August 16, 2014
by Christopher Parker (@wheresbossman)

Andrew Logreco Wins The Duke’s OceanFest Downwind Race… On A 12’6

Andrew Logreco Oahu Stand Up Paddleboarder

Andrew Logreco and Morgan Hoesterey have taken out today’s Hawaii Paddleboard Championships, aka the Duke Race, as part of Duke’s OceanFest here in Waikiki.

With the Ultimate SUP Showdown just 24 hours away there are a whole stack of world beaters in town. Most of the pros chose to sit out today’s super hot, 9 mile downwinder from Hawaii Kai to the beach at Waikiki, however there were still a few big guns on the start line.

Despite paddling a board five feet shorter than most of his rivals, it was Logreco who took out the line honours. The North Shore lifeguard, one of the true characters of stand up paddling (regularly sports a mullet and wore a Justin Bieber shirt – after losing a bet – at Molokai a couple of weeks ago) absolutely crushed it out there today. He finished nearly a minute ahead of the extremely under-rated Kaeo Abbey while also beating home unlimited masters such as Livio Menelau.

The highly fancied Aussie, Jake Jensen, was third (also on a 12’6, though he was 2 minutes behind Logreco).

The wind was pretty good for today’s Hawaii Kai downwinder. Not all time, but definitely some big runners in the mid part of the race. Though as we rounded Diamond Head for the final few kilometres to the finish, our angle totally shifted and suddenly it became a cross-wind grind to the line. Didn’t help that it was crazy hot today or that a few of us – yours truly included – thought we’d wing it and paddle without a water pack.

The Hawaii Paddleboard Championships are one of the longest-running paddleboard races in the world, dating back to the early 90s if I’m not mistaken. And of course it’s all part of Duke’s OceanFest, an iconic event that pays homage to the great Duke Kahanamoku and promotes everything he stood for.

Anyway here are the results. Come back tomorrow to see how the main event – the Ultimate SUP Showdown – goes down…

2014 Hawaii Paddleboard Championships RESULTS

NOTE: Bit of confusion in the raw results – the vaguely named “SUP Men’s 14′ Unlimited w/rudder” division features both 14′ and Unlimited paddlers

