2 and gallery #3 (most of the SUP pics are in #3).

Full results below…

Belar Diaz

Belar Diaz edges out Sean Pangelinan to win the battle of the 14 footers (© OnIt Pro)

2014 Hal Rosoff Classic SUP Race Results

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1MThomas Maximus0:35:05Unlim1Masters 40-491
2MBelar Diaz0:37:0614'1Open 20-391
3MSean Pangelinan0:37:0714'2Open 20-392
4MTaylor Rambo0:37:3014'3Open 20-393
5MRob Rojas0:37:3714'4Masters 40-491
6MDick Deboer0:38:33Unlim2Masters 40-492
7MBrendan Light0:38:3714'5Open 20-394
8MBrent Campbell0:38:4014'6Open 20-395
9MDave Boehne0:38:4914'7Open 20-396
10MJeramie Vaine0:39:0014'8Open 20-397
11MJack Wygal0:39:4014'9Masters 40-492
12MClayton Walking Eagle0:40:1314'10Open 20-398
13MKarl Ring0:40:1812'61Masters 40-491
14MDaniel Russell0:40:3612'62U191
15MChad Bashor0:40:4614'11Masters 40-493
16MJeff Warner0:41:1514'12Masters 40-494
17MDale Marnati0:41:2414'13Golden Masters 60+1
18MCody Silvester0:41:2914'14Open 20-399
19MNevvar Hickmet0:41:3014'15Masters 40-495
20MPatrick O'hea0:41:3914'16Open 20-3910
21FGail Vento0:41:39F14'1Open 20-391
22MKeith Meter0:41:4112'63Masters 40-492
23MRick Ranjo0:41:4314'17Masters 40-496
24MBrent Pascoe0:42:3412'64Open 20-391
25MMace Camhe0:42:3514'18Masters 40-497
26MJayson Campbell0:42:3612'65Open 20-392
27MDonald Preston0:42:4212'66Open 20-393
28MNick Scheel0:42:4412'67U161
29MDavid Meyler0:43:0512'68Masters 40-493
30MMatt Hartnett0:43:0614'19Open 20-3911
31MDylan Goode0:43:2214'20U191
32MRon Remeyer0:43:3114'21Sr. Masters 50+1
33MAndew Mencinsky0:43:3614'22Masters 40-498
34MMatt Macarewich0:43:44Unlim3Sr. Masters 50+1
35MJeremiah Murphy0:43:4912'69Masters 40-494
36MRyan Ekedal0:43:5414'23Open 20-3912
37MRodney Ellis0:43:5912'610Masters 40-495
38MRobert Howson0:44:0212'611Sr. Masters 50+1
39MMichael Copley0:44:1814'24Golden Masters 60+2
40FKristin Thomas0:44:21F12'61Sr. Masters 50+1
41MJohn Goodman0:44:3314'25Sr. Masters 50+2
42MJack Warner0:44:3712'612U192
43MIan Light0:44:4112'613U162
44FShae Foudy0:44:47F12'62U161
45FAlyson Fromm0:44:51F12'63U191
46MRichard Davidson0:45:2014'26Golden Masters 60+3
47MSean Madden0:45:4514'27Masters 40-499
48MTerence Omalley0:45:5112'614Open 20-394
49MMichael Kelley0:45:5912'615Masters 40-496
50MJeremy Jones0:46:1012'616Masters 40-497
51MDavid Mallari0:46:2214'28Masters 40-4910
52MChris Hammond0:46:3814'29Masters 40-4911
53FConnie Kraus0:46:42F14'2Sr. Masters 50+1
54MRod Loftis0:46:5412'617Masters 40-498
55MJohn Bland0:47:0212'618Golden Masters 60+1
56MMatt Chebatoris0:47:2112'619Masters 40-499
57FTerri Plunkett0:47:34F12'64Masters 40-491
58MDale Goode0:47:5712'620Sr. Masters 50+2
59MMark Pighini0:48:0314'30Sr. Masters 50+3
60MErik Williams0:48:1014'31Open 20-3913
61MBruce Stavron0:48:1314'32Sr. Masters 50+4
62MKarl Treiberg0:48:1812'621Sr. Masters 50+3
63MRichard Sweitz0:48:2014'33Sr. Masters 50+5
64MRob Simonson0:48:2314'34Masters 40-4912
65FJill Vickery0:51:32F12'65Masters 40-492
66MBilly Kho0:51:3812'622Sr. Masters 50+4
67MTrevor Bashor0:51:3912'623U163
68MJohn Andel0:51:4312'624Open 20-395
69MTony Forcier0:51:4414'35Sr. Masters 50+6
70MMark Quest0:51:5112'625Masters 40-4910
71MBrian Mcwilliams0:52:0414'36Masters 40-4913
72MPat Ryan0:52:1314'37Golden Masters 60+4
73FKerstin Ouellet0:52:14F12'66Masters 40-493
