May 22, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Chase Kosterlitz, Jenny Kalmbach Reign Supreme In Florida

Chase Kosterlitz SUP

Chase Kosterlitz in winning form. I’m not sure if it’s really hot, Chase is moving really fast, or this photo was simply taken from a long way away… probably all three (photo credit: John T. Bambace on Facebook)

Chase Kosterlitz has defended his crown at a race in Florida for the umpteenth time, taking out Saturday’s Florida Cup race in St. Pete Beach. Chase was quickest around the 10 mile Tampa Bay course, finishing three minutes clear of the very talented Ryan Helm.

It was an impressive performance from Chase, who has showed similar early season form at last month’s Carolina Cup. The big guy from Florida (who recently moved to San Diego) hasn’t lost in his home state since 2011. Not a bad track record. So while he’s yet to crack the podium at his non-preferred BOP Elite Race, if there’s ever a hard, grinding, long distance race, you’d be a brave punter to bet against Chase finishing near the front of the pack.

Meanwhile Jenny Kalmbach, who hosted a couple of technique clinics across the weekend, was too strong in the women’s, coming home ahead of East Coast warrior Helga Goebel.

The 2014 Florida Cup appears to have been a big success. Over 200 paddlers turned out, with 113 finishing the Elite 10 race alone, quite an impressive number for a distance event. The East Coast, especially Florida, seems to be fast becoming the biggest market for SUP racing in terms of participation numbers.

Full results below…

Seems the race wasn’t totally without drama though, as there was a bit of confusion about the start/finish (there’s been a bit of that lately…). Apparently the officials changed the rules about which finishing buoys to go around after the race briefing but right before the start of the race, which caused confusion to some of the finishers.

2014 Florida Cup: 10 Mile SUP Race Results

1Chase Kosterlitz01:35:38:00M14'118-491
2Ryan Helm01:38:00:00M14'218-492
3Kieran Grant01:40:00:00M14'318-493
4Patrick Klemawesch01:40:40:00Unlimited118-491
5Bill Kraft01:41:01:00M14'418-494
6Matt Arensman01:41:49:00M14'518-495
7Garrett Fletcher01:42:07:00M14'618-496
8Joseph Morel01:44:30:00M14'718-497
9Brad Ward01:44:59:00M14'818-498
10Nick Bjork01:45:19:00M14'918-499
11Andrew White01:45:27:00M14'1018-4910
12Michael Conlee01:46:19:00M14'1118-4911
13Chip Bock01:46:38:00Unlimited218-492
14Rob Mirlenbrink01:46:41:00Unlimited318-493
15Jake Portwood01:48:03:00M12'6118-491
16Austin Hollingshead01:48:20:00M14'12U171
17Jenny Kalmbach01:48:52:00F12'6118-491
18Rev Thom01:50:02:00M14'1318-4912
19Matt Wise01:50:56:00M12'6218-492
20Jamie Twigg01:50:57:00M12'6318-493
21Jim Valenti01:51:45:00M14'1450+1
22Trip Saunders01:51:57:00M14'1518-4913
23Quintin Chiapperino01:52:01:00M12'64U171
24David Dean01:52:44:00M14'1650+2
25Sam Wessinger01:53:26:00M14'17U172
26John Meskauskas01:53:52:00M12'6518-494
27Carmine Pici01:54:05:00M14'1850+3
28Helga Goebel01:54:34:00F12'6218-492
29John Sekas01:55:20:00M14'1950+4
30Chris Murphy01:55:46:00M14'2018-4914
31Cristian Prado01:55:58:00M12'6618-495
32Frank Dillenburg01:57:06:00M14'2150+5
33Dennis Navarrete01:57:38:00M12'6718-496
34Andrew Gaucho01:57:49:00M12'6818-497
35Kristin Apotsos01:58:18:00F12'6318-493
36Steve Thomas02:00:35:00M14'2250+6
37Jim Higgins02:00:51:00M14'2350+7
38Patrick Daugherty02:01:07:00M12'6918-498
39Edimar Luque02:01:36:00F12'6418-494
40Shelby Taylor02:01:54:00F12'6518-495
41Mark Roberts02:03:30:00M12'61018-499
42Kimberly Barnes02:03:52:00F12'6618-496
43Dave Jalving02:04:27:00M14'2418-4915
44Heath Marston02:05:49:00M14'2518-4916
45Neil Uden02:06:35:00M12'61118-4910
46Ralf Steitz02:07:17:00M14'2650+8
47Karen Mirlenbrink02:07:36:00F12'6718-497
48Christian Grause02:08:15:00M14'2718-4917
49Taylor Mock02:08:17:00M12'61218-4911
50Bailey Rosen02:08:35:00F12'6818-498
51Rob Mayhew02:09:12:00M14'2818-4918
52Chris Rockwood02:09:22:00M12'613U172
53Connor Rush02:10:34:00M12'614U173
54Jeff Walton02:13:09:00M14'2950+9
55Brent Duty02:15:33:00M14'3018-4919
56Michael Maddux02:17:24:00M12'61518-4912
57Adam Pollock02:18:59:00M14'3118-4920
58Stephen Chase02:20:07:00M14'3218-4921
59David Rush02:21:45:00M14'3350+10
60Heather Kaarup02:22:19:00F12'6918-499
61Jeffrey Brown02:22:27:00M14'3450+11
62Will Marston02:22:34:00M12'616U174
63Keith Beam02:22:49:00M12'61718-4913
64Meg Bosi02:23:10:00F12'61018-4910
65Katie Holz02:23:20:00F12'61118-4911
66Nannette Prevost02:23:23:00F12'61218-4912
67Elizabeth Morse02:23:27:00F12'61318-4913
68Richard Rodriguez02:23:45:00M12'61850+1
69Jesse Dasilva02:24:48:00M14'3518-4922
70Lloyd Reeves02:25:37:00M14'3650+12
71Marc Kron02:25:38:00M14'3750+13
72Matthew Love02:26:40:00M12'61918-4914
73Heidi Miller02:28:31:00F12'61418-4914
74Glenn Jenkins02:29:25:00M12'62050+2
75Keith Cook02:29:49:00M14'3850+14
76Lindy Carter02:30:10:00F14'150+1
77Kaleb Cook02:30:17:00M12'621U175
78Justin Hayskar02:30:38:00M14'3918-4923
79John Predmore02:32:32:00M12'62218-4915
80Gabriela Castro02:33:55:00F12'61518-4915
81Arnold Schmidt02:35:49:00M12'62350+3
82Monique Walker02:39:44:00F12'61618-4916
83Lisa Cool02:40:21:00F12'61718-4917
84Jennifer Crews02:41:10:00F12'61818-4918
85Matt Kearney02:41:37:00M12'62418-4916
86Jessi Farber02:42:16:00F12'61918-4919
87Karen Mayer02:43:41:00F12'62018-4920
88Evey Hammond02:45:13:00F12'62118-4921
89Trina Casburn03:00:29:00F12'62218-4922
90Joe Vetter03:03:00:00M12'62550+4

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