1Andrew Logreco1:22:24SUP Men's 12'6 & UNDER 19-35
2Kaeo Abbey1:23:12SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 1-35
3Jackson Maynard1:23:34Prone Unlimited Men's Open
4Jake Jensen1:24:13SUP Men's 12'6 & UNDER 19-35
5Livio Menelau1:26:21SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
6Aaron Napoleon1:27:33SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
7Ingo Rademacher1:28:58SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
8Christian Bradley1:29:29SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 1-35
9Noah Okamura1:31:30SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 1-35
10Jimmy Fitt1:31:47SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
11Roberto Lopes1:31:57SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
12Keoni Watson1:32:14Prone Unlimited Men's Open
13Robert Stehlik1:35:31SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
14Christopher Parker1:36:18SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 1-35
15Belar Diaz1:36:28SUP Men's 12'6 & UNDER 36-55
16Marc Rocheleau1:36:29Prone Unlimited Men's Open
17Jeff Chang1:37:11SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
18Hunter Pflueger1:39:01Prone Men's Stock Under 19
19Ed Wheeler1:39:22SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
20Don Lui-Kwan1:39:33SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
21Matt Becker1:39:37SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
22Riggs Napoleon1:39:40SUP Men's Juniors 12'6 & UNDER 1
23Jon Lui-Kwan1:40:03SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
24Buzzy Kerbox1:41:21SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
25Brad Feldman1:42:27SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-99
26Alain Teurquetil1:42:51SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
27Dale Hope1:43:06SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
28Jan Tillmann1:43:36SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
29Ryan Foley1:43:43SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
30Morgan Hoesterey1:43:50SUP Female 14' Unlimited W/RUD
31Andrew Ching1:44:21SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
32Gregory Quinn1:44:26Prone Male Senior 12'STOCK 36-55
33Andrew Ozimec1:44:35Prone Unlimited Men's Open
34Patrick Wong1:44:41Prone Male Senior 12'STOCK 36-55
35Mick Bibetta1:45:03Prone Unlimited Men's Open
36Matthew Dubrule1:45:29Prone Unlimited Men's Open
37David Cordell1:47:14SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
38Layne Owen1:47:16SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
39Douglas Sangillo1:47:58Prone Male 12'STOCK 19-35
40Bill Taylor1:48:08Prone Male Senior 12'STOCK 36-55
41Alika Willis1:48:26SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
42Michael Cheape1:49:09Prone Male Senior 12'STOCK 36-55
43Kevin Seid1:49:45SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
44Kamuela Aea1:49:51SUP Men's 12'6 & UNDER 36-55
45Govi Tillotson1:50:20Prone Male 12'STOCK 19-35
46Ed Price1:51:07SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
47Mark Matheson1:51:37Prone Male Senior 12'STOCK 36-55
48Stuart Nagata1:52:00SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
49Dennis Pang1:52:31SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
50Douglas Legrande1:53:07SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
51Lucas Won1:53:21SUP Men's 12'6 & UNDER 36-55
52Colleen Tessler1:53:54Prone FEMALE 12'STOCK 19-35
53Scott Shimada1:54:36Prone Male Senior 12'STOCK 36-55
54Sam Pae1:56:03SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
55John Hicks1:56:32Prone Male Senior 12'STOCK 36-55
56Alex Cahcuela1:57:04SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
57Carlo Prado1:57:34SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
58Roger Cabral1:58:31SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
59Clark Abby1:58:59Prone Unlimited Men's Open
60Kukunaokala Mendonca1:59:06Prone Male Senior 12'STOCK 36-55
61Shane Sakai2:01:10SUP Men's 12'6 & UNDER 36-55
62Herbie Titcomb2:03:02SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
63Gerry Mosel2:03:37SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-99
64Mark Eugenio2:04:37Prone Male Senior 12'STOCK 36-55
65Albert Verdadero2:05:23SUP Men's 12'6 & UNDER 36-55
66Natalie Scarborough2:06:11SUP Female 14' Unlimited W/RUD
67Joanna Balancieri2:06:30Prone Female Senior 12'STOCK 36-9
68Rafa Ortiz2:06:47Prone MALE SENIOR 12'STOCK 36-55
69Clare Seeger Mawae2:07:28SUP 14'6 & OVER FEMALE 36-UP
70Alex Mawae2:08:51SUP Men's Juniors 12'6 & UNDER 1
71Joan Fukumoto2:11:16Prone Female Senior 12'STOCK 36-9
72Beau Hodge2:15:10SUP Men's 14' Unlimited w/rudder
73Laola Aea2:15:35SUP Female 14' Unlimited W/RUD
74Mike Meyer2:17:20Prone Male Senior 12'STOCK 36-55
75Joshua Jackson2:19:43Prone Male 12'STOCK 19-35
76Heidi Daniels2:19:51Prone Unlimited WOMEN'S OPEN DIVISION
77John Carper2:24:47SUP Men's 12'6 & UNDER 56-UP
78Michael Lorne2:34:04Prone Male Master 12'STOCK 56-UP
79Kevin Kondo2:34:17SUP Men's 12'6 & UNDER 56-UP
80John Mogie2:34:35SUP Men's 12'6 & UNDER 36-55
81Peg Tatum2:41:32SUP FEMALE 12'6 & UNDER 36-UP
82Andy Seyr2:44:49SUP Men's 14'6 & OVER 36-55
83Bruce Magel2:46:37SUP Men's 12'6 & UNDER 56-UP
84Seachelle Rivera2:48:09SUP FEMALE Juniors 12'6 & UNDE
85Jennifer Lee2:55:48SUP Female 14' Unlimited W/RUD
86Mary Garriss3:39:55SUP FEMALE 12'6 & UNDER 36-UP

Click here for raw results (including prone results)