74MAdam Hart0:52:3714'38Open 20-3914
75MEric Bardot0:52:5412'626Open 20-396
76MRobert Gates0:53:0214'39Open 20-3915
77MDave Harris0:53:0612'627Sr. Masters 50+5
78MDavid Hansch0:53:0814'40Golden Masters 60+5
79MMyles Blazer0:53:1212'628U164
80MNorm Scheel0:53:3414'41Masters 40-4914
81FCat Bell0:53:43F12'67Open 20-391
82FHelen Taylor0:53:47F14'3Sr. Masters 50+2
83MNicholas Borsodi0:53:5012'629Open 20-397
84MCameron Fraser0:53:5112'630Sr. Masters 50+6
85FPaige Edwards0:53:54F12'68U192
86FTerri Wargo0:53:58F14'4Masters 40-491
87FGretchen Benedetto0:54:02F12'69Sr. Masters 50+2
88MJohn Siggs0:54:0614'42Sr. Masters 50+7
89MTyler Bashor0:54:1412'631U165
90MScott Campbell0:54:2314'43Masters 40-4915
92MJohn Balogh0:55:1212'632Masters 40-4911
91FKim Mcdermott0:55:12F12'610Open 20-392
93MMike Garmon0:55:2014'44Masters 40-4916
94FErica Davis0:55:20F Surf1Open 20-391
95MLarry Vickery0:55:2612'633Golden Masters 60+2
96FHolly Mcmullen0:55:47F12'611Open 20-393
97MMax Carran0:57:3214'45U161
98MMichael Nguyen0:57:3814'46Open 20-3916
99MRich D'souza0:57:4014'47Sr. Masters 50+8
100MJason Meffe0:57:4814'48Open 20-3917
101MRyan Leighton0:58:27Surf1Open 20-391
102MChris Sinatra0:58:4014'49Masters 40-4917
103MRichard Lauduski0:59:1314'50Sr. Masters 50+9
104MChris Koerner0:59:14Surf2Sr. Masters 50+1
105FChristine Graham0:59:16F12'612Sr. Masters 50+3
106FKristin Kaczmarek0:59:19F12'613Open 20-394
107MMichael Erlinger0:59:52Unlim4Masters 40-493
108MGreg Brunson0:59:5814'51Masters 40-4918
109FLisa Hazelton1:00:13F12'614Sr. Masters 50+4
110FErika Benitez1:01:22F12'615U162
111FSuzie Graf1:01:25F14'5Sr. Masters 50+3
112FMelissa Romero1:01:29F14'6Sr. Masters 50+4
113FSuzie Yeo1:01:37F12'616Sr. Masters 50+5
114FLexi Alston1:02:28F12'617U163
115MTai Diggins1:02:3812'634U166
116FCassandra Lauduski1:02:52F12'618Open 20-395
117MChris Butler1:03:0114'52Masters 40-4919
118FAlexandria Higginson1:03:27F12'619U164
119MHugo Martinez1:03:3912'635Open 20-398
120FCheryl Mcmurray1:03:46F12'620Sr. Masters 50+6
121FJeanne Stavron1:03:53F12'621Sr. Masters 50+7
122MWayne Berge1:03:5912'636Sr. Masters 50+7
123FJulie Garrido1:04:09F14'7Masters 40-492
124FEmily Seiersen1:04:13F14'8U191
125FKelli Foudy1:04:15F12'622Masters 40-494
126MGregory Crouse1:04:23Surf3Masters 40-491
127MDarren Burgett1:05:3212'637Masters 40-4912
128FJennifer Humboldt1:05:34F12'623Masters 40-495
129MChase Howard1:05:3912'638U167
130MTim Hazlewood1:05:5412'639Golden Masters 60+3
131MBrian Macdougall1:06:1212'640Masters 40-4913
132MJames Yanoschik1:06:2314'53Sr. Masters 50+10
133MixedFelisha Kieswetter1:06:3412'641Sr. Masters 50+8
134FTrista Mcwilliams1:06:43F12'624Open 20-396
135MRyan Olufson1:06:5612'642Open 20-399
136FBelah Ellis1:07:12F12'625U165
137MWillie Rosoff1:07:2212'643Sr. Masters 50+9
138MPete Corrao1:07:3414'54Sr. Masters 50+11
139FBrenda Yanoschik1:07:45F12'626Sr. Masters 50+8
140MBrian Young1:07:5412'644Masters 40-4914
141FAlida Ramganesh1:08:22F12'627Masters 40-496
142MShad Eischen1:08:45Surf4Open 20-392
143MKen Baldwin1:09:52Surf5Sr. Masters 50+2
144FVeronica Kingsbury1:10:10F12'628Masters 40-497
145MMike Miklavic1:11:4712'645Open 20-3910
146FJade Howson1:12:34F12'629U166
147FRosa Burgett1:16:40F12'630Masters 40-498